Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

Oh, I know, I have been slack about writing in here. Call it the Christmas season? or Call it my Netscape not letting me in! either way I was being challenged and not feeling up to the challenge! I got a nasty cold, just before Christmas! I still have tail ends of it! Nasty Nasty! It was so Nasty I didn't even feel like knitting! Now that is nasty! but, once I got through the worst of it, I got to working on the sweater again. I have the pics posted here! I love it. It turned out very pretty! mind you don't tell the little man I made it for that I said it was pretty! LOL! I like it! Now just to make a really neat little pair of socks to match! I am working on the brown affie for hubby first though! Then the socks will follow!

So, I hope all of you had a great Christmas! and a Healthy one!
I am hoping I will wake up in the new year, happy and healthy! well, I am but you know . .. Cold free! LOL
Catch ya all later!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Socks , Did you say socks?

Hey all, Here is the promised picture of Dad's Denim blue wool socks for Christmas . . . yes. I like them much better than the oatmeal ones I made before .. . . but the oatmeal ones are thicker, the denim ones are thinner but they are all wool and I love working with it. Go figure . . when I was little I always thought that wool was scratchy . . . now I am grown up. . . well trying to be LOL, and I like working with it. I guess its not so scratchy on my hands as opposed to my body like a sweater. I do still find if I have a wool sweater better to wear a shirt under it as it is scratchy . . . course I would love to try llama or alpaca . .. but will have to try it after I make myself a prototype out of something more .. . . affordable.

I am working on a pair of socks right now . . . they are working up beautiful as far as color but I find the yarn a little stringy, course maybe thats my fault. It is a baby sport acrylic. I like them and think they will be pretty .. . I hope the reciever likes them too. LOL

After these socks .. . . I don' t know . .. I think I will start that sweater that is calling to me, for that nephew of mine whose birthday is in January! LOL guess i should get busy with it!!

What else can I tell you, I am going to head to the city, hopefully tomorrow, to help my mom put up her Christmas tree. I might fetch my sis and take her shopping. You know that lovely Christmas shopping that requires you go into the stores in December . . . craziness. I have to say. Making Christmas gifts is very rewarding . .. LOL one you get your supplies before the rush . . . then when everyone is in the store going nuts because they cant find what they want you are at home . .. sewing or knitting or crocheting up your gifts! I haven't found anyone in the family yet that hasn't liked my handy work .. . well unless they are holding back .. . hMMM . . . well my one sis, and her boys love their jammie pants cuz they live in them at home
. Then my other sis, always needs cloths. and If I can make it to fit . . . we are flying! Then my brother in law, well he likes his hats that I whip up. The skull caps I make up. Then Dad, loves my socks. So that is always safe for dad. .. . am I boring you yet?'

Hubby has a blade for the front of the truck now. He can push the snow up in the back yard. And . .. . if we need out and the town man has done a wonderful(lol) job of the street we can still get out. I know, I know I shouldn't complain as I haven't been a town man, and I don't know what its like . .. but what the heck . .. the streets need to be cleaned right? OK. I'm done. Anyways, Hubby had lots of fun dealing with our Less than local tire plus store for the blade. But, it is all sorted out now and the blade is installed and he is just hooking up the wiring now. I have now been informed he managed to do it. so should be use able. All cool!

I got my, well our bin building Christmas wishes in the mail tonight. Should go out in the morning mail. Felt good.

Anyhow, I should go . .. those pretty socks are calling. The washer and dryer are calling. Dad's Christmas present that needs wrapped is calling .. . . hmmm. . . busy huh? LOL

Catchya later!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Crafting and Such

Hey you's,
Here is a sockie, LOL a Christmas stocking. That I made, with Lion suede and glittery fun fur, not that you can see the glitter in the
picture but its a nice looking stocking . .. I also finished the sockies, well the first pair for my dad. I am hoping to have a couple pairs made up for him for Christmas.
They are an oatmeal color, I do really prefer to do his socks in grey or blues but the oatmeal was all I could get hold of, when I went to the wool shoppe to pick it up ( I was out of my Briggs & Little Tuffy at home). So now I am
going to make him a couple thin pairs of socks and that will round out his towel! I know he will like them even though they are thinner (sport weight are the ones to come). I know he will like this pair too, little thicker than the sport weight. ah well, enough about that. In one of the groups I am in, LOL well, in and moderate I guess. . . . we are doing a show your stash area thing, so that we can all see and learn from where others hide their stashes! LOL so I will show you mine in the midst of the holiday hell it is seeing! LOL
Well, Now you see it! LOL not that messy but messy just the same, on top there are some dishcloths I made, some walker pockets I made to sell and never sold, The Christmas sock that is pictured above. then a thing of wool that was given to me to make some mittens, that I haven't gotten around to making, an affie that I am working on(needs some yarn from my mom in the city to get any more done with it). then the tall tower is full of yarns, wool and otherwise, then the wicker basket has the yarn I got from my gramma's estate. then in the wallymart bag is a bunch of yarn for making a sweater for my nephews birthday, I cant wait to start on it. Then in that Christmas bag is that beautiful Floral Cascade Afghan that I made for my sis for Christmas. I am still debating socks in the bag that's why she lives like that, well and I showed it to my mom in law and she thought it was beautiful. Pictures of it are in the previous posting. In the paper bag one set of drawers over is the wool I got for myself and from my birthday from my momma, at Natural Fibres in Regina, Love that store . . . In those drawers are my fabric stash! LOL

