Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Can't believe it!

My girl has her first tooth. Yes, it has poked through. It's on the bottom left... or right.. have to double check and write it in her baby book!!

My girl is sleeping in her crib. She took the transition better than her momma and daddy did. We spent that first night sleeping like crap!! She slept from 10 til 1, then had to move her a little and back out like a light... slept til 4 or 6, fed her, back to bed until 8!!! What would be better? Oh She is an awesome little girl!!! I am SO very very proud of her!!!

and that's my excitement... yours?

Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Girl... and Happy Mom's Day!!!

Hey, Happy Mother's day to all you mom's out there! And all you grand mom's out there!!!

These are Gwyn playing around in her saucer :)
Happy Mother's day from Gwyn to all her Grand mom's!! -Grandma K., Grandma L., Grandma T., and Great Grandma K too!!

These are my early Happy mom's day flowers.... Daddy figured if he waited... there wouldn't be any good ones left... so Mommy got them early!

Thank you James and Gwyn! for the beautiful flowers! And for being mine....

Thursday, May 07, 2009

If you had told me,

If someone told me when I was 25, that I would be 32(very very close to 33), sitting in Outlook with my 5 3/4 month old baby while my husband started building the bins we would finish together in June. I would have told them they were crazy. I may have told them I wasn't having any children..... I may have even told them I was never getting married. But to think, here I am, in a motel suite, looking after my daughter, thinking about my wonderful husband......and realizing how lucky I am, Blessed even.. to have such a beautiful daughter and a loving(though smart arsed)husband that I love to bits. I mean... I could just as easily had some other life. I really almost never did meet my James... He was another long distance relationship... that I never wanted to do again. But we met as friends... well.. one look at him and friends only, was done with. Dumped the sorry ass SOB I was sorta seeing at the time... and the rest is history. Here I sit, plans of more babies. Bins to build. A house to build and make a home(at some near point I hope, but time will tell). Things are good. And yes.. I may spend my very first mothers day(this Sunday) in a motel looking after my girl and my man... but what would be better?