Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Market Bag

Here is my version of the Market bag Lion Brand had in their last e-newsletter. They made it with organic cotton. I thought that Acrylic would wear and last foreverish. It's grey and black. The bottom of the bag below.
The bag folded in quarters here.
I started the bag last night.... 3 times... LOL First I was crocheting into the stitch like normal not in the spaces... then I oopsed on the # of stitches. But it turned out well!

And that was today's work.

On another note, I think the car is sold! :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Work and Socks and ... and... hmmm....

Ok, try to take it easy here... this is my knitting basket, that traveled with me. This is what it looked like when I started sorting through it. My 2-at-a-time socks are on top because that is what I am working on. I have needles hanging out everywhere because I didn't put the set I used on the last socks in the holder yet. I have books stashed along the side of the bag... ooh twas cramped in there! This is a better look after I pulled out the 2-at-a-time ers.
This is the progress so far on them 2x2 Ribbed Ragg Hiker socks.

Socks I made for uncle M... He loves home made things... I hope he loves these socks... When I manage to get them to him... :D Work, Work, Work. Here hubby is putting bolts in the last 4 sheets. I will try and take an in progress pic of a roof for you next time..... We have both of these roofs done now and the one bin is actually done on the hopper cone... HOOORAYY!!! One down... 23 to go. Then the next yard!
Still putting bolts in....
Hopper cone town.. We built the hoppers and tucked them in the back there... we will put bins on them there too... right now we have them pulled all over to clean the snow out so it's easier for me with the ladder... sweet hubby of mine, thinking bout me on that ladder in the snow! But will have them pushed back close to what you see here... don't worry I will try to take more pics...
Catchya's Later!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cass did this, looked fun, whatcha think?

You Are a Frappacino
At your best, you are: fun loving, sweet, and modern

At your worst, you are: childish and over indulgent

You drink coffee when: you're craving something sweet

Your caffeine addiction level: low

Give it a try here!

Home again, home again....

Hey, Yes, Home for a couple days.. will hopefully have some pics for you tomorrow. Just trying to catch up on stuff...

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stalled in the city...

Well, I got out of town today and halfway to my destination. I picked up some yarn that a lady was selling... there are some fun colours in there.. I will take pictures when I get home with it. I also ordered a neato knitting book off etsy.. when I get it I will show you. I listed a bunch of knitting magazines and such on my etsy store ------> you can check them out while I'm away... :D Tomorrow. I will hang out with my uncle.. very fun and my mom... very fun... then I have to be in Tugaske early enough to deliver supper to my honey. He will be heading up tomorrow.. Sure has warmed up. Yesterday it was a wopping -32cel and today it was -2o something cel when I left home and by the time I got to the city it was -11cel. Tonight at 10pm it was a whopping -1cel. Beautiful! We went to the bookstore.. very fun! Love to look at all the books in there.... and drool on some you know how it goes! While in the bookstore... LOL I heard a guy(sounded like he yelled) say to his other party "want me to go start the car so it will warm up?" LOL I felt like saying back "it's warm enough out it won't have to run long to get warm." It was beautiful out.. but I didn't say it.. just in case they had a new baby with them or something or other... Anywho.. that's my excitement... Off to work tomorrow.... Catchya when I get home.. or if I find myself near a puter maybe sooner!

((hugs to you all!))

On the road again....

Hi, will be away from the blog until Feb.24 or 25. Just so you all know.... no new posts til then...

((((big hugs)))

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines!

(((((big hugs ))))) for you all!!!

Tiz quiet here today... Hubby and I ran the truck up for some work at the shop..... and now the house is quiet.. Hubby playing his game so I hear the odd.. tink. And that's about it. Too cold for anything more.. though, the temperature is cold -32cel when I got up at 8:30, it doesn't feel so bad with there being no wind chill.. mind you step out into the wind your going to freeze yer ass off!!!

Well, will talk to you later!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ahh a new book...