So, that's it for now . .. . talk to you soon,

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Just cuz I like it!

Isn't this little devil cool? I like him!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WIP- Work in Progress

Hey all, I been working on this affiegan, I bought the yarn in the city. OOPS I didnt buy enough for my alteration of width to the pattern so, My wonderful Mummy, yes my mummy, went back to the wallymart where we bought the first balls and bought me 2 more, now I jsut need to get my butt back to the city to be able to pick them up and add the length I need to my affie so we can snuggle up under it. (which would be nice as it is blowing like mad outside today!! and I do mean madd!!) So that is the WIP that I cant finish yet! LOL, now for my other WIP . .. So there be the sockies, well they are not sockies yet. They are just the start of a sock. I know I need to get busy on them . ... but I was hopeing to finish the affiegan, that didnt have enough yarn, that still doesn't til I go see my mummy, who is in the city two and a half hours of driving away. So needless to say til momma tells me when we are putting up the the Christmas tree, yes I figure she is gonna need a hand again. I have an affie to tuck away in my room til I can finish it! I love how its looking though! dont you?
LOL and as far as them socks for dad go, well I will be on them soon as I finish my dishes. And be glad there is no pictuer of them cuz the stack would scare ya!
LOL, I hate washing dishes and when you are busy running here and there and your hubby is putting on a deck that turned into a porch, very nice, thinking of makin it a dining room but dunno bout it yet. YOur house is upside down and your lucky if you can find the damn sink never mind do the dishes! LOL, I Might show you pictures of the tamed down version later! LOL as we have been tidying up a bit as we go . . . though not 100 % LOL!
Well I should run! Catchya's all later!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Upcoming pictures and projects . . .

Hey all,
Just stopping in. I finished the stocking I was working on. Should get a picture posted soon. I have started an affie for my hubby. In a medium brown, woulda liked to have dark chocolatey brown but had to settle for a medium brown, should look good with the couch anyways. . . So, I have yarn for my dad's socks to knit for christmas. I also bought some yarn to make a sweater for my nephew for his birthday in January. So that pic is going to take awhile. but will post pictures when I get to them. Doesnt look like your going to get a picture of the first dickie I made for Hubby, so when I make him the navy one that I intend to make even though he says the one he has is fine I find the fight to get it over his head a little disturbing, so am goning to make a bigger one for him. and beyond that . . . socks for dad, sweater for nephew, affie on the hook for hubby, dickie to make, maybe a few other odds and sods of socks . .. cuz I love them . . . :)
Well off and running as I need some sleep. My time in the city wore me out I think . . either that or being home has! (you know how the dishes arent done when you get home from leaving the hubby by himself, they are still in the sink but I'm tired still)

Off to bed anyways,
Talk to you sooon,

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Socks , blenders and the BIG BLUE CHAIR!


I am posting pictures of my new blender. . .Just because I love it! It has a food processor attachment . .. And works wonderful!!! LOVE IT! I know, shouldn't get so excited over a blender but . . . I like milk shakes, not the crappy fat filled/ sugar rush ones you get in the fast food restaurants . . . Real ones. . . And I have my hubby hooked too! LOL Real Banana, Frozen Berries, Milk and Ice cream . . .. And mmmm yummy you got it!

I also posted pictures of Sis' hubby's Christmas socks. Now I did this because I highly doubt he is taking the time to read my blog . .. LOL too busy with other stuff like work and sleep and movies, games and pool nights all the good stuff you see! I hope you enjoy the picture.

