Saturday, January 31, 2009


Well, we had some adventures... Thursday, we went off to Yorkton. Auntie W., Baby G and I. We did a bunch of shopping... Groceries mostly. I got a haircut. Baby G seemed to think she was hungry at every stop!! We did manage to get everything we went for... and more. I got my very first, ever in my life, speeding ticket(on the way into town). That van likes to fly! I sure am glad that it has cruise control and I will be putting it to good use!!! I do really like the van for loading Baby G. in and out of. For groceries and all!! Very nice! We had to drive home in the snow... it was snowing lightly when we got to hmmm Canora.. then when we got closer to Buchannan it got worse... then I was glad that there was someone making a track in front of me... then it got worse the closer we got to home.. but we made it safe and sound!

Friday, we got our new high efficiency furnace. It was a beautiful day! The house, only dropped to 18 Celsius. Not bad at all... We hung out in the bedroom(Auntie W., Baby G and I it was warmer). so, we didn't have to haul Baby G off anywhere. Which was nice.

Today, was a good stay at home and bum around day. Did a whole lot of nothing. Even Baby G slept most the day! Been that kinda day! Was sunny and the temp was warm out.. but the wind was wicked nasty!!!

So, that is about all that has been going on.

P.S. Any of you wondering about her crocheted angel wing vest(pinafore). I did not make it. I had a wonderful friend from one of the groups I am in send that one and another which I keep meaning to take pics of. Along with some really cute boots and mittens. Thank you again Pauly!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bitty Bits and Pieces is having a contest!

She has the neatest valentine themed prises! Go... Go.. Check it out!!! (btw, click on the tittle of this post.. it is the link to her post.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Things

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

I am tagging all of you that read me as well(IIDLYYCKMA did this first). Although, those of you without a blog, can leave the list in the comments...

1. I am 32 Years old
2. I just had my first baby, and we plan to have 2 or 3 more.
3. I had to trade my car for a van because we never have enough room, and we travel.. a lot!
4. We are hoping to move to our home quarter before we have our 2nd baby.
5. I was born, and mostly raised in Saskatchewan.
6. We spent 5 years on the Sunshine Coast in B.C.(I was 11 to 15)
7. I dated a man from Chicago.
8. I married a farm man(he is the best!).
9. Gwyn's smiles make me happy
10. To my surprise I prefer small town life to the city
11. I used to be a service provider at a Tuxedo Rental shop
12. I build Steel Grain bins with my husband
13. My husband also farms
14. I never thought I would live in a small town, and build grain bins.
15. My Grandma K gave me a crochet kit as a child
16. My Grandma P taught me to crochet that kit
17. I love to sew
18. I taught myself to Knit
19. I love to knit
20. I thought I would be a designer of plus size clothing when I grew up.
21. I admired my high school sewing teacher
22. I just tried the triangle tea bags and they work well
23. I love wearing Jeans
24. I love to swim
25. I wish winter was a bit shorter.....

There ya go. Where's yours?

Monday, monday, on tuesday?

Hey all,
Yesterday.. I had a list of phone calls I was to make.. as it turned out.. I got very busy very quick. We took the new van to the farm, and delivered some baking supplies and some parts for the backhoe. We continued on(later than expected but all good) to Preeceville to visit Auntie T, Uncle R and Cousins J and T. Had a good visit and were heading back sometime after 6:30. Needless to say no phone calls were made yesterday. They hopefully will be made today. I do hope to make a run to Wadena.. I have a few things I need to do. One of them is to load up the recycle bottles and drop them at Sarcan. Then a bit of this and that.
So, I guess.. I should run and make some phone calls.... It is hard to believe it is almost 9 as it's cloudy and a bit dark yet. But it is... and off I run.
Catch you later!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things we learn as we go.....

Hi all,

This last bit has really been about what you learn as you go. Things like, you don't know what tired is until you have a newborn at home, by yourselves. Like "you may be one person in the world, but you are the world to one person" you don't know how true(and overwhelming) it is until you have a little bundle in your arms and their well being depends on what you do. Things like, if the car just fit the 2 of you and your luggage well, what makes you think it will fit 3 of you... or even 4? Yes, I have been thinking about things... this that and the other... we have changed a few things... see bellow.

Our little angel is growing sooo much! She is such a beautiful girl. And smart.. and I think she will talk early.. she is already trying.. and she is only 2 months old! So alert! I love playing with her when she is smiling and giggling now! I had to take her for her first immunizations... ouch... she cried.. my eyes burnt but I didn't cry. Grandma in the waiting room had tears in her eyes when we got back. Gwyn was a trooper though. Only cried for a minute or two. Then I fed her, and she was good. She did fuss a little later in the day when her Tylenol wore off.. but one more dose and she was good to go! She is a tough, strong one. At least I think so. And if I told you she had ultrasound on her hips? They look fine. It all looks good. :) Better safe than sorry!My happy happy girl!! Full of smiles and giggles and little chatter!!!I am now officially a Minivan Mom. Yes, we had to trade the Vibe. It just wasn't cutting the mustard. We couldn't take baby and get a good load of groceries. That kinda thing just doesn't work. I couldn't take the playpen to the city.. no room to put it and the suitcases. So, we had to take the burn and get us a better family vehicle.. especially if we are going to have a couple more kids!!! Better late than never... but.. wish I would have given in to begin with.. though we would not have known to get the extended van, not the regular van, as the regular van had 6 inches behind the seat and was more to insure. Where the extended van costs a wee bit more off the hop but cheaper to insure and will have room for a growing family. We burn from the Vibe.. but better now I guess. We should be set now. I am going to drive it until the wheels fall off... and lets hope that is after years and years of driving!!!!
So, I will be out cruising sometime... LOL wanna come along?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Monday... Monday... Monday....