Yesterday, In the mail I got my new sock book! I love it! It's great! I just can't decide which socks I want to make first... LOL but I have to finish the ones I have going!!!!! Thes ones are beautiful!
And these ones are neat too...... though I think they would be house socks for sure... don't know how a cable that size would feel in a shoe!! LOL
I had great plans to get in my crafty room and do some sorting around... but, it didn't happen... LOL there is still stuff everywhere.. I found other things to ocupy me.. like a walk in the cold(see losing my weigh-other blog). I also put a few rows on that sock. I got tangled up in that Puzzle quest game for a bit... and that's about all... So, catchya later if I remember what I wanted to tell you all this morning....(my brain is a bit on vacation) LOL

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nancy's Contest, Knitting tip.. and other such.

Well, Nancy over at Days go by is having a contest. Grace sent me there, and I am sending you! :D ( be sure to tell her I did :P )

Knitting tip:
Well, when I started knitting, I also started a notebook. I wrote down what I made, what size, what yarn, and what needles I used. That way when I gave it away, I knew how to make another if it was so requested. I have now learnt that if you alter the pattern in any way shape or form remember to write that down too! And yes I know, Lots of us know that tip... but some may not...

And a second. I love this one. I read it in a sock book. When knitting in the round, Swap your first and last stitches to create a complete round, rather than having that gap or trying to pull it tight enough.. Makes it soooo much easier to start out!

Other such: Knitting Mojo, I think it is hiding in the vest.... I knit the gusset decrease for that sock then lost my way again... I went into the crafty room to sew, but I got caught on the Bernat Cotton Tots and though.. maybe I should do some crochet? LOL started.. frogged.. started.. frogged... gave up... didn't feel like sewing.. didn't feel like knitting.... so... wandered around on the net.... did some listing of some things I want to get rid of on http://craigslist.ca/ and that ooh wait.. did some laundry rotfl and that was my excitement... I know not exciting at all but that was it...

We are home until thursday.... the weather is just too freaking nasty to work in... so we are home... If I get up to anything fun.. I'll let ya know...
Catchya's later!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I found it! Yes I did. I found my knitting mojo. I don't know where it was hiding but I found it and I worked on my sock and finished the gusset... now onto the foot and sock #2. I think it must have been the, "I can't start my vest(MY vest) until I finish this pair of socks..." and I have a poncho I want to finish too... so. I started up on the sock again.... I have a bag stuck in my head too... a sewn one so will see what happens with that....

Catchya later....

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Bag is done.

Yes, these are finished product pics. I love the bag... it is kinda a sloppy jean bag. But I like it.. and I think it's kinda my style... might look funny with my new winter coat and new car.. but I really couldn't care.. I like it. The one thing I would have done different, the zipper. I would have put it up at the top instead of having that lip on the sides.. the lip looks kinda sloppy because its not stiff enough to stand up and just kinda rolls around.. but I like it. Hopefully I will like how it performs too... meaning once I uses it some I hope I like it. Here you can see a wee bit of the zipper flap, as the bag hangs on a chair.

Here you can see the whole zipper flap. I like how the stitching on either side of the zip goes with the pocket I put on the end(see previous bag post) and it holds the fabric away both the liner and the outside so they do not get caught in the zip(which makes me nuts).
Bright blue liner, with the Provincial flowers, Made for a good liner.. nice and bright shouldn't lose stuff in there.. though I bet I will anyways!
Eh, Well, that's the sloppy jean bag... ttfn

Friday, February 08, 2008

Shopping in Yorkton...

We drove home in the blizzard... LOL at least it wasn't like trying to get home from Tugaske... Moose Jaw was a complete white out, this was just a good amount of snow with a good amount of wind so, take it easy and your fine. One could see for 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile, most the way home.. there was the odd patch that was nasty but nothing near Moose Jaw B4 like I said. Anyways.. In Yorkton... Bought me some new work boots... so my good boots can be worn after work! And my work boots to work! I love them... I hope they love me too!