Now, I am selling the big blue chair. I know, I haven't posted about the big blue chair before but I am now. I loved that chair. Was my first, my chair, the one I bought myself for my little house when I was on my own. Before the hubby . . . Was my only really good chair for a long time. It was the one I curled up in to watch a movie read a book, sometimes even use the computer from it, though that was a bit of a challenge, but I did it. And as I was a single woman, yes I ate in it too . .. . I know, a blue chair cant be a friend but, its been t through a lot with me. My cat for one, she has scratched the front corners just enough to say she was there . . . LOL and she would snuggle in it with me. It was in the house when I met my long distance relationship(the one that was Canadian with American and just didn't work out), it was their when I self medicated with Rolo Icecream when I broke off with My American Chicagoan. It moved 2.5 hours across the province with me to become our only real piece of furniture, until the glider rocker came home, well then, the glider rocker was mine and the big blue was the PS2 Gaming chair for hubby. Now, I have a couch and chair passed to me that was in my Grandma and Great Gramma's house when they lived together and looks like new. Is comfy and takes up the whole living room with the glider rocker. I know we need a bigger house and would love to keep the chair til then but it can't live in my kitchen! No way! No room! Madness I tell you! So It is currently on the covered deck awaiting the call that somebody wants it. Hopefully someone will want it soon! Take it and love it and have it be there for them . . . The snuggle chair . . ..
*giggles* well, I hope you have enjoyed! talk to you soon,

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It was Raining Now it's Snowing . . . Is the old man snoring?

Hey all,
Well, yesterday. It freezing rained, til there was a sheet of ice we call the ground. Today It snowed on it. Lovely! Tiz some madness in the weather. I should take some pics and post them later. . . . think I will. cuz its sooo lovely! LOL The temperature is nice, but the lack of sun is nasty... we might wither up round here . . but the sun is suposed to come out tommorow. but not holding my breath! LOL

So, what did I craft yesterday? well I made a turtleneck dickie for my hubby, which i would post a picture of but he is wearing it. even though I made it tooo tight! I dont know how he can stand it tight! I wouldnt couldnt handle that! but he apparently can. so I am making another to fit better . . . *giggles* I hope! LOL

So off and running to read emails and get started on the second dickie. which Maybe I can get a picture of! LOL

Talk to you later!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Baking Bread, socks and Grandma

Yes as per the title, I got up the nerve to try making/baking bread. I made raisin bread. It turned out well except its a little over cooked. I shoulda pulled them out of the oven earlier, they are still good but little browner and crustier than intended. So good for me! I tried something new and it worked! Gonna try again soon . .. .

Now I have been trying all day to put some socks on my needles and havent been able to hold my attention to them. I keep feeling like I dont really wanna do them.. NOw this is really odd for me as I LOVE TO KNIT SOCKS!! so, I am thinking it must be that I myself am not ready to use the first yarn I set out to use(I had bought it with my late gramma in mind) so I switched yarns and well my heart still wasnt there. Now isnt that kinda odd? but maybe it was that I just don't feel like socks at this momment. Just missin gramma alot I guess. Maybe gonna try some dishcloths . . . maybe . .. . LOL . . .

Well guess I should run here, talk to you all later,

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

By the Way . . .

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!!

Finished the Christmas Sewing!

Hi all,
I have finished my Christmas sewing. :) This is always a happy day, though I did finish it a couple days ago . . . I have been working on the Christmas Knitting and Crochet now . .. Some socks and slippers and such you know. But because family reads this blog. I am not going to post pictures til after Christmas. Nothing like having a sneaking suspicion of what your getting b4 Christmas to ruin the surprise of it all. So sorry guys you gotta wait. Mind you Hubby wants an afghan so . . . Might make it and post it as he will want to use it b4 The end of December because its BRRR outside and sometimes inside already!!! So, he is almost done the deck might treat you to some pics of that later . . . Anyhow . . . Off to the awaiting sock . ..
talk to you later!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Floral Cascade!

Well, Here we go! I actually finished the affie! Wow, what a lot of work and patience went into this one! I sure hope she likes pink! But she is done! Only took what 12 days! LOL course I did do other stuff too, so I managed to do her up pretty quick, Mind you the odd hand cramp from over crocheting or having too much tension on the line didn't help progress too much. Think I will call it my theropy blankie, My gramma loved rose pink, this affie was a little more pink than she would like but I had lots of thoughts of her while I stitched away at the leaves and flowers of the pattern . . . thinking about how much she would love the delicate beauty of the affie. So, now I have finished her up and now it is off and running with sewing . . . hmmm and some other wonders of course! HOpe you enjoy the pictures . . . will drop a line again soon . ..

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Affie and Sockies?

Hi all,

I have been busy crocheting an afghan for my sis . . . I have a picture of one of the panels attached here *smiles* I know I promised it and I will post another once I get more done on it.

YOu know! I am dying to make a pair of sockies. I always tell myself one thing at a time though. so must finish the affie first. but itchin for time to make socks! I have a lot of christmas sewing to do too. so sockies may be awhile . . .

I also included pictures of our early christmas snow . . . I say this because it feels like we are skipping right over halloween and going straight to christmas this year. No fall for us, just straight to winter. That snow fell on October 16th I took the pictures yesterday October 18 and It is still trying to melt or something out there because it looks the same! well there is a bit more of our truck peaking out from the snow in the back yard but that is about it!

