Sunday, July 30, 2006

What ya say bout Cabbage

Well tonight I did up some bags of cabbage bout 10 of them from 4 heads so that I can make my hunny his favorite(lazy cabbage rolls). We are off and running to work, will post again when I get back. Hubbys thumb is feeling better so we are off.
Talk to you all soon,
I who had a rather uneventful sunday(and that was very nice!)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Peas, DID YOU SAY PEAS!?! I don't wanna see any more peas tonight!

LOL, well, We went to the farm and picked our peas.

We got 2, 5 gallon pails of peas, which turned into 21 bags of frozen peas for a meals. :) We had a couple carrots out of the garden. MMM they was good. I was thinking bout my grandpa while picking the peas and pulling a couple carrots. I remember when I was little going over and we would steal some peas and carrots and strawberries, Grandpa had a great strawberry patch, when I was little. It was really cool, not like mine which is neglected and full of runners and no strawberries(need more time at home to clip runners and such!).

mmm good memories . . .

*sighs* mind you after we picked all those peas, we shelled um, washed um blanched them, bagged them and then froze them. Hooray! Done.
Ah well, now I did a little work on a couple squares I been working on, my problem to finish them though is that my crochet hooks are in the hotel room in Tug. What a bugger that is! LOL well when I do finish them I will post them.
ah well gonna run,.
Nice warm memories to you all!

Friday, July 28, 2006

What a Week

Hi all,

Tiz been a long week, I know today is Friday and the week is not technically over but to me it should be. It started out on Sunday, We had left the job site to go and get some lunch, mmm and supper with my sis and her hubby(which was good by the way) we were eating lunch and got a phone call that my grandpa(dad's dad) had passed away the previous Thursday(which of course made me very sad, I loved my grandpa very much), the funeral was on Weds so have to go to the big city that day. So, got that over with went out for supper with my sis and her hubby, I had a horrible craving for some fettuccini Alfredo, so that is what I ordered! MMM and would you believe that it actually had peppers in it, red bell peppers! ( I can't eat bell peppers as they give me a migrane). So we sent it back and I ended up having these not so good dry ribs. Well they were greasy soggy dry ribs which to me isn't dry ribs tiz breaded ribs but not dry, but anyways the company was good so I wont complain.
Tuesday morning, Hubby and I are slow moving. So we get out there and we finish tightening a ring we had built Monday night, as a storm rolled in (Hubby had cut his shoulder(ew nasty kinda deep and worried me)(but bleeding stopped and with bandaides holding together should heal well)). And we went back to the hotel for the night, hubby was going to build roofs all night but with an electrical storm the way it was it didn't happen. So anyways, Tuesday Hubby was going to build roofs and I was to make phone calls to customers to let them know where the heck we are and when we will get to them . . . LOL I no sooner get in the door of the hotel room(I walked the 2 blocks back from the job site), as Hubby is running in the door behind me grabbing scissors and Band Aides with one hand in a work glove . . . I follow him to the washroom down the hall. . . He had cut his thumb, you know in the base in the fleshy part, deep. So he washes it off and thinks might need stitches so when I see it I figures he does need some stitches, so off for the 20 minute drive to the nearest hospital, drive around town for 10 minutes cuz They don't have the H signs posted to show you where the hospital is. 3 Stitches, just to hold it together. "sighs" He can't work for a bit til it heals. Oi, so behind already just put back a bit more, added some more stress. So Tuesday we got the stitches got back to the hotel, packed up to go to the city for the funeral on Weds. Rather than leaving on Weds Am or Tues late eve. Weds, was the funeral. It was good, all went well. My uncle delivered the Eulogy very well, it was well written. So then we, went through all that stuff. My sis and her hubby were traveling with us so on the way back to mom and dads house we stopped for ice cream and went to the bookstore (stress release). Then we hung out there. Thursday I went with momma to take grandma out (mom's mom), Hubby hung out with dad. We kept it pretty quiet on Thursday and then Friday, today we came home, grabbed the mail(as it usually builds up a bit when we are away). We are home for the weekend now, and hopefully the hubby hand will heal up some. . . Tonight we were out to the farm to see the garden and the crop but only saw the garden, we need to go pick peas tomorrow. mmmmm yummy peas! LOL so hopefully will take a walk in the crop too and see how it is doing. So that's my week . . . How's yours? LOL Yes I still have a sense of humour . . . Go figure huh? LOL
Talk to you all soon,