And of course my subscription ran out b4 my renewal made it in... so I missed the January issue of Creative Knitting in the mailbox.. but I did manage to find the damn thing at Zeller's. They hadn't pulled the old ones off the shelf yet! Thank goodness!!! I found a bunch of patterns that I liked in it! I like the sweater on the cover.... I love this vest... Just might have to make it for me.... hear that... might HAVE TO make it for me! that's ME!!! I can't believe I said that either... LOL

I love this sweater... but it is bulky weight and would look bulky and huge on me... but I love the style of the sweater... It looks ooooh so comfy don't ya think?
There was a hat too... but not sure how it would look on my fat head... might find out if I feel like makin it.. though there was a hat and scarf set.... that I liked too.. and a pair of worsted weight sockies... I might have to make... LOL the list in the issue goes on and on I tell ya! LOL Love it...

So, that's my excitement. We got hubby some zip front bunny hugs too... found one at Mark's for $20. I like it.... nice colours and all.. got him some sweats too... keep him warm out there... I know I know I am rambling on now... so will go and leave you to my pictures... enjoy!!! LOL

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sorry, I disappeared...

Hey, yes, I did. I went off to work, then came home told you all I was home then disappeared... I got tangled up in a game... Puzzle Quest to be exact... I was playing Super Colapse but finished it so started into Puzzle Quest... quite the game. Anyway. Last night my mom calls to make sure Hubby and I are still kicking cuz she hasn't seen me or heard from me in like... since my last post! LOL Shame on me, but anyways. Yesterday I spent sewing. I have been itching for a new purse. I saw a nice leather one in Penningtons in Regina.. but couldn't bring myself(being cheap) to pay $35. for it, because it would work but wasn't making me jump up and down. I was going to make one but looking through my fabric stash I had no denim. I had 2 colours of corderoy, navy and light blue but neither I liked for a bag. Then I remembered I had this box of Jeans I got from Dandy. So, I dug though the fabric first......... nothing made me jump. Then I dug into the old jeans... I thought there had to be something in there that would work. And there they were, these supper soft, blue/black, Manager Jeans. So, I chopped them up... this is what I came up with....

Above, slung over the chair, below the front.

Above is the back of the bag, Below is the pocket I put on the end. I hope the pocket will hold my cell phone.
I have yet to line the bag. I tried a lining yesterday but it did not turn out so, I think I am going to go basic... very very basic.. and make little pouches for the stuff I dont want others to see.. like pads, advil and all the other crap that runs around the bottom of a purse. I also need to decide how to close it... I don't have a zipper and I think a button will look stupid... so we shall see what happens... I don't know that it will have a falling open problem anyways with the fact that it has a single strap instead of 2... I dunno.. we will see I guess... Let me know whatcha think. K?

Anyways I should run. I finished my 7 in the post below though they aren't very exciting... enjoy! LOL Catchya later!

(btw-spell checker is down.... so my spelling sucks.... forgive me!)

Monday, February 04, 2008

The pants. ~7 Random Facts~

As Promised here are the pants. Yes the pants I think I told you I was making. These are for my nephews. They turned out very nice... LOL I hope the boys like them!
I still have that sock in progress and am working on decreasing the gusset. They were interupted by sewing. And now by a very addictive computer game... ah well..

~ 7 Random Facts Meme~, is going around. I was tagged by Dandy(link at the side). I will not be tagging anyone else, if you want to do it, I would love to hear about it, but if ya don't that's ok. I think it will be fun.. so here I go.

1. I start one project at a time, because I hate unfinished things(they nag me)

2. I love London Fog to drink.(It is earl grey tea, steamed milk, and vanilla syrup)

3. I love books. (it's mom's fault, she taught us to love and respect them) I love having them around me(maybe I think I will get smart through osmosis?). I love leafing through pattern/crafting books I could do it for hours.

4. Flowers make me smile, even pictures of flowers. (I love planting flowers in the spring. LOVE IT! It is tending them I suck at!)

5. I love to sew, but I have to be in the mood, or I don't have the patience.

6. I love to drive, just get in the car and go. (although I have had to spend a lot of time in the car for work/family visits and such. I still love it and could drive to Regina just for a stroll in certain crafty shops - if gas wasn't so damn expensive)

7.I love to shop. I used to love shopping for cloths(my extra weight took the fun out of it). I can browse for hours... (good thing being I don't have to buy to enjoy the browse...)