I had just got my carrots out of the ground while it was snowing on sunday. Yesterday I washed and blanched a box of them. Two to go so gonna be a busy girlie . . . off and running . . .

WEll back to the affie, carrots or something.
Talk to you all later,

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well guys, I am working on an afghan for a sis for christmas. I have a skull cap for her oldest son on my needles for his birthday, which is comeing right up! I hope to finish it today . . . we shall see how time works out! Then I am not sure what to make next . . . I need to get in and do some sewing in my room but my room(craft room/spare bedroom) is full of odds and ends that wouldnt go on freecycle. that need to be delivered on a trip to the city or that have no other home in the house as of yet! oh my what a mess! I got a couch and chair which is the biggest culpret of the mess. I needed a couch and chair as we had one huge blue chair(now in my kitchen!) and a rocking chair(now in the craft room) and 2 computer chairs. HOw does one have a visit on that? so, now there is a couch and chair, very nice, very functional but very spacetakeing in the way of what the hell to do with the room now!! I know I will find a way but, I am still not feeling right after loosing my gramma so . . . It will take awhile for me to get things back to the functional way again. Think I am taking a load of stuff to freecycle in the city! LOL that freecycle works best anyways. . . more people less travel to get things. . . . dont get me wrong they can keep the city . . . I lvoe the country and wouldnt move back to the city without some very big extremes! Nice and quiet here, noisy busy there . . . not that I mind busy but you know what I mean . . . dont ya? maybe. hmmm well I guess I should go and see about the mail and such. . .
Catchya all later . . . still need that pic of the affie!
next time!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Life or something like it . . .

Hi all,
Just dropping a line to say I am still here. I know I haven't posted for awhile but, I was busy with work, then my gramma went for surgery. My gramma didn't make it through the surgery, so . . . it may be awhile before I am back to posting much. I am working on an afghan though that I will post pictures of at some point . . . *sighs*
(((big hugs all)))

Love those you love with all your heart and treasure every moment you have with them, we do not have those we love forever on earth. Hold them dear, some times the time we have is too short . . .

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Been awhile . . . but not forever!

Heyyas, We are working on the last bin of the season . . . Hooray! Well you never know if another may pop up but, so far it is! LOL

I have finished my Poncho! ooh that happened a couple days ago. Turned out nice. top of the page here. Long and trying .. . LOL I did a dickie for my dad's fishing buddy too! Its pic is there too!
Now I am working on some skull cap toques. Am waiting to see what to make next .. . thinkin I might break out the sewing machine! mmmm that would be some fun . . but we shall see.

Talk to you all sooon!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hi all, Hubby is Harvesting. Good news for us, cuz we actually get to be home while he does it. Though I dont know if it counts for him as he's working til dark and all that, but I bet he is still sleeping better than hotel beds! LOL! Good to be home!

I am glad to be home. Did some housework today. Well not as much as I wanted but I did enough. LOL I got some done then my energy petered out. I guess thats what being on the road then coming home will do? you thinks?

Then I sat down and started working on that poncho . . . well been working on it now I am on the home stretch! Very happy with it so far, other than knitting with boucle which is very much a challenge of itself. LOL Go figure huh? WEll will show pictures when I finish it anyways. Looking for some little pattern for mini flowers or something, can probly make my own but would like to find something to spice it up as the poncho is rather plain and rather blue! I guess I will see what I can find!

Ta Ta for now! LOL

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home again Home again Jiggidy Jig . . .

Hey yas,
We came home from a nasty job last night. We finished what we could and now have to wait for parts or do what we can and make the farmer change a couple sheets when the good sheets come in. Well . . . We have other farmers to do bins for so, we are giving parts some time to come in, as the farmer did not order all the correct sheets he needed for his bins. Oh well so I say . . :) I got to stop in at the lake and see my momma and dad, as well as my sis and her hubby! LOL It was a great deal. Though, neither me nor hubby wanted to leave so we left late and ended up comeing home in a nasty rain storm . . . darn it anyways . . . But we had a good time and we made it home safe. Went to an auction sale today, Hubby bought a combine so we should be good for harvest now . . . :) that's always good. I checked my emails and had tonnes to read, in fact I am still reading them! LOL not that I am complaining! I love emails! LOL and snail mails but ya know emails so much faster!

Fall is upon us. Our trip home tells us that, so many fields knocked down ready for combining if they aren't already. Farmer's out trying desperately to get their crops that are knocked down off before the rain. It's good, in some ways and bad in others. It's been such a hot, stormy year that it will be nice to have the fall weather but I think we might have a pretty warm September yet. Never know. . . *shrugs*

Happy to see fall, but sad we worked so much of summer and didn't get to spend much time of it in the lake!

well got to run, that email is waiting, hubby is laying some lyno in the kitchen(temp til we do the whole thing) and I have some other things to tend to. . .

