Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Knitting Bag and Knitting basket.

Hey all,
So, made the trip to Yorkton today. All was well. The horrible amounts of snow they are talking have not started to accumulate yet today. 10 to 15cm, which is like 4 to 6 inches this afternoon and this eve. So might be lots of snow to wake up to tomorrow!

Anyways, I have been pondering this knitting bag and knitting basket thing. I know I should just do it, but I keep thinking I want to plan it so I am not looking for that pocket to stuff . . . this item in or that one . . you know? So, I know I want a main compartment for the project, then one slim one for the pattern in use. Snips pocket would be dandy, a knit strip for sticking yarn needles in would be helpful. Have any of you got some Idea's to help? Just want to do it right you know? LOL

Thank you,

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Work Work . . . Work

LOL, well today was a beautiful day! Well until that cool damp breeze settled in and froze a person . . . We got out and started working today. We didn't build any bins . .. we were working on, putting plywood on a wall. We didn't finish so will be back out to work again. It sure felt good to get outside in the fresh air. I didn't want to go this morning but, felt better getting out there. Well felt better til that breeze came up and I got hungry. . . . ah well then it was bout time to pack it up and head home to make supper anyways. So . .. it was all good. We got a start, and will be back at it probably tomorrow or Thursday . .. we shall see how the weather holds up.

Talk to you later,

Monday, February 26, 2007

Busy Busy

Well, today was one of them .. . you know, running before your completely awake and yet napping in the afternoon doesn't help? At the end of the day you feel like you accomplished nothing yet, some how you must have done something? I know it's weird and a weird thought but its how it feels.

Got up today, got ready. We went into Yorkton - James had an appointment at 10am, which means getting up and out of the house by 8:30. Now this isn't bad if your a morning person. And Previously I have been, just not lately(if lately qualifies for like the past couple years). Maybe its marriage and being able to be in bed snuggled up and setting our own work hours so if we sleep til 7:30 instead of being out to work by then, then its only us who has to work later to cover our asses . . . maybe work through coffee breaks which I think tend to be a waste in what we do anyways . . LOL. . so I have lost my morning person, though my body is trying desperately to find her. My body says when the alarm goes off at 7 am to get the heck up, sometimes I listen and other times I don't. When I do, sometimes i get something done, when I don't my body grumps and groans at me all day for staying in that bed too long . . maybe I am just feeling my age? Is that normal for 30? hmm I wonder.

Anyways we got up, ran off to Yorkton, had the appointment at 10am. Hit a couple stores for a couple things we needed. Got out of Yorkton by noonish. Got home around 2pm ish maybe later. We did stop in Canora for a couple peeks around .. . you know that I am out of the house we are passing through, lets take a peek. Ah well. we peeked and got home round then, grabbed the mail on the way past the post office. Watched some crap on TV, watched Oprah while knitting watched Dr.Phil while knitting . . . then laid down for a nap. Woke up to watch the Class. Had some supper James cooked. Then cuddled up and watched some Joan of Arcadia's season one. Now James is doing books, I wrote an email to my mom and a few others. Now I am sitting here. What a day. Feel like I did nothing. ooh wait I did dishes . .. and I emptied the dishwasher, which consists of washing things again (hard water or something). So I guess i accomplished something.

I have sewing to do though. I want to make a curtain for the bathroom(to cover the extra toilet paper and Kleenex and such). I want to recover the knitting basket(though am struggling with that as it was Great gram ma's knitting basket, an really needs recovered but is how granny always had it. . . so is hard to change it, though I think she would understand?). I want to sew a new purse. I need to knit a wig, yes knit a wig for a friend(costume type). I want to make a knitting bag so that I can take it rather than the giant basket on car trips. I have sewing I can start for next Christmas, lots of it. I have a quilt I am waiting for the remainder of the instructions for so I can sew it. and the list goes on and on and on .. . I have mom's(may) bday present to make . .. I am working on dad's yet (April). I have Wendy's to make(May, before mom's by a week). So I have lots to do . .. and am lacking the ambitions beyond the one thing I am working on mind you that is one of the above listed. and Dad's is almost done except the stuff on the needles . . .which will get done eventually.

