Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hell in a Handbasket?

Hey all, I don't know bout this weather. Either its hotter than hell or it's going to storm and rip your power polls out of the ground, hmmm. I suppose it's just a hotter summer but really . . . We are finishing up a job we are doing in Nokomis, had 2 new Grain Vaults to build, which we did! And then 5 Westeel rosco bins to put onto hopper bottoms. Well we got the Grain vaults done, we have one Rosco on a cone, one ready for a cone, got tooo windy to mount it though (if we would have had more room we coulda but the Quonset is like 4 feet from t he cone and there is a bin 2 feet from it on the other side sooooo, any swing in the bin and your gonna hit and damage something. So, It was laundry day! whoo who, clean work cloths for the next week! LOL Came home and finished up a little something I was working on. I am still working on that poncho. . . I have promised pictures to the girls in my groups but have not taken them yet . . . *yawns* I only had 200 emails to read! LOL keeps me busy! *sighs* been tired. I don't know if its the constant heat, the takeout food, the not my bed of the hotels or what, but been tired. . . ah well, I will survive. anyways back to the poncho, its coming along, very blue very fuzzy very pretty but getting too big to work on on the road when its hot . . . Pondering what I should take instead . . . But I wanna get the darn thing done so I can say I did it! LOL very funny isn't it? :P
Ah I have a beef too, we have been doing a lot of travel this summer . . . With work and all you know. And I think Saskatchewan is the Orange zone! You know how they are on about going 60 in the orange zone and drive safe and all that! TELL THEM WORKERS ABOUT IT! cuz they sure as hell aren't doing a very good job of being safe from what I have seen! I need to find where to send a letter to the department of highways or something. Its madness. I was driving one day and came upon two graders on the highway leveling out that lovely(miserable shitty slippery) gravel they love to put on our pavement. There was no flagger, no signs, no nothing to tell one what was the safest way to proceed and the grader drive sure as hell wasn't pointing out which way I should be going, so I took the shoulder, slowly past the pair of them(one on each side of the highway). Then lets see, Hubby and I were driving and found a flagger that didn't have a radio with the other flagger, so he keeps looking to seeee if anything is coming, waiting, looking waiting, a car goes by, then another, then he looks again, then a car comes then he figures its safe for us so lets us through. . . Oh my, it was safe but makes you wonder. Then there was a spot that had one flagger, doing the whole thing. Well at least you could see the flagger on both sides of the construction and he/she knew what he had let thought an what he didn't. . . And more recently, on Highway 20 south of Lanigan, north of Nokomis, I am driving along Tuesday morning, there are no men working signs nothing . . . there is a white truck parked on an approach which to me says someone's about but it could be the farmer in the field! Up over the little hill and there in the middle of the road are 3 highway workers. One in the middle of my lane wearing an orange hat which I saw first and hit the breaks and then the other two closer to the yellow line on the other side of the yellow line. NOW HOW SAFE IS THAT? HOW CAN WE LOOK AFTER THEM? How could that have been my fault had I hit the orange hatted one that was bent over on my side of the highway when I first hit my breaks? Makes me wonder about this safety on the highway stuff. I mean if the construction crews don't have the signs out and fair warning for the driver its like deer in the headlights no? Well I am done ranting on that one for now. But I was some pissed off the other morning when it happened! And I still get a little worked up thinking about it. Can you tell? LOL
anyways, I should be off and running. Will write again soon . . .
Off to mrs.bitchy farmer next then on to the next one. . . (call her bitchy cuz she calls and calls and freaks out and thinks her bins are more important than anyone else's) well, talk to you all later, keep cool, keep your cool, and keep y our eyes peeled on the highways for workers and the holes you can loose small cars in!
Later . . .

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