Talk to you all soon!
Off and Running!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birds and Hopper Cones

I forgot to tell you about our little visitor in Nokomis. One morning we pulled in and started to fix up a bin. We were right near the hopper cones and I could see this black wing and hear this scraping of a bird in a hopper cone, I though it was a dumbass crow flew in and could fly out. WEll we worked on that bin for awhile, then i could hear it again. . . so we were at a point where i knew I wasnt needed so I went to investigate! I went to open the manhole on the bin and Hubby comes over says probly bird with a nest in there! I said yeah but I think its bigger than that. so he helped me get the cover off and here was a bird . . . as the pic above. Stuck in the cone is this bird bout the size of a goose, maybe little thinner but about the same wing span and with webbed feet, musta spent the night in there as his wings spanned too far to fly out and he couldn't run up the slant of the cone because he slid on the painted surface. So Hubby puts on his long sleeve sweatshirt and leather work gloves and hops in the cone to help the bird, who has a very long sharp looking beak. anyways he helps the bird to get up and out and as the bird comes over the edge it gets its neck caught on the next cone and tries to climb into it cuz it doesnt want to fall and cant fly yet, think it was too tired. so Hubby unhooked him from that cone and he went to the groudn kinda got his footing and I tried to take a closer pic but he kept moving away so I snaped a farther away one and then he flew off! apparently just tired from trying not to fall down the hole in the bottom of the cone all night and standing on one foot against the angle iron on the inside of the cone that keeps the air dog house up. Poor birdy, good hubby to set him out! :) that was a fun story! and Hubby in his 10 years of bins has never seen that B4! LOL
well, goodnight all talk to you soon!

Hell in a Handbasket?

Hey all, I don't know bout this weather. Either its hotter than hell or it's going to storm and rip your power polls out of the ground, hmmm. I suppose it's just a hotter summer but really . . . We are finishing up a job we are doing in Nokomis, had 2 new Grain Vaults to build, which we did! And then 5 Westeel rosco bins to put onto hopper bottoms. Well we got the Grain vaults done, we have one Rosco on a cone, one ready for a cone, got tooo windy to mount it though (if we would have had more room we coulda but the Quonset is like 4 feet from t he cone and there is a bin 2 feet from it on the other side sooooo, any swing in the bin and your gonna hit and damage something. So, It was laundry day! whoo who, clean work cloths for the next week! LOL Came home and finished up a little something I was working on. I am still working on that poncho. . . I have promised pictures to the girls in my groups but have not taken them yet . . . *yawns* I only had 200 emails to read! LOL keeps me busy! *sighs* been tired. I don't know if its the constant heat, the takeout food, the not my bed of the hotels or what, but been tired. . . ah well, I will survive. anyways back to the poncho, its coming along, very blue very fuzzy very pretty but getting too big to work on on the road when its hot . . . Pondering what I should take instead . . . But I wanna get the darn thing done so I can say I did it! LOL very funny isn't it? :P
Ah I have a beef too, we have been doing a lot of travel this summer . . . With work and all you know. And I think Saskatchewan is the Orange zone! You know how they are on about going 60 in the orange zone and drive safe and all that! TELL THEM WORKERS ABOUT IT! cuz they sure as hell aren't doing a very good job of being safe from what I have seen! I need to find where to send a letter to the department of highways or something. Its madness. I was driving one day and came upon two graders on the highway leveling out that lovely(miserable shitty slippery) gravel they love to put on our pavement. There was no flagger, no signs, no nothing to tell one what was the safest way to proceed and the grader drive sure as hell wasn't pointing out which way I should be going, so I took the shoulder, slowly past the pair of them(one on each side of the highway). Then lets see, Hubby and I were driving and found a flagger that didn't have a radio with the other flagger, so he keeps looking to seeee if anything is coming, waiting, looking waiting, a car goes by, then another, then he looks again, then a car comes then he figures its safe for us so lets us through. . . Oh my, it was safe but makes you wonder. Then there was a spot that had one flagger, doing the whole thing. Well at least you could see the flagger on both sides of the construction and he/she knew what he had let thought an what he didn't. . . And more recently, on Highway 20 south of Lanigan, north of Nokomis, I am driving along Tuesday morning, there are no men working signs nothing . . . there is a white truck parked on an approach which to me says someone's about but it could be the farmer in the field! Up over the little hill and there in the middle of the road are 3 highway workers. One in the middle of my lane wearing an orange hat which I saw first and hit the breaks and then the other two closer to the yellow line on the other side of the yellow line. NOW HOW SAFE IS THAT? HOW CAN WE LOOK AFTER THEM? How could that have been my fault had I hit the orange hatted one that was bent over on my side of the highway when I first hit my breaks? Makes me wonder about this safety on the highway stuff. I mean if the construction crews don't have the signs out and fair warning for the driver its like deer in the headlights no? Well I am done ranting on that one for now. But I was some pissed off the other morning when it happened! And I still get a little worked up thinking about it. Can you tell? LOL
anyways, I should be off and running. Will write again soon . . .
Off to mrs.bitchy farmer next then on to the next one. . . (call her bitchy cuz she calls and calls and freaks out and thinks her bins are more important than anyone else's) well, talk to you all later, keep cool, keep your cool, and keep y our eyes peeled on the highways for workers and the holes you can loose small cars in!
Later . . .

