Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We haven't left yet . .. .

Well, I just looked at the weather for today. I guess it may be a good thing we didn't travel with the crane today. Lanigan, Wynyard, Foam Lake, Wadena . .. and so on, all under Heavy snow fall warning! Just what we all wanted . . . Just when spring, has started to do it's sprung, Old man winter wants another kick at the cat! That damn Cat should just bite the old bugger!!! (Maybe Py did!). You, Can't see the falling snow all that great, but it is there, giant snowflakes falling like rain!! The snow building up on the ground, the plywood left out to walk on . . instead of the mud and on the truck . .. You can see the lake in the back has grown .. . it is all lake in front of our truck too! Below trying to show you the snowflakes ... not such a great job . . .
Snow is building up on the truck . . . I guess we shall see how much snow we do get!! It just started . ..
Ahh, and the good news! The black socks are done! HOORAY!!!! Can you tell I am glad about that? They are done, no more rush to get them done for Dad's birthday!
And here is the package . .. . Light weight Black wool socks, Heavy denim blue wool socks, and navy blue acrylic socks . .. a variety. ... Hope he likes them . . ..actually I know he will love them . . .
So, there is a package I can wrap up . .. now on to mom's birthday package . .. I won't be able to show you pics cuz . .. mom reads this . .. so . .. will show you after her birthday!
So far, plan is to leave tomorrow. We will see what kinda snowfall we get . . . But that is the plan .. . so . .. maybe catchya later with an update of our snow!
So, Catchya later!

Monday, March 26, 2007

We Owe, We Owe, It's off to work we go . ..

Hey, Well, Had a good day today. Did a lot . .. *shrugs* Got up 8:15ish. Took the truck uptown for its Oil Change. Took my walk. Came home did a few rows on the black socks heal flap. Took a short nap(wasn't feeling 100%). Walked up and grabbed the mail(hooray!!) and the truck. Made lunch. Packed some cloths and such. Went to Wadena to get some groceries. Came home, packed some groceries, went and held the ladder over at the shop for James for a bit. Came home, did some tool box cleaning and packing. Swept out the back of the truck. Now I am telling you about it and wondering what to make for supper. . . We are off and running to work . . . will catchya all in a bit. I hope to remember to pack the camera and take some pics for you all, if I get the chance.

In the mail today! I received my books!! Can you believe it! That quick!! Cast's off wasn't in this shipment but will be in the next one . .. at the end of the month!! But I love my books I got today . ..was a wonderful surprise! Did not think they would get here before we took off! So, now I don't know which book to take with me .. . actually I know exactly which books I am taking with me . . . LOL The one skein wonders will stay home as I have my projects for the trip picked ... well, won't get them all done . . but one always hopes to sneak in the knitting everywhere possible right? LOL yeah I know I am knitting addicted. What can I say? Better than other vices out there!

So, will see ya in a bit! Hopefully with pictures and such!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Beautiful day for a swim .. .

So, we had a beautiful day today! It got up to 13 Celcius here! Not like Regina(supposed to get to 20 Celcius!), but it was nice. . .
We have a lake growing in our back yard. This is normal though . .. James hoped that pushing the snow might help, but there is nowhere we can push it that it will run off and not back. So, we have our spring lake! How do you like it? LOL
I went for a walk, that was nice. Beautiful weather. Out in my denim jacket and ball cap! sweet deal! I met a lady a long the way that was very very happy that spring was here! She agrees this winter seemed nasty, because if the temp. was nice it was a blizzard of snow. If it wasn't snowing it was bitter cold and you didn't want to do anything!! So, Spring has sprung and as much as I hate the mud, I am happy to see it! LOL
Had a good walk, made a pair of jammie pants today. I can't show them to you, they are for a Christmas present! Yes, I make myself sick . .. LOL Because I am sooo looking forward to summer!
Ah well, I should run. Talk to you later.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Striped bag that I am . ..

OK, here is the bag. The lion brand pattern bag . .. worked up in Red Heart yarn. Black and tweed. Yes that is supposed to be a tweed. The bag, I had hoped would be large enough for a purse .. . it is not. Well maybe for someone who carries less stuff. But I carry a lot of stuff so, it's small for me. It is about 9 inches long and 7 inches deep. Nice pattern, nice bag. . . just not enough room for me .. ah well .. .

