Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Finished the Christmas Sewing!

Hi all,
I have finished my Christmas sewing. :) This is always a happy day, though I did finish it a couple days ago . . . I have been working on the Christmas Knitting and Crochet now . .. Some socks and slippers and such you know. But because family reads this blog. I am not going to post pictures til after Christmas. Nothing like having a sneaking suspicion of what your getting b4 Christmas to ruin the surprise of it all. So sorry guys you gotta wait. Mind you Hubby wants an afghan so . . . Might make it and post it as he will want to use it b4 The end of December because its BRRR outside and sometimes inside already!!! So, he is almost done the deck might treat you to some pics of that later . . . Anyhow . . . Off to the awaiting sock . ..
talk to you later!!

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