Saturday, July 01, 2006

12:30 am and I am writing my blog? I should be sleeping!

Hi all, we came home today from working. Well for the long weekend you know . . . Staying in a small community, and having the nearest large community an hour away, hmmmm well, makes for eating on a holiday hard . . . so we decided to come home. One meal for a single day isn't the end of the world. Now for two days, oh my so that's why we came home. WE went out to the farm to see how the crops are doing . . . Wow there is way tooo much water . . . Crops are crap yellow drowned out in a lot of places, some places are beautiful green but a lot are yellow. So, so be it. Our bins are taking forever. This yard isn't agreeing with us. It is either raining, that stopped now it is horrible hot, melting or the gosh darn bin sheets are rusted and nasty so we had to sort all of them b4 starting to build which took forever. We actually accomplished finishing the hopper cones and getting 3 bins on the cones and two roofs built, consolation on the part that we actually accomplished something? hmmm lets see . . 3 done, only 17 more to go . . . oi. . . yesterday, well we shall say the 29th, it was hotter than hell, and in around that steel oi. We got up and worked from 7 am to 10:30 am and it was too hot to be out there. There was not breeze and wow it was hot. Nasty. Anywho. . . Have you heard enough bout work? We are back out there Monday, well Sunday night we will be driving up and Monday morning if not Sunday night getting some work done! Hooray. I think, I took some more pictures of the work yard. So will post a couple here, and maybe just maybe some of you will receive them in your inbox, but not tonight! OI I am sooo tired and am going to cut my hair yet. go figure! LOL anywho, catchya all soon, have a good eve! Or I guess a good morning! LOL
Burning up them wool socks I am working on! Pics to come soon!

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