Saturday, July 28, 2007

The booties

Hey, I decided to try out a booties pattern.... LOL I tried the Bernat Baby Cotton ones. They are supposed to fit from newborn to 6 months. I think mine are a little big. I am wondering if I were to wash them, if it would shrink them so they would look like baby booties? I knew when I started I should have used smaller needles.... or at least do the swatch, but I hate the swatch. So now my booties are just a wee bit big. *shrugs* Maybe baby(not mine) will have big feet? Never know, but I am doubting that too. The base of the booties foot only measures 3 inches. Am I in the right ball park?

Well here is pics of them anyways.

Think I may try a different pattern or smaller needles for the next pair.... LOL

Monday, July 23, 2007

HOtter than Hell!!!

Hey all,
James and I have switched to nights. OI. Except tonight which is, last we checked at 11pm still 39 degrees Celsius with the humidex... OI. Too hot!!! When the Humidex is up to 36 to 44 plus degrees Celsius, we don't want to play. The steel in the daytime adds to the heat too. Mind you I bet it's still a bit warm from the heat of the sun beaming down on it all day today too. It's a hard transition. We worked last night from 8pm to 11am this morning.... LOL had a farmer pull in to the bin yard and ask about bins... fine, then asks with the heat if we were going to work in the afternoon... I told him no way!!! LOL James thought I should have told him I been their since 8pm the night before so not bloody likely to stay up much longer!!! *giggles* Man, sometimes I wanna ask them if they wanna work around that steel when its 44 degrees... then add the reflection of the steel to that... much hotter!!! Crazy guys don't think about that though... but then again.. could be like the comedian who does the "here's your sign" I tell ya sometimes we could hand out a lot of signs... LOL like when you get a guy pull in the yard and ask, "you building these bins?" just wanna say, "Nope just walking around with a pouch full of bolts for the exercise...." LOL *sighs* I guess it's all part of the service industry. I try to answer their questions as best I can, but that's the customer service side of me I suppose.... Hubby sometimes gets very frustrated. Today when he was baking in the cone he said I should have told the guy to go to the Co-Op and ask there as I had a guy cooking on the inside of that bin. I figured I could put in bolts and answer questions at the same time... guess it must have slowed me some. *shrugs* I didn't think I slowed. So last night we built 2 bins complete. We started with 2 roofs and then put the sidewalls on 2 bins. We wanted to finish the 3rd bin too but it got hot early. And it's still hot now... oi..

As far as crafting. I have a "Christmas project" on the needles right now. I hope to finish the first half soon then can cast on the second part and stitch it together. I then think I might do some small baby things... I also have some socks to get done... hmmm maybe should do sockies first? shall see.

Well talk to you later,

Friday, July 20, 2007


Yes, I'm crazy. Very crazy. I am wondering what on earth I will make with all this wool!!! Briggs and Little was having an anniversary sale!!! I could get 1 skein for every 2 I purchased at regular cost. Now, I purchased a lot! You have seen the pictures!!! LOL So, I hummed and hawed and couldn't decide how much of this awesome blue twist I wanted. So, Hubby decided for me. I could get 110 skeins of the anniversary special color, and so that is what he ordered!!! That is 55 pairs of socks.... er maybe I can find something else to make too!!! I have been dreaming about it since we picked it up at that post office today. Yes today. We made an impromptu trip home. Lightning storm in Outlook this morning. Figured just as well to make the trip home, grab the mail, do some stuff around, go see what the Plow wind and hail did at the farm. So, that's what we did! Got my wool!!! Whooo hoooo! Went to see how the landscape changed at the farm. Looks different when you take down a couple trees and ooh 3 bins! All is well so far though. Nobody hurt, just 3 bins that will probably be written off and an auger out of the picture. Came close to taking out the tractor! But, it didn't, thanks to the auger!! go figure.

*sighs* Back to work in the morning... will keep you posted. In this heat we have 7 done, one ready to mount and 22ish to go... oi! Hopefully this weather smartens up!!!!

I also want to say THANK YOU! to all who wished me an hubby a Happy Anniversary on the 16th! We had a good, hot day! LOL (built one bin, melted in the heat so hid in the air conditioning)

Monday, July 09, 2007


Wool Arrived today!!! In a giant Gunny sack!!!Took it out of the sack and had a tonne of bags

Filled up my table!!

And Under my table!!

Wow, Now that is a lot of wool!!!!
You know where I am?
Hiding in the wool!!! LOL

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Swirling in the Toilet

Mm hmm I know that sounds so lovely... I did something silly today. I went and put some wedding pictures up on Face book. Yeah, I was going through them. I was thinking about how Kevin took much better pictures than the woman we hired. He took beautiful pictures, and the woman we paid took shitty shadowy ones. *shrugs* I guess, all water under the bridge now, but I got to missing M and Kev. I definitely need to call them next trip to the city... if not before. I was also thinking about how I have a tonne of pictures of James and I, we look so happy, so fresh. Full of hopes and dreams you know. Then I see pics of me with the family, Grandma P is missing, and man do I miss her. I miss being able to call her up. I look at the pic and Grandpa K is there... and I miss him too.

James is at the farm working on the combine... hopefully he can figure what he needs to do to fix it.

I am knitting on a poncho, wondering about the point of it.

Think I need to lay down.....

Yeah ok, now after a few I have my head back on straight... Feels much better there... :P

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Now the Garden Pictures....

Hey all, I finished weeding the garden. Well kinda sorta... you know how it is, there is always another weed popping up! Nasty critters!!! Anyways, here are some pics for you!

Carrots and Beets above
Onions below

Beets, Carrots and a bit of the Turnip Row Below

Thursday, July 05, 2007

My Pair are done

Hey, I finished my socks. Yes, MINE! LOL special just for me!!! Very nice, though very red. I like them and they are done. Now, I just have to be patient waiting for this 30 degree Celsius to be in the negative then I can wear them. LOL I am not hoping for it!!! I am just saying cooler for woollies.... It's darn well hot enough without them now!! A bit cooler would be nice but I am not ready for winter again yet... though if the sticky heat keeps up I might be wishing for it soon!! So below is the picture of my socks done!
I got a comment from a Deb. I don't know which one as I don't get to get your email addresses with the comments..... *sighs* so, Deb, you ignore your poor little Christmas cactus.... neglect it for ... hmmm was it about a month? I think.... er something like that. Mine gets neglected a lot as we are away working a lot!! So, I potted it from a little pot into this big pot and then took off for 3 weeks er so and came home and it was blooming... beautiful blooms... Damn cactus is the only plant I can keep alive around here....because it loves neglect... or is it that it loves to dry out? hmm well, drying out and neglecting worked well. Putting it in a new pot, made it grow like crazy so must like the new space... So to answer your question that was what I did.
I am home for a couple days. So maybe will get some pics of the garden, outside so you all can see what mother nature has blessed me with, as I just planted and hoped it would grow.
I haven't seen my yarn yet. I am imagining that with the long weekend. Canada day and all that the mail got shuffled... Least I hope the box gets here while I am home this trip. *fingers crossed*
And that is my excitement. Other than spending the last 2 days at the lake while hubby built roofs in the heat in the yard. I got to sit in the shade and dunk in the lake while he built roofs. I just couldn't take the heat... so I am melting ... but, slowly so I have lots of time left no worries there!!
I forgot to also tell you I tried to start a poncho... I am growling at it now... so it is not starting well... plain red heart yarn but it seems too stiff.... grrr.... ah well... may have to go another route... *shrugs* so be it. still makes me mad though....
Talk to you all again soon!!!