Sunday, July 02, 2006

I should be sleeping again!

Ha ha, I know, I really need to write this earlier in the day. . . This late stuff is killing me. Anywho, It was Canadian Day today. We went to Sturgis to see the Sport and Rodeo days with the fireworks. Well the fair isn't as hubby remembers. I guess they used to have a lot of other stuff. It was basically a rodeo with a small sound stage and ball games. We enjoyed the day though. Got us out and got to see some real good bull riding and steer wrestling, bronco riding and racing. The fireworks were good too but I gotta say them bulls and such are something to see. Oh and the barrel racing. . . I don't know why but I love watching that. . . those girls and the horses racing round the barrels one at a time to get the best time . .. I always like that. I liked to go into see that at the exhibition in Regina when we would go. That was the best I think. Grab a drink or whatever and then go in there and watch the racing. Always good . .. Anyways, so that was the day. Got up and checked emails, then started a load of laundry, cut my hair, had a shower and off we went, just got home not too long ago and its twelvethirty, after midnight. mmm no wonder I am tired. LOL I tried puttin a round on my sock but I think I got one on there and maybe a half, LOL maybe I can finish tomorrow, which would be today! LOL anyways. . . I gotta go get some sleeps . . . tired girlie that I be.
Well talk to you soooon I hopes!

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