Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pictures of my Sweet pea......

Sorry all, no crafting.. no time... I spend it all with this little sweet pea.... I think she is absolutely beautiful... so, here's some pics for yous.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well... lets see. Went home for a quick spurt. Left on, Friday, I think. We drove Friday. Saturday was laundry. Sunday was a trip to the farm to see mom and dad. Monday we were off to Yorkton(taxes yeah....). Tuesday we were supposed to head back here in the afternoon.... I had to much to get sorted out yet.. dishes to do, things to sort. So, we didn't leave until Wednesday. Even then it was later in the day than intended.. but man we were tired and slept in a wee bit... then had to load the van and do all that stuff. So, was a longish drive back but we made it. The weather has not cooperated since we have been back. Between the wind and the chilly weather.. not much done. We are both a little addicted to Farm Town on Face book. I will say though that James is more so... he has the bigger farm and the higher level and all that good stuff. LOL Which is really cool.. he gets to get all the good stuff :) Well.. since the update.. he has something to work for! Anyways, Back in Outlook. Doing good. Gwyn started a little wee bit of Rice cereal now.... she loves it! She really likes this eating thing. Other than that things are pretty darn quiet.

Well.. Catch you all again when I sneak some time!


Monday, April 20, 2009

The Saucer....

Hey all, I just want to say... I am sorry to all those blogs I have not visited in... forever! I have been busy. We have been here there and every wheres.... Got sucked into a new game... or 2 on Face book.. Oh my... yes... time suckers!!!
Anyways, Here are pics of my girl in her saucer. She is loving it. Though she doesn't bounce in it. She sits and plays.. happily. She had that big round thing that looks like a Lolly in her hand and pulled toward her licking it like one would a Lolly... it was hilarious!

Just thought you might enjoy the pics.... TTFN

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well, I know it has been awhile... I have been busy.... will fill you in later.. for now.. you get pics! Baby feet!!
Gramma with Gwyn!

I don't quite know what that face is!
She's happy, got her feet... she does prefer to nibble them though!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

April is here....

Can you believe it? I couldn't believe on the 23rd of March that my girl was 4months old.. now she is 4mo. plus!!! She is too cute... the little brown and pink outfit was yesterdays(the camera date is out... fixed today though)... the overalls.. were a trial outfit, they are so close to fitting... and very cute!

Catchya later... my girl needs a bath... as far as she is concerned.. it's a swim! And she loves it!