Anyways, Today, I finished that bag. James and I had some unexpected company. James cousin stopped in. Was a nice surprise. Good to see him. Anyways, we were off to Yorkton after. We returned some insulation. Then, forgot the eves trough . .. I though James had changed his mind, apparently he was having a distracted moment and forgot. Ah, we all have those. . . Then off to Walmart to get mouthwash. Yes, I had a hard time again remembering what the heck green we use of the Listerine. .. Kinda like to ask Listerine why they don't just make them all green that way we could never ever even have an incling of a clue what flavour we got last. So, I bought one of each of the 2 greens. Get home, the one with fluoride that I didn't buy, is what we had before. . hmm go figure . .. LOL anyhow, On from walmart off to Yorkton Concrete. Picked up the last of our patio blocks from the auction . .. let me tell ya . . . oh sh*t that's a lot of weight for our poor old truck . .. well not that old but old enough .. . 10 this year. They did get the load in better this time so . . . the truck road much better than the last round .. course we had less in the box ... James took the pails out .. . LOL we didn't expect that many blocks from the auction. It had stated 20 blocks .. . what it was was 200 sq ft. of blocks. which is 40 blocks .. . 20 per palette(we took one pallete last time and one this time) Each block weighing in at 110 lbs. I couldn't lift them .. . too awkward, thought I would drop it . . so ... James my hunny, unloaded them . .. the first load and this second one now . .now to wait until the ground is defrosted and we can make a nice base to put them out where we want them . .. ooh they will be nice around the added on part ... (will post pics tomorrow).

*sighs* so, I am off to bed. Will catchya's later!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Very cool . ..

Hey, Today, In the mail! I got my chapters/indigo gift cards. I ordered them with my lovely air miles! I saved enough miles to get 3 gift cards. So, I spent one and a bit on me(will tell you in a minute what I ordered) and I am giving one to my mom, now she can pass it on or use it for herself .. . up to her but she has helped me collect air miles!! wooo whooo!! and I believe she should lay claim to one card. So, its in my wallet ready for her next time I see her! (tempted to mail it but I know she isn't impatient like me!! LOL). So, I ordered . .. LOL Casts off . . .because Stephanie was showing off the book on her Yarn Harlot blog and making me drool!! I also ordered the At Knits End, and Secret Life of a Knitter(this may sound a little obsessive . .. but I love how she writes . .. I had a hard time putting down her Knitting Rules book, and I giggled and down right, out right, Laughed my ass off through it too!!). I ordered One Skein Wonders, as I go to the Chapters in Regina and drool on their copies so much I should just get the damn thing! LOL So, I ordered my books! I tried to see if James wanted anything but what he wanted was not yet available, so .. . I guess the remainder of the gift card . .. will be on whatever tickles us next! Very fun!!

So, this morning, I went for my walk. . .It was beautiful outside!! I picked up a pound of nails for James at the Co-op and the mail on my way around .. . as that is the route. . . walk the long part then grab the mail and home! Love my trek. Anyways, came home helped James outside a little .. . came in .. . made a nice turkey mmmm wrap for lunch . .. could have used more sauce but . .. better for us with less! it was good though .. .

I am drawing neared the finish of the bag . .. now, the black sock is waiting . .. and I am making a bag . . . hmmm .. .says something about the black sock? er maybe just something about me! LOL

OK, I have been fighting with this idea for a long time . .. One way it's good other not so good . .. I am going to post a wish list. Now, I know a lot of people think that is a bad thing, but ask my mom!!! This is a good thing . .. So, I am going to post it for those whom need it, those who don't need it . .. don't need to read it or look at it or whatever .. . but It will be there . .. for those who are always asking what I might want for ______ . You know. So, that's it.

That's all for now! Hope your all having a lovely day!! enjoying that lovely weather!! the wind is a little chilly but good otherwise!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A slow start to a good day . ..

Hey all! Thought I would toss in a new pic of the crazy blooming Christmas Cactus! Yes, I took this picture today, and this is one of the 2 blooms that survived the transplant. Still blooming strong. Go Figure! Today in the mail I got this lovely package! 4 balls of beautiful soft yummy yarn, and 2 sets of tags! It was a small tool swap we did in on of my groups . . .

