Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Morning . . . oh wait its Afternoon!

Hi all,
Well slow start today, Still have to get to those dishes! oh my! LOL We are off and running this afternoon back to work. I get to knit in the truck though on the way there, always a highlight through the pothole ridden highways of Saskatchewan. More like a challenge . . . and well we take alot of gravel because its much better than the highway, and the slick spots prove to be quite a challenge! LOL but none the less I will try to do a bit on that pair of socks and see where i get to.
So I guess I will post next trip home or to internet connectable area . . . as the hotel is semi modern, which means shared washroom (which is fine cuz nobody is staying there but us) and a bed in the room with a couple chairs. NO TV, NO PHone. LOL but a place to lay your head, which when we are working is exactly what we need!
The pic about is of the yard in Outlook that we put bins up in. Just so you get an idea of what we do!(just the steel ones not the welded cream ones) LOL

Talk to you all again soon!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I told you I crafted and such right?

LOL! Well today I spent the day driving around with hubby, We went to the farm (so he could fill out his seeded acreage report) and have a visit with his mom and dad. Then we went off to the bank . . . Then we went to Preecevile so that he could file the crop insurance. We had Chinese for lunch/supper. The little restaurant "Jacks" is good Chinese there. We popped in to say hello to his brother. Then we came back an drove by the Oats field, which he calls mine. It looks pretty good on the hills, pretty yellow and drowned out looking in any of the little low spots. Been a heck of a lot of rain round here. He didn't get anything done with the home place. . . As you can see in the pic above. . . So I looked at the garden, which is looking really nice at the farm there. I am adding a photo there too!

Now to the crafty stuff . . . Well hopefully nobody told my cousin about this blog yet. . . Well at least till I get these socks done. I am giving these socks as an odd, I say odd because a house warming gift is usually something house related, but I figure that they are house related, my cuz and her man just moved into their first house(had apartments b4) and so I hunted high and low for a recipe box, cuz I know she would like one, couldn't find one anywhere! Except EBay and well the shipping was nuts! So I thought and came up with nice warm wooly socks! Who wouldn't like a warm pair of woollies to wear on the hardwood floor in a house? Well I figured with the cost of energy these days and needing to keep the thermostat down that I would make them some socks, to keep the tootsies warm while the thermostat was turned down so that they could afford the bills! Good Idea? hmmm . .. . I am hoping so! But again pics are above. The green ones are a beautiful waffley pattern and for my cuz and the grey ones are plain and for her guy! So that is what I have been working on. . . After that I will be starting on Christmas gifts I thinks, so can tell you vaguely about the stuff I make but no pics! LOL well who knows might give pictures anyways!

My pics didnt upload quite how I woulda liked them but still learning so next time!

So I am off an running, we leave to work again tomorrow. I have laundry to do and such so will be busy at that! Maybe post b4 we leave, who knows! LOL anywho,
Catchya all soon!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Meet Pyrat my cat . . .

Ha ha, yes her picture is scary! Some find her equally scary! I got her one night as a stray, hanging around the skating rink(i was there for practice). She was tiny and scared and crying at all the car doors in the parking lot, so . . I picked her up and took her home. Where at the time I had another kitty which I sadly do not have a good picture of, and he is not with us anymore. But she settled right in, bossed him around. YOu know how cats are . . . he was not well then. But she turned out to be quite fisty and doesnt like strangers! She truely is my Attack CAt bad to the bone this little one, well she has grown up and is still the attack cat. Always on guard. We have a boy in town who is scared of her. . . well, she doesnt really bother you unless you bother her first! I love this crazy cat! so here's a pic of her . . . My Pyrat, part angel when you have her curled up in your arms purring and part devil when she is pissed off or had enough. WEll thats my Py for you . . .

Welcome to Me

Hi all,
I am just starting my blog. I don't know exactly what I am doing here but thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with some while I am away from home here and there with work and such, I dont always have time to email everyone who is wondering how I am so thought this would be a great place to make notes of what I am up to, what I have been up to and what kinda trouble LOL I am lookin at getting into . . . Whatcha think?

A Little about me:
I am a crafter, I knit, crochet, and sew. I would love to do some quilting but time and energy need to be found for that! Maybe this winter. . . I am a bin builder through the summer with my hubby, which puts me away from home alot through the summer. So posts will be here and there! But here none the less!

I live in a small town, so things are pretty quiet and I always find things to do and write about! LOL

So now I have written a little and will be adding some good stuff here and there . . . but am off and running for now.
Catchya all again soon!