Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well guys, I am working on an afghan for a sis for christmas. I have a skull cap for her oldest son on my needles for his birthday, which is comeing right up! I hope to finish it today . . . we shall see how time works out! Then I am not sure what to make next . . . I need to get in and do some sewing in my room but my room(craft room/spare bedroom) is full of odds and ends that wouldnt go on freecycle. that need to be delivered on a trip to the city or that have no other home in the house as of yet! oh my what a mess! I got a couch and chair which is the biggest culpret of the mess. I needed a couch and chair as we had one huge blue chair(now in my kitchen!) and a rocking chair(now in the craft room) and 2 computer chairs. HOw does one have a visit on that? so, now there is a couch and chair, very nice, very functional but very spacetakeing in the way of what the hell to do with the room now!! I know I will find a way but, I am still not feeling right after loosing my gramma so . . . It will take awhile for me to get things back to the functional way again. Think I am taking a load of stuff to freecycle in the city! LOL that freecycle works best anyways. . . more people less travel to get things. . . . dont get me wrong they can keep the city . . . I lvoe the country and wouldnt move back to the city without some very big extremes! Nice and quiet here, noisy busy there . . . not that I mind busy but you know what I mean . . . dont ya? maybe. hmmm well I guess I should go and see about the mail and such. . .
Catchya all later . . . still need that pic of the affie!
next time!

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