I love the tags! They are always fun! mmmm and see yummmy yarn!!!
Soft and lovely yarn!! I love it!!
So, slow start because we just kinda rolled out of bed. Neither of us slept well. I got up, had breakfast. Then I wandered into the sewing room .. . well crafting room I guess . .. maybe . . and continued tracing that pattern. I finished tracing it. Cut out 2 pairs of pants. Sewed one pair of pants up(sorry can't show you a pic, its a gift!). After though. Had some lunch, did up the waist on the pants(pj pants so, threaded the elastic through and sewed up the hole). Then I was off to Wadena. I had those nails to return. The ones I made the trip to Wadena special for .. . LOL always seems to work that way you know .. . go for one thing your gonna end up taking that one thing back!! LOL Must be a Murphy's Law that covers that somewhere . . . but we are protesting that aren't we? hmmm .. . anyways, made that trip, traded the nails for a paintbrush. Yes, the paintbrush was $10.49 before tax! one brush, real bristle, as that is what the stain calls for! and the Nails were $16 something . . . so I got a whole 4 something back .. . I had a lot more nails then paintbrush let me tell ya. LOL. I also grabbed some paint swatches for the new room ... James told me it will be a long time before I need them, which is fine but I would like to have an idea what colour I want before we go to buy it. I was thinking something tan with a touch of red to it, but now I am thinking more creamy as my tan like swatches didn't POP for me. So, then I went to SArcan and got rid of the bottles I had. Few bucks back in the pocket there. Always like that. ooh and I went to the grocery store. I wanted that earl grey tea! Yeah I know could have lived with out it but, more fun to live with it. Also bought some veggies there too . . . came home, inhaled a piece of jerky! LOL I was hungry .. . ooh and thirsty ... in fact I could go for a drink o something. hmm .. . water. Anyways, got home put the groceries away, took the above pictures, went for a walk and now I am sitting here. waiting for James to come tell me he needs a hand. I was going to start supper but don't want to start it and end up forgetting something or burning it when James needs a hand so will make supper in a bit.
So was a good day! Oooh and you know, I think Sears is going off the deep end. I have received 2 catalogues, not one, 2! this week and it is only Weds. I always thought it was every second week we got one . . LOL James said every week . ..LOL now we have to both change to twice a week . .. whats that saying? anyways ... more for the recycle. . . mind you there were some beautiful clogs in there that came in extra wide so I might actually get my tall fat foot in them but they still wanted $103. on sale!!! But they were cute. And I will leave it at that!!
So off and running! Catchya's all again soon!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Quiet and Uneventful, but I can ramble on with the best of um!!

Well, Quiet and uneventful today. You know that isn't so bad. I been working on my Lion Brand bag - Its the striped self lined bag. They want it made from Lion Cashmere . .. I am using Red Heart. I imagine the cashmere would be beautiful, absolutely beautiful but . . . I could never find the yarn and If I did I would probably have had to cut my right arm off for it . .. so Red heart to the rescue in plain old acrylic, Which will wear like a damn . .. It's looking good. The bag that is, all black and tweed stripe all though I am disappointed that my tweed didn't show through as well as I thought it would. Looks like black and natural or cream, which isn't the end of the world either .. . LOL we will see what happens when its done.

We did dishes last night. James an I, What I didn't tell you is that the damn dishwasher(I have some choice words for it but not appropriate here and maybe not all its fault but the water here in towns) didn't wash the load of dishes that it was supposed to. So I really didn't do all the dishes .. . I did all the ones that don't go in the dishwasher, the pots, pans, flippers and all that stuff .. . special mugs you know .. . the stuff that doesn't go in the dishwasher then I left .. . Not realizing I had started the dishwasher, stopped it, then forgot to start it again! So, James ran the damn thing when he got home and it didn't wash like it should have . .. probably because it had a spray of our lovely town water before it got to washing and had time to dry on the dishes(safe to drink my ass). Anyways we wont get into the water issue because I get nasty about it. James an I did all those nasty dishes together. And you know, doing dishes together is sooo much nicer .. . only takes half the time. Much nicer anyways . ..

James was working outside today and was cutting stuff for the doorways in the new space so . .. I did the dishes alone but, really prefer to have the company .. . LOL

I traced or started tracing the pant pattern my mom asked for too. I need to trace another pattern too as I have used it SO much that it is wearing out!! Anybody else used a pattern til you thought it might just disintegrate in your fingers next use? OI!! Anyways, the Dollar Giant had tracing paper for a buck so I got some . . Mom got some too! it was a lot of sheets for that buck so, we figured it a good deal. Not so bad to trace patterns for the lovely hard to fits in the family that way. Like our skinny guys that are miles tall and so on .. . When I alter a pattern that I know I am going to use a lot I just trace it the way I altered it then Name it for that person . .. LOL and make notes in my project notebook. Yeah I keep a project notebook, more because I am curious as to how many pairs of socks and ponchos and sewn vests and sewn pants I can turn out in a year .. . I know I could turn more out .. . but there is this thing called work one has to do to pay bills and support ones fabric and yarn addictions. I wonder, would I be spending more on cigarettes if I was a smoker? I truly believe my yarn and fabric is far better for me than that stuff . .. or many other vices people have for that matter.