Have I rambled on and bored you to death? I hope not. I did look at some yarn today in Zeller's they had the mill ends in .. .and had nothing good. It was disappointing. Even Walmart in Yorkton sucks for mill ends. ah well .. . use what I got right? RIGHT!!!

So, before we left this morn, we also had the great debate(because of the weather), if we should take the car or the truck to Yorkton. There was blowing snow, snow pack, icy patches, falling snow . .. we took the car. LOL the car, is more fuel efficient, if you hit the ditch its easier to push. Mind you the truck has 4 wheel drive . . . so if you hit the ditch, but the extra cost of the fuel hurts. So we took the car.

Oh well, now I think I must have bored you all to death? Have I? ah well. I am off and running .. . think I might do some knitting yet . ..

Catch you later,

BTW- the Nephew liked his t-shirt, the blue one.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A little absent Maybe?

Well, I received this beautiful abacus bracelet and stitch markers when I went to visit my friend By the hills. I had picked up a pasta maker for her in the city, which was no bother . . . Just a trip out of the house . .. and she gave me this beautiful abacus bracelet and stitch markers when I stopped to drop it off. :) Not to mention the yummy tea we had, although I believe good tea is not only the tea itself but also in the company you have with it too . . . So it's all good!
I have been in and out, and in and out and about the last little bit. Working on a few gift projects, so sorry I can not show them here as the receiver's read my blog . .. go figure huh?

Also patiently awaiting the directions for a baby quilt we are making in one of my groups. Should be fun, though I haven't felt much like sewing . .. I guess its that fun yarn I got . . . got me all occupied there .. .

So the socks for dad are still on the needles too . . . waiting patiently for me to return to them . .. LOL eventually . . . you know .. . LOL

I also, received my book while I was in the city. Well I guess technically speaking James received my book for me. I ordered "Naughty needles" because I thought there should be some fun patterns in the book. And yes there are . . . Just have to take the time to read it maybe? LOL not just leaf through . .. ah well. I will get to that!
So off an running again. . . Catchya all later,

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Home from the city, and look at the fun!

My Christmas Cactus has beautiful bloom on it! Looks like more blooms are coming! Very sweet! I know it is an orange blossom, not the traditional pink one. It is very beautiful though!

This was my deal of the day! This beautiful soft yarn! I paid $5.00 a bag, meaning a pound. It is beautiful soft and I got it at Walmart.

See the soft and fuzzy fibre's there?

And it is sooo pretty when I started to work it up! I couldn't wait to see what it would look like so here I am in the city with my sets of Double points(for non-knitters, shorter double ended needles intended for knitting in the round, like socks). So I took my point protectors that a gal gave me in a previous swap and stuck them one on each of two Double points, to give me two very short needles to play with. But I absolutely love it!

I had a good visit in the city. I didn't pick up my niece as expected but I did get to see both my sisters and my nephew's and got to spend some good time with my mom. So, It was all good.

Anyways, tired, and itching to get at that beautiful yarn again . . . I have some black socks on the needles but . . .they aren't as fun as this stuff right now! LOL

So talk to you later . . .

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Socks, Socks, Socks

Yeah, here be another pair of sockies! Nice Navy Acrylic socks. They are nice and soft and I hope they will be loved. . ..WAIT I know they will be loved. This is pair #2 for Dad's birthday package. :) Dad would wear neon green ones if I made them for him . . . LOL I only know this because I bought a beautiful red wool and am going to make socks for me with them and Dad said he would wear socks out of that. Then mom called him on it and said you don't like that color! Dad said he would wear the socks if I made them for him out of that color! LOL He isn't getting my red sock wool! LOL he might get heels and toes out of it . . . but not the red socks! LOL I know I know foolishness.. . but it is so fun to know that what I make is loved so much.

