Sunday, June 13, 2010


(sorry for the smudgy picture, I think I had a fingerprint on my lens... dunno who/how that woulda got there....)
I can't believe we are here already. My girl must have decided to potty train herself... I think she wants panties. She can't yet tell me, but actions speak loudly. She has been known to get a hold of a pair of mommy's and try to put them on!! OH MY!!!  Such a tiny girl in... wait we will say generous panties!!! LOL But this weekend she seemed to have made up her mind she was going to use the potty and that was that. She has done amazing!! I think I have changed hmmm 6 or 7 diapers this weekend.... some because of me.. some because of  lack of words..... and only morning ones otherwise. Wow is all I can say!! She is one amazing little girl.

Tonight, she brings her blanket to me.... she is ready for bed.. so it's here is my blanket.. wrap me up and give me a boob(yes still breastfed and hanging on to it tightly). And off to sleep she went! Wonderful and amazing my girl!!!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Feeling a bit better..... but still not 100%

Thank you Kate. And others!
I had to pick up my chin this morning.. after 12 trips to the unsuccessful potty... Gwyn had a successful pee!! HOORAY!! I was getting a bit tired of trips to the potty... but, 12 no go's is better than missing the one that counts right? No matter how tired you are of going to the bathroom with her for nothing.... but a fight over the wipes... LOL  She did so good!! She has no words for potty... but is potty training herself... that on it's own has cheered me up!! What a wee smartie!!
Love my girlie!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Feeling Cranky and a bit miserable......

Yes, I know, It's terrible.  I hate it. I hate me for it. I just feel lacking in patience, tolerance and anything else that one would think was good.  I have good moments... but they only seem moments.  Why? I am feeling frustrated, aggravated, maybe even a bit hopeless.  And that is probably where most my trouble is.  All this frucking rain. Water in the basement. No crop in the fields. More rain in the forecast. Yup, hard to look up.  Well... my little G. angel that she is has been peeing in her little potty.  Proud of her for that. But then, there are these Dvd's in cases, taking up my counter, and my second sink. Drying out.  Or at least trying to dry them out. Every time I have to cook something or try to wash dishes.... It just gets me again. I don't know if I am strong enough to do this. I hope so, for my G's sake. But am feeling pretty damn hopeless and alone right now....  That's how my mood circles. Feelin' like sh/t. Don't worry bout me though... I'll get through it...

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Rain, Rain, Rain, Fruckin' Rain

You know... I really hate complaining about the weather. There is not a damn thing we can do about it. But! I am sure fed up with this rain. It needs to fuck off. We need to get some crops in the ground. Who is going to pay the bills? Fuckin' Rain.
Ok. Now I hope I am done with that. I am just home from 2 weeks in the city. Yes, 2 weeks. I know I didn't get to visiting a whole lot of people I always want to see. There just seems to be something sucking time out of the air!

We had a doctor appointment. We also had 18mo. Immunizations (3 needles). She is a trouper. She is such a good little girl. Wasn't too hard on the doctor, or the nurse giving the imm. either to be truthful. She is long and lean and perfect! Course... that is her momma talking.

She has now said "Mommy, Dadday, Gramma, Grandad and Grandpa" Not necessarily clear as day but clear enough we know what she said. Now just some other words. She understands everything though.... so... she might talk in sentences... LOL or paragraphs the way she chatters on.

She got to play in her sandbox (can be seen in the pic of the rain above, little orange fish one) we brought home from the city for a few this afternoon. Had a swing in her swing, a ride on her bike. That is after we drove home from Regina, and had lunch. She now sleeps... my little princess.

So, what else have I to tell you? I went and got my first pedicure/manicure. Wow it's great to feel my heels again. and I love the nail polish colour!!! On me at least. I very much enjoyed going with my sister for that!!! Thank you!!!

I forgot everything else I wanted to say.. will have to come back later.... Catch ya later!!

Ok. I remembered... I love Pelican products for kids!!! I have that really cool polar bear toboggan for G. And her Little sandbox is now a Pelican product too.. it's a hand me down and is missing it's plugs(it can be a pool too!). So I emailed Pelican Sports and they emailed back in 15 minutes!!! WOW!!! Anyways, their stuff is really cool... and I will keep you posted on how the plug getting goes!! Might need them to keep the water out........