I just need to figure out how to get a damn good walk with a Walkman going and a sock in had or something. ROTFLMAO wouldn't that be the life. Couldn't do it now! I went for a walk today, I am trying for everyday but, sometimes everyday doesn't happen . . . So, the gravel road is pretty good, except for a couple soft soupy spots, but the paved road into town is still icy slushy slip around all over the place!! Hard to walk good when your sliding all over the place!! so, ultimately would be great to be able to walk completely on the gravel . . . because its not icy but then I can't get the mail uptown . . . so, I make the trip around and go through the icy stuff, so I can walk by the mail and pick it up.

I put a poster up for the Saskcrafters group on the community bulletin board but the damn thing blew around and lost all the pull off tabs with the address on it. So am working on how I can better that, so it stands up to the wind. I have an idea but . .. we will see how it works out..

I need to print out the WynyardBuySellTrade flyer too and put it up .. . Hopefully tomorrow!!

Anyways . .. think I have rambled on long enough. I should go and brush, floss and rinse. Then maybe finish tracing that pant pattern. I guess we shall see .. .

So, Good night all!

OOOH I forgot to tell you all! I tried London Fog at home, with Vanilla Nut tea .. . eeeww yuck!! It wasn't the worst but it wasn't that good. The milk carried the tea . .. sad. The tea wasn't strong enough, and I didn't have any Earl Gray. Next time it will be regular tea. As the tea needs a good strong flavour! I also made it with brown sugar(2 rounded tsp), which was yummy and vanilla extract(1tsp overflowed, as one alone was not quite strong enough when we made it at Mom's), because I had no Vanilla Syrup. It worked, except not enough tea flavour!

Goodnight again! LOL

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Eve

Hey all,
I forgot to tell you! While in the city, Mom, Auntie and I, tried out London Fog ~ the drink. I love it! Mom likes it . .. auntie likes it. I gave some to my sis though and she made quite the face! Think cuz it was getting to be cold by then .. . LOL Anyways. .. had one at this neat coffee shop on, Broad and .. . hmm .. . 15Th? South of College anyways . .. that was a damn nice London fog. Had one from Starbucks in the Chapters at south land .. . that was the one we drank on the way to moose jaw. MM yum .. . then we made one at home after I looked up the directions to make um .. . :)

So, that was exciting...

Now today. I went for a walk. I posted a sign up about the Saskcrafters group on the bulletin board in front of the post office ... Hope it doesn't blow away and that maybe someone shows some interest in it. :) would like to build the group up and get some more conversation going and such :) I walked the long way . . good for me!! I did some laundry . .. wooo whoo exciting eh? My dishes still sit piled high(I am protesting as when I left for the city I did up all the dishes even though I was madder then a hatter, so all he had to deal with was his own mess). So I haven't touched them. James my sweetheart has cooked supper last night and tonight :D .

On one great note! I finished my hidden Item Last night. Sorry can't show pics yet. I have finished one of the black socks. Yes one. I have cast on the second and have 11 of the 80 leg rows done on it. So 69 rows til the heal flap!!! LOL I also cast on the Lion Brand bag I wanted to make . .. I have started knitting it too. . . should be neat when its done . ..

So that was today's excitement.