Sunday, July 30, 2006

What ya say bout Cabbage

Well tonight I did up some bags of cabbage bout 10 of them from 4 heads so that I can make my hunny his favorite(lazy cabbage rolls). We are off and running to work, will post again when I get back. Hubbys thumb is feeling better so we are off.
Talk to you all soon,
I who had a rather uneventful sunday(and that was very nice!)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Peas, DID YOU SAY PEAS!?! I don't wanna see any more peas tonight!

LOL, well, We went to the farm and picked our peas.

We got 2, 5 gallon pails of peas, which turned into 21 bags of frozen peas for a meals. :) We had a couple carrots out of the garden. MMM they was good. I was thinking bout my grandpa while picking the peas and pulling a couple carrots. I remember when I was little going over and we would steal some peas and carrots and strawberries, Grandpa had a great strawberry patch, when I was little. It was really cool, not like mine which is neglected and full of runners and no strawberries(need more time at home to clip runners and such!).

mmm good memories . . .

*sighs* mind you after we picked all those peas, we shelled um, washed um blanched them, bagged them and then froze them. Hooray! Done.
Ah well, now I did a little work on a couple squares I been working on, my problem to finish them though is that my crochet hooks are in the hotel room in Tug. What a bugger that is! LOL well when I do finish them I will post them.
ah well gonna run,.
Nice warm memories to you all!

Friday, July 28, 2006

What a Week

Hi all,

Tiz been a long week, I know today is Friday and the week is not technically over but to me it should be. It started out on Sunday, We had left the job site to go and get some lunch, mmm and supper with my sis and her hubby(which was good by the way) we were eating lunch and got a phone call that my grandpa(dad's dad) had passed away the previous Thursday(which of course made me very sad, I loved my grandpa very much), the funeral was on Weds so have to go to the big city that day. So, got that over with went out for supper with my sis and her hubby, I had a horrible craving for some fettuccini Alfredo, so that is what I ordered! MMM and would you believe that it actually had peppers in it, red bell peppers! ( I can't eat bell peppers as they give me a migrane). So we sent it back and I ended up having these not so good dry ribs. Well they were greasy soggy dry ribs which to me isn't dry ribs tiz breaded ribs but not dry, but anyways the company was good so I wont complain.
Tuesday morning, Hubby and I are slow moving. So we get out there and we finish tightening a ring we had built Monday night, as a storm rolled in (Hubby had cut his shoulder(ew nasty kinda deep and worried me)(but bleeding stopped and with bandaides holding together should heal well)). And we went back to the hotel for the night, hubby was going to build roofs all night but with an electrical storm the way it was it didn't happen. So anyways, Tuesday Hubby was going to build roofs and I was to make phone calls to customers to let them know where the heck we are and when we will get to them . . . LOL I no sooner get in the door of the hotel room(I walked the 2 blocks back from the job site), as Hubby is running in the door behind me grabbing scissors and Band Aides with one hand in a work glove . . . I follow him to the washroom down the hall. . . He had cut his thumb, you know in the base in the fleshy part, deep. So he washes it off and thinks might need stitches so when I see it I figures he does need some stitches, so off for the 20 minute drive to the nearest hospital, drive around town for 10 minutes cuz They don't have the H signs posted to show you where the hospital is. 3 Stitches, just to hold it together. "sighs" He can't work for a bit til it heals. Oi, so behind already just put back a bit more, added some more stress. So Tuesday we got the stitches got back to the hotel, packed up to go to the city for the funeral on Weds. Rather than leaving on Weds Am or Tues late eve. Weds, was the funeral. It was good, all went well. My uncle delivered the Eulogy very well, it was well written. So then we, went through all that stuff. My sis and her hubby were traveling with us so on the way back to mom and dads house we stopped for ice cream and went to the bookstore (stress release). Then we hung out there. Thursday I went with momma to take grandma out (mom's mom), Hubby hung out with dad. We kept it pretty quiet on Thursday and then Friday, today we came home, grabbed the mail(as it usually builds up a bit when we are away). We are home for the weekend now, and hopefully the hubby hand will heal up some. . . Tonight we were out to the farm to see the garden and the crop but only saw the garden, we need to go pick peas tomorrow. mmmmm yummy peas! LOL so hopefully will take a walk in the crop too and see how it is doing. So that's my week . . . How's yours? LOL Yes I still have a sense of humour . . . Go figure huh? LOL
Talk to you all soon,