Friday, July 21, 2006

Not for Long

Hey all, Quick stop home, so here but not for long! LOL. I got the socks off to my cuz and her man, and there is a pic above. I am waiting to hear if he got his socks and how both pairs fit, though they were wool so not expecting they will wear them anytime soon . . . LOL though fall is just around the corner. I also have posted the pics of a row of bins, can you see the one that moved ahead in the row about 9 feet when it was windy the one night? LOL we were quite surprized it didnt go over, i t just kinda leveled itself out . . . go figure, musta had a horseshoe up our asses that night, as the bin didnt go over, the crane didnt get hit by lightning (Hubby ran to the yard to put it down in the crazy wind we got). The lightning took out the power so where we were staying we had no power or water for 20 hours. LOL we took an afternoon and went to the beach. :) They sure are great in the hotel there . . . awesome wing night(super yummy meaty wings). . . great place to stay . . one of those old small town hotels where teh rooms are above the restaurant and bar and feels like an old farm house up there . . . and the people are so great they a re like family. . . thats who we went to the beach for the afternoon with. Great to get washed off and cooled offf. . . . gotta love that lake!
And well any of you wondering. . . Diefenbaker Lake and Tugaske Hotel.
anyways, gotta run . . . working on a knit poncho in a beautiful baby blue boucle right now, but it is warm and h ard to work on for more than a row or so at at ime with all the work we are doing and the blistering heat outside . ..
well catchya soon,

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Did we have a weekend there?

Hi all, We came home friday night for a quick one, LOL because we are bot h outa here today Sunday. We came home friday night, got the laundry done so we can head out again! Then Yesterday we went to Yorkton. Did some running around we needed to do which sucked up the whole day, LOL as it usually does for some reason. then Today Sunday I am trying to run off early so I can get a visit in with my gramma this afternoon .. . . Could be a challenge. LOL back to work tonight/tommorow. I have been working on some squares for a project and I have started a poncho now that I am done the sockies that maybe today will be delivered to my cousin too, we shall see. . . anyways i have to run, just a quick note to let you know where I am at. LOL
Talk to ya later,

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I should be sleeping again!

Ha ha, I know, I really need to write this earlier in the day. . . This late stuff is killing me. Anywho, It was Canadian Day today. We went to Sturgis to see the Sport and Rodeo days with the fireworks. Well the fair isn't as hubby remembers. I guess they used to have a lot of other stuff. It was basically a rodeo with a small sound stage and ball games. We enjoyed the day though. Got us out and got to see some real good bull riding and steer wrestling, bronco riding and racing. The fireworks were good too but I gotta say them bulls and such are something to see. Oh and the barrel racing. . . I don't know why but I love watching that. . . those girls and the horses racing round the barrels one at a time to get the best time . .. I always like that. I liked to go into see that at the exhibition in Regina when we would go. That was the best I think. Grab a drink or whatever and then go in there and watch the racing. Always good . .. Anyways, so that was the day. Got up and checked emails, then started a load of laundry, cut my hair, had a shower and off we went, just got home not too long ago and its twelvethirty, after midnight. mmm no wonder I am tired. LOL I tried puttin a round on my sock but I think I got one on there and maybe a half, LOL maybe I can finish tomorrow, which would be today! LOL anyways. . . I gotta go get some sleeps . . . tired girlie that I be.
Well talk to you soooon I hopes!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

12:30 am and I am writing my blog? I should be sleeping!

Hi all, we came home today from working. Well for the long weekend you know . . . Staying in a small community, and having the nearest large community an hour away, hmmmm well, makes for eating on a holiday hard . . . so we decided to come home. One meal for a single day isn't the end of the world. Now for two days, oh my so that's why we came home. WE went out to the farm to see how the crops are doing . . . Wow there is way tooo much water . . . Crops are crap yellow drowned out in a lot of places, some places are beautiful green but a lot are yellow. So, so be it. Our bins are taking forever. This yard isn't agreeing with us. It is either raining, that stopped now it is horrible hot, melting or the gosh darn bin sheets are rusted and nasty so we had to sort all of them b4 starting to build which took forever. We actually accomplished finishing the hopper cones and getting 3 bins on the cones and two roofs built, consolation on the part that we actually accomplished something? hmmm lets see . . 3 done, only 17 more to go . . . oi. . . yesterday, well we shall say the 29th, it was hotter than hell, and in around that steel oi. We got up and worked from 7 am to 10:30 am and it was too hot to be out there. There was not breeze and wow it was hot. Nasty. Anywho. . . Have you heard enough bout work? We are back out there Monday, well Sunday night we will be driving up and Monday morning if not Sunday night getting some work done! Hooray. I think, I took some more pictures of the work yard. So will post a couple here, and maybe just maybe some of you will receive them in your inbox, but not tonight! OI I am sooo tired and am going to cut my hair yet. go figure! LOL anywho, catchya all soon, have a good eve! Or I guess a good morning! LOL
Burning up them wool socks I am working on! Pics to come soon!