I made a sweater for my nephew, remember that one? The Gray Ragg, with red and grey trim? Well, the nephew liked it, his family loved it. Now I am caught in the debate, should I or should I not make one for his older brother? What do you think? Dad says yes, Hubby says maybe, mom says she isn't sure. I am going to ask his mom . ..maybe even ask him. Don't want him feeling left out because his brother got a home made sweater and he didn't. He isn't that kinda kid but still don't want to be the root of a feeling like that.. . so will have to do my searching out and find out! LOL

As for sewing . . well it got put on hold. We rearranged the living room. I like it better. Think we will have lots more natural light! HOORAY!! and it looks and feels less crowded. .. mind you we now have to find homes for certain things like the vacuum that has no closet and such but. It will happen. YOU know how it is? Well you do if you live in a tiny space and have too much stuff you can't part with because you use it all .. . or you have family and sentimental attachment to it. *sighs*

Well, its late, I am cold. So, goodnight!
Talk to you all soon!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bathroom Curtains

I repaired the one curtain that is covering the junk in my bathroom. I made a curtain for the window. Here be the pics:

T-shirt,Curtain and Crazy Christmas Cactus

You would think it is Christmas. That crazy Christmas Cactus has a bloom coming. Maybe it's just happy . ... then again maybe its trying to make me happy, or it heard I had started next years Christmas sewing(well not yet just done washing the fabric) and it figured it should get busy too? Ah well. So yesterday I made the shirt for my nephew(pic below).

And today I made the curtain to cover our personal crap in the bathroom. I know its not perfect but it currently does the trick, I need to put a rod in the bottom of it, at least so far that is the plan. I am going to make a curtain for the window too, just haven't got there yet .. .. LOL soon . .. maybe yet this afternoon . . .

Ah well, off an running catch ya's later.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Bat Pants

These are the pants that hubby picked the fabric for. They are a super cool print . . . I never guessed he would pick something like these but he did. They look awesome! They fit him really nice too! :) course that's my work .. . LOL. So this was tonight's work, along with the serging of all the fabrics I bought in the city the last 3 er so trips, the washing of said fabric(not all of it, I bought for Christmas this year!). I cast on a sock and got a few rounds on the cuff. I think that is all I did, except cut out and sew these pants and chat online and check emails. LOL nobody was neglected! LOL least I hope not. Hubby was playin his game! LOL so he wasnt neglected!

Well catchya later I got stuff to do yet . . .

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

White Socks

Heyya's I finished the white sockies I was working on. Hooray! Now to start another pair. Not white ones, navy ones. :) They will be like these only bigger. So, besides winding yarn, I have finished the socks, I have not finished winding the yarn though . .. LOL winding my stash with the new winder . . taking time! LOL
Well off and running again . . . Talk to you later!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Home from the City . . .

Hey all,
Hubby and I made a trip to the city. We had a visit with my mom and dad. Did a bit of shopping. You know all the good stuff right. So, in my shopping travels I bought a serger, its a neat one that sets it's tensions automatically. I bought it with part of my inheritance . .. because I know my grandma would approve . . . As I will use it tonnes! I also bought a ball winder and swift(hubby decided I needed the swift too).

Then, My Auntie(Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!) snaffled a good load of yarn for me. From what I hear from my sources(did not get to see auntie in my travel to the city), a girl at work was asking for someone who could put good use to some yarn. Auntie piped up and said "My Niece can!" and here below is the amazing amount of yarn she snaffled from this wonderful chain of events!

The box of yarn, Hubby and I wound it already(yes I said hubby and I)

This was the afghan kit. It came from Mary Maxim, many years ago. It will not be made into the afghan it was supposed to.

This is the rest of the balls of yarn. Now one of these is a black ball that should be with the affie kit. Ah well . . . Lots of browns and neutrals . .. I will put them to good use . . . I just have to figure out, by making what! LOL

Mom would like a pair of socks that are either orange with black heel and toe or black with orange heel and toe. I think I will make them black with orange heel and toe, then the hard part of the sock that you have to actually see would be the bright orange, not that nasty black .. .

I also picked up some fabric for some projects around the house and for gifts. You will have to wait to see them finished though. You know how it is .. . LOL

So, what else can I tell you? hm m m that I have been working on finding my room again. I have been winding yarn into neat little balls. OOH how fun I love it, except for the tangle parts, but we all hate that, and better when I am winding the ball than when it is attached to my needles!

I have to dig in my fabric for a few things too . . . I know I have some fabric my sis might like and then I can make her something . . . OK, OK now I must be getting boring! LOL

Wait! We went to an auction yesterday. I bought some "Seams Incredible" Knitting needles. Now I need a book or some instruction on them . . . anybody have any idea's? They are like huge double pointed needles! So if anyone can help, please let me know! LOL

Talk to you all soon,