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not for Long

Hey all, Quick stop home, so here but not for long! LOL. I got the socks off to my cuz and her man, and there is a pic above. I am waiting to hear if he got his socks and how both pairs fit, though they were wool so not expecting they will wear them anytime soon . . . LOL though fall is just around the corner. I also have posted the pics of a row of bins, can you see the one that moved ahead in the row about 9 feet when it was windy the one night? LOL we were quite surprized it didnt go over, i t just kinda leveled itself out . . . go figure, musta had a horseshoe up our asses that night, as the bin didnt go over, the crane didnt get hit by lightning (Hubby ran to the yard to put it down in the crazy wind we got). The lightning took out the power so where we were staying we had no power or water for 20 hours. LOL we took an afternoon and went to the beach. :) They sure are great in the hotel there . . . awesome wing night(super yummy meaty wings). . . great place to stay . . one of those old small town hotels where teh rooms are above the restaurant and bar and feels like an old farm house up there . . . and the people are so great they a re like family. . . thats who we went to the beach for the afternoon with. Great to get washed off and cooled offf. . . . gotta love that lake!
And well any of you wondering. . . Diefenbaker Lake and Tugaske Hotel.
anyways, gotta run . . . working on a knit poncho in a beautiful baby blue boucle right now, but it is warm and h ard to work on for more than a row or so at at ime with all the work we are doing and the blistering heat outside . ..
well catchya soon,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Did we have a weekend there?

Hi all, We came home friday night for a quick one, LOL because we are bot h outa here today Sunday. We came home friday night, got the laundry done so we can head out again! Then Yesterday we went to Yorkton. Did some running around we needed to do which sucked up the whole day, LOL as it usually does for some reason. then Today Sunday I am trying to run off early so I can get a visit in with my gramma this afternoon .. . . Could be a challenge. LOL back to work tonight/tommorow. I have been working on some squares for a project and I have started a poncho now that I am done the sockies that maybe today will be delivered to my cousin too, we shall see. . . anyways i have to run, just a quick note to let you know where I am at. LOL
Talk to ya later,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I should be sleeping again!

Ha ha, I know, I really need to write this earlier in the day. . . This late stuff is killing me. Anywho, It was Canadian Day today. We went to Sturgis to see the Sport and Rodeo days with the fireworks. Well the fair isn't as hubby remembers. I guess they used to have a lot of other stuff. It was basically a rodeo with a small sound stage and ball games. We enjoyed the day though. Got us out and got to see some real good bull riding and steer wrestling, bronco riding and racing. The fireworks were good too but I gotta say them bulls and such are something to see. Oh and the barrel racing. . . I don't know why but I love watching that. . . those girls and the horses racing round the barrels one at a time to get the best time . .. I always like that. I liked to go into see that at the exhibition in Regina when we would go. That was the best I think. Grab a drink or whatever and then go in there and watch the racing. Always good . .. Anyways, so that was the day. Got up and checked emails, then started a load of laundry, cut my hair, had a shower and off we went, just got home not too long ago and its twelvethirty, after midnight. mmm no wonder I am tired. LOL I tried puttin a round on my sock but I think I got one on there and maybe a half, LOL maybe I can finish tomorrow, which would be today! LOL anyways. . . I gotta go get some sleeps . . . tired girlie that I be.
Well talk to you soooon I hopes!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

12:30 am and I am writing my blog? I should be sleeping!

Hi all, we came home today from working. Well for the long weekend you know . . . Staying in a small community, and having the nearest large community an hour away, hmmmm well, makes for eating on a holiday hard . . . so we decided to come home. One meal for a single day isn't the end of the world. Now for two days, oh my so that's why we came home. WE went out to the farm to see how the crops are doing . . . Wow there is way tooo much water . . . Crops are crap yellow drowned out in a lot of places, some places are beautiful green but a lot are yellow. So, so be it. Our bins are taking forever. This yard isn't agreeing with us. It is either raining, that stopped now it is horrible hot, melting or the gosh darn bin sheets are rusted and nasty so we had to sort all of them b4 starting to build which took forever. We actually accomplished finishing the hopper cones and getting 3 bins on the cones and two roofs built, consolation on the part that we actually accomplished something? hmmm lets see . . 3 done, only 17 more to go . . . oi. . . yesterday, well we shall say the 29th, it was hotter than hell, and in around that steel oi. We got up and worked from 7 am to 10:30 am and it was too hot to be out there. There was not breeze and wow it was hot. Nasty. Anywho. . . Have you heard enough bout work? We are back out there Monday, well Sunday night we will be driving up and Monday morning if not Sunday night getting some work done! Hooray. I think, I took some more pictures of the work yard. So will post a couple here, and maybe just maybe some of you will receive them in your inbox, but not tonight! OI I am sooo tired and am going to cut my hair yet. go figure! LOL anywho, catchya all soon, have a good eve! Or I guess a good morning! LOL
Burning up them wool socks I am working on! Pics to come soon!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Morning . . . oh wait its Afternoon!

