Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good Morning . . . oh wait its Afternoon!

Hi all,
Well slow start today, Still have to get to those dishes! oh my! LOL We are off and running this afternoon back to work. I get to knit in the truck though on the way there, always a highlight through the pothole ridden highways of Saskatchewan. More like a challenge . . . and well we take alot of gravel because its much better than the highway, and the slick spots prove to be quite a challenge! LOL but none the less I will try to do a bit on that pair of socks and see where i get to.
So I guess I will post next trip home or to internet connectable area . . . as the hotel is semi modern, which means shared washroom (which is fine cuz nobody is staying there but us) and a bed in the room with a couple chairs. NO TV, NO PHone. LOL but a place to lay your head, which when we are working is exactly what we need!
The pic about is of the yard in Outlook that we put bins up in. Just so you get an idea of what we do!(just the steel ones not the welded cream ones) LOL

Talk to you all again soon!

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Catlina said...

Hi baby sister,
Been thinking about you.
Love the blog. *smiles*
I signed up for one, but my main one is still at msn.

ANyway. Hope your doing well.