Well, off and running!
Catchya later,

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home, Plants and Such

Well, here for you is a bright and cheery picture! LOL I love the new space! I do think mind you that the insulation really has to go!!! LOL It's taking up space, and right now as I type . .. James is working on that. My Christmas Cactus is still blooming! I can not believe it!!
I transplanted the little devil while it had buds. I thought sure as hell I would loose all the blooms coming. Apparently not. I guess my cactus likes it's new pot. .. even though its a bit big for it!! I think the cactus will be very happy to grow into it!! Bloom 1 above, bloom 2 below!
My Cactus in full, in her new pot! I think she might like it!!
Some Lemon Basil I planted in a mug my aunti gave me . .. She didn't intend them as plant pots but I just thought since they looked like plant pots and looked to be the right size for herbs . .. maybe that is what I should use them for . .. as I have plenty of mugs at home . .. for drinking out of!! I think my Lemon basil will be very neat!! I also planted chives which are just peeping up, and Catnip which is just behind the basil and . . . oregano. James asked why I planted catnip .. .I told him just because!! LOL
So, I'm home. I am itching to go for a walk. I missed a walk yesterday .. . must go today . .. should almost go twice. Its windy, but -4c is still nice . .. didn't check the wind chill though . . and I don't think I will .. . . I will just dress and go!
I am dying to hear from my mom how she is doing with her new sewing machine. .. she got a beauty!! I bet she is too busy having fun with it to be here reading! LOL
I need to do dishes and laundry. My laundry . . . James did his and one or two pieces of mine that he figured would go with his load. I need to do the rest of mine. Get ready to go off to work next week . . .
We are also going to go to be certified bin builders by Westeel in April. That should prove interesting. A trip to Winnipeg, very cool . . .so we shall see how that goes . .. Will have to do some research.. . see if there is any where's I would like to go . .. Should be a good little get away.
So, that's it for now . . . talk to you all later ,

Friday, March 09, 2007

My Favortie Doormat!

Hey, I guess my funk lasted longer than expected. Yesterday was a terrible one too . .. I just felt like crap all day. Today, though I feel better. Man those feelings can wear a person out . . . Though I did walk the long way to the post office, and walked the gravel stretch twice. I was feeling sorry for myself and feeling fat and ugly and all that nastiness . .. I hate when that creeps in. My emotional side tells me to "lay down till the feeling passes" or "eat chocolate", though these rarely work! And only add to the problem at hand. I had laid down on the bed, but James came in and wanted to know what the he** was going on. I couldn't put it into words so he got pissed off, and packed up for the farm and took off. I went for a walk. My logical side said "if you feel fat then do something, go walk til you don't feel that way anymore!" Hence walking the gravel stretch twice, the first time, I still felt bad so walked it again then I felt like I had done something. LOL probably a whole 2 miles of walking, which in the grand scheme isn't that much but its more than nothing!! And sure feels better then nothing!! Ah well, feeling better today. Should get out and walk again. I think I might shave my head down too . . . time for a cut. It's wild and woolly and it seems when I do pay someone $25.00 they have no clue how to cut it, if I go and spend $40.00 then I get a cut I feel good with that lasts .. . 6 weeks . . so think I might just go back to buzzing it . ..

Anyways, James is off to the farm to tin roofs with dad. I'm here at home . .. think I will work on some knitting. Maybe even transplant my Christmas cactus . .. I got a bigger pot for it, just haven't moved it over as it was blooming . . well it has buds now but, I am thinking I may be willing to take the chance to transplant it. I also may plant some herbs. We will see ...

I had this doormat emailed to me(caution it may be offensive to some viewers!). I don't know the origin. I love it! LOL Anybody know where I can get one?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ever had one of those days?

Well if you have had one of those days, you know what I am talking about. One of those, In a funk days. I had one of them yesterday. I just woke up feeling out of sorts. James after being up a short time, knew I was in a funk. He in fact came into the living room and gave me a hug and told me I didn't have to go it alone, he's there for me. I know he is, but I didn't know what kinda funk I had stumbled on. I was missing my grandma, my grandpa, my cat. So James and I did some snuggling. I love just snuggling up. Made me feel better. Then I ran to Wadena for the afternoon . .. had a couple things to do that took much longer than intended. When I got home James was ready to nail in our window to the extension. Makes it very bright in there . .. maybe will take a picture when we get it cleaned up some . . .stuff all over the floor and you know . .. so, you have to wait! Then after supper, I worked on my Purse, which you see pictures of on yesterdays post.

And today, I went to the dentist! Yes, Part 2 of a much needed, much neglected cleaning! My teeth are sore again. But, they are clean! I really like that dental office in Melville. Then we ran through Yorkton on the way back to grab a couple things. . . When I got home to check the mail. I received my Small Tool Swap! Lois sent me great stuff! I love the sock shaped point protectors. The crochet hook cushion will come in handy on the next big crochet project! and under them is a neat card I can pass along :) The one standing is the one she sent to me! Very cool!