Hi all,
Well slow start today, Still have to get to those dishes! oh my! LOL We are off and running this afternoon back to work. I get to knit in the truck though on the way there, always a highlight through the pothole ridden highways of Saskatchewan. More like a challenge . . . and well we take alot of gravel because its much better than the highway, and the slick spots prove to be quite a challenge! LOL but none the less I will try to do a bit on that pair of socks and see where i get to.
So I guess I will post next trip home or to internet connectable area . . . as the hotel is semi modern, which means shared washroom (which is fine cuz nobody is staying there but us) and a bed in the room with a couple chairs. NO TV, NO PHone. LOL but a place to lay your head, which when we are working is exactly what we need!
The pic about is of the yard in Outlook that we put bins up in. Just so you get an idea of what we do!(just the steel ones not the welded cream ones) LOL

Talk to you all again soon!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I told you I crafted and such right?

LOL! Well today I spent the day driving around with hubby, We went to the farm (so he could fill out his seeded acreage report) and have a visit with his mom and dad. Then we went off to the bank . . . Then we went to Preecevile so that he could file the crop insurance. We had Chinese for lunch/supper. The little restaurant "Jacks" is good Chinese there. We popped in to say hello to his brother. Then we came back an drove by the Oats field, which he calls mine. It looks pretty good on the hills, pretty yellow and drowned out looking in any of the little low spots. Been a heck of a lot of rain round here. He didn't get anything done with the home place. . . As you can see in the pic above. . . So I looked at the garden, which is looking really nice at the farm there. I am adding a photo there too!

Now to the crafty stuff . . . Well hopefully nobody told my cousin about this blog yet. . . Well at least till I get these socks done. I am giving these socks as an odd, I say odd because a house warming gift is usually something house related, but I figure that they are house related, my cuz and her man just moved into their first house(had apartments b4) and so I hunted high and low for a recipe box, cuz I know she would like one, couldn't find one anywhere! Except EBay and well the shipping was nuts! So I thought and came up with nice warm wooly socks! Who wouldn't like a warm pair of woollies to wear on the hardwood floor in a house? Well I figured with the cost of energy these days and needing to keep the thermostat down that I would make them some socks, to keep the tootsies warm while the thermostat was turned down so that they could afford the bills! Good Idea? hmmm . .. . I am hoping so! But again pics are above. The green ones are a beautiful waffley pattern and for my cuz and the grey ones are plain and for her guy! So that is what I have been working on. . . After that I will be starting on Christmas gifts I thinks, so can tell you vaguely about the stuff I make but no pics! LOL well who knows might give pictures anyways!

My pics didnt upload quite how I woulda liked them but still learning so next time!

So I am off an running, we leave to work again tomorrow. I have laundry to do and such so will be busy at that! Maybe post b4 we leave, who knows! LOL anywho,
Catchya all soon!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meet Pyrat my cat . . .

Ha ha, yes her picture is scary! Some find her equally scary! I got her one night as a stray, hanging around the skating rink(i was there for practice). She was tiny and scared and crying at all the car doors in the parking lot, so . . I picked her up and took her home. Where at the time I had another kitty which I sadly do not have a good picture of, and he is not with us anymore. But she settled right in, bossed him around. YOu know how cats are . . . he was not well then. But she turned out to be quite fisty and doesnt like strangers! She truely is my Attack CAt bad to the bone this little one, well she has grown up and is still the attack cat. Always on guard. We have a boy in town who is scared of her. . . well, she doesnt really bother you unless you bother her first! I love this crazy cat! so here's a pic of her . . . My Pyrat, part angel when you have her curled up in your arms purring and part devil when she is pissed off or had enough. WEll thats my Py for you . . .

Welcome to Me

Hi all,
I am just starting my blog. I don't know exactly what I am doing here but thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with some while I am away from home here and there with work and such, I dont always have time to email everyone who is wondering how I am so thought this would be a great place to make notes of what I am up to, what I have been up to and what kinda trouble LOL I am lookin at getting into . . . Whatcha think?

A Little about me:
I am a crafter, I knit, crochet, and sew. I would love to do some quilting but time and energy need to be found for that! Maybe this winter. . . I am a bin builder through the summer with my hubby, which puts me away from home alot through the summer. So posts will be here and there! But here none the less!

I live in a small town, so things are pretty quiet and I always find things to do and write about! LOL

So now I have written a little and will be adding some good stuff here and there . . . but am off and running for now.
Catchya all again soon!