So, these were a nice surprise after yesterday's funk. And today's disappointment with the purse . . . just need to alter it a little .. . I know exactly what I wanna do to it! so its good :)

So that is today's excitement . .. I have a birthday card to write and address and find something neat to send with . .. then I might be off to bed .. we will see!

Talk to you later,


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

TaDA! A new purse!

Hey, I made myself a new purse. I was tired of the last one I made always falling open. I know I could have found a way to fix it ... If the straps hadn't been so long and the bag so wide . .. I know this one is also very boring next to the last one, No fancy stitching on it .. . I just didn't feel like putting any on. I made the I-cord for the handles. Very easy . . . We shall see how it holds up though(my purse is heavy like a brick). Tomorrow will be the true test, try it out in public. James said it looked alright and as long as it did what I wanted then it was good. Which is true. I kinda miss the fancy stitches . .. Though I love the basic look of it too . . . Will look even better once it is worn in .. . which is good :) Well that was today's feet, well and yesterday afternoon . .. after the curtain for the bathroom, which I am sorry I couldn't get a pic of cuz the bathroom is just too small . .. LOL yes, can't get a good picture of that corner. Off to the dentist tomorrow, for a cleaning . .. OI. Ahh well . .. enjoy the pics. I am off to bed . . . Gnight all!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Will it ever stop?

Guess what I woke up to today? James got out of bed at about 7am. I figure he took off for Preeceville. Said something about borrowing Rob's floor Jacks for 5 minutes, to get a better look at something. And from the SNOW that I woke up to today he is probably pushing the tire shop's snow, should it have any, as it is a bit further North. I tried to catch a picture of the snowflakes for you . . . . but the camera didn't catch um! But here is what I took anyways!James would have swept the car off. He left at 7(i think), I took the pic at about 9 . . . 2 hrs.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I'm soooo bad . . ..

Well, I couldn't wait. I was having visions of this quilt sitting on my sewing machine when I got home from a season of bin building(fall), So . . . I knew where to find the pattern . . shame on me, and I went to work. I have done all but the ties to quilt it.

James and I agree that I should have done it all in the rocking horses, or all in the bears. The bears I would have added some yellow to. Ah well. I can live with it where its at till everyone else catches up :D Bad Bad girlie that I am . ..

Now I can sew something else and feel better about it. Don't ask me why! LOL

Talk to ya all later!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

WIP's Galore

This one, Dad's sock. Today, while riding around in the truck from home to farm to Preeceville to pushing snow in these places, I actually finished the heel flap and turned the heel, picked up stitches(in between snowbank bumps), and started to decrease for the foot. It is turning out nice but while picking up stitches I was wondering what possessed me to try black socks? Just to see if I could? hmmm . .. I wonder . .. LOL This is a Christmas exchange from my friend Reet! I love the little bear angel and the book . .. The watches are going to have to be worn for good as I don't think banging them around on the bin will wear well! I love the book, tiz about cats and is beautiful . . . Thanks again REET!!
Here is the start of a baby quilt. Its a bit fussy. but it's looking good. I love the rocking horse fabric. In fact I loved it so much I bought some in blue and have another project in mind .. . but I have so many going .. . LOL ..

So that is today's excitement. I didn't finish any projects but have put a few rows on and stitched a bit here and there .. .
I want to sew a new purse ( a better design, my current design flops open too much!). I want to sew a little knitting bag .. . and I want to redo the knitting basket .. . . hmmm and you know the stack of fabric to sew up in my room calls to me too . ..
Now only if I could get some descent water for doing laundry. (our water was orange again today, seems like all day, think mr.townman didn't flush the pump at all, but who am I to say anything? I just keep hoping tomorrow will be better . . .. been hoping for a few days now!)
Ah well, I am off and running! Catch ya's all later!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Got Snow?

This is James and I leaving the farm after pushing up this morning's snow. This is not the added stuff that fell and blew tonight after 2pm. Just what we had before and what fell last night. See how high its pushed? See how crowded that driveway is(couldn't haul any grain out as a semi truck wouldn't fit, least we don't think so.) This one is where part of the garden is buried(to the east of the house), and there is a burning barrel there . .. under the snow . . and Dad's old Chev truck.
This is the other side of the house, there is a Ford car buried in that snowbank.
There is a barn, back further from the fuel tanks and the wood grainery. If you look hard you can see the roof!

You like the snow? We have lots ... . and its still coming!!! Ah well, Roll up the Rim is back at Tim Horton's! I saw the commercial the other day! So spring will, spring up soon!!