Well, It's Monday's that are generally bad days right? I guess we shall see as the day progresses. Though I think yesterday and Saturday were probably worse than what is happening today....

So here it is. I got up to feed my girl at 7something... Fed her. She puked on me. Now Saturday and Sunday she hasn't been herself.. gassy, cranky kinda, not her normal happy, smiley self. This morning she was happy and wonderful except for the puke. I feel for the girl. OI. Just ate puked on mom, down herself on her hand, down mom's shirt and into mom's bra! thank goodness the band on the bra was tight and that it stopped it there!!! But after this.. change her, wash her, redress her. Set her in the playpen to deal with getting the clothes ready for laundry(because we are once again making a trip to the city...). and she is out like a light. One little squeak, told her she was OK and I would be right there.. and when I got there she was sleeping... Go figure. I guess we shall see how the rest of the day goes....

The rest here is pics, Pics I took yesterday and b4. Just so you can see um... the date taken is on the pic in the corner.. so if you want to know how old they are! Above, hanging out in mom's arms. Below sleeping on soft N cushy mom.

Below here, enjoying mom's soft snugly robe...

Mom and Dad are not the only ones who like mom's new robe!!! LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

OMG... I did some knitting....

Hey all, Last night.. James did some babysitting... and I did some knitting!!! I cast on a pair of toddler socks... with some leftover sock yarn I had. I know.. they don't match as well as I want.. but they are good enough... because who knows... she could lose one the first time she wears them.... but we shall see if I ever get them done in time for her to wear them.... That, could be the challenge!!!

I took this pic on a whim, and I was holding her in one arm.. in the computer chair.. at the computer desk.. and took the pic with my other arm.... I am amazed at how well it turned out!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little sick of winter????

I don't know where this photo originated. I agree with the snow artist at this point. It is -30 Celsius here right now, before the windchill... Tammy says it is -41 Celsius where she is(only a wee bit north). It has been cold all week like this! WE are hoping the weather persons are right and that we are warming up this weekend!!!! I would sure like to see something more... seasonable??(meaning more like -11 Celsius) Wouldn't you?

Little bugs....

Here are some pics of little Gwyn on her play mat.... her little sleeper with the bugs on it kinda goes with it... foolishness... LOL But very cute all the same! We are finally all feeling a bit better... Little Gwyn isn't hacking anymore just little cough and she is breathing really well today.. and can eat, as long as she can stay awake! LOL she is pooped out and can barely stay awake to eat... what a challenge for a little one... Ah well, she is on the mend and feeling better!! That is what matters most to me right now.. enjoy the pics...

Monday, January 12, 2009

She looks sooo big!!! and a FO

I took these this morning.. well.. maybe even early this afternoon! She looks so long and lean in actual cloths!!! Got her out of sleepers for a change of pace today... We had to buy leggings to find pants that were not too big around.. She is long and lean... and I will not complain one bit about that... well at least until I have to sew cuffs on all her pants and shirts to make them look like they fit! LOL Or maybe sew her pants..... hmmm... we shall see what time brings... but for now she is a little long and lean for the baby pants they have out there...
She is way too cute in the sweater that Auntie Tammy got for her!!!(isn't it cute Auntie?) It looks good on her and fits well too.. way too sweet! Will look nice with her denim overalls too I thinks.... We will see though!

And finally, for you knitting folk... My finished object... I actually finished it a few nights ago.. LOL it had one knit round, one round of decrease, tie up and tuck in's to do. I finally got to it! This was the hat I was knitting on when I was trying to tell how far apart my contractions were... funny, Uncle D was right about the date, and I was working on his hat.... too funny!!!!
I worked it in the round.. the pic was not near loose enough but, I am hoping when he wears it, it will stretch out nice......

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I just realized....

I did not share my Christmas crafting with you!!!! Well sewing... LOL So here it is... something other than Gwyn to look at..... Wendy's Jammie Pants above.. btw.. Wendy! How did they fit???????
Cousin R's Pants above, Cousin N's Pants below.

Auntie N's Pj Pants

Uncle Darren's Jammie pants....

Oh.. and that's it...
Grandma K got a little sticky note pad and a pen. I figured it was something she could use that way.
Mom and dad got a box of preserves. Meaning Relish and Jellies and pickled beets.
Hope they all enjoyed!

What a neat playmat!

Just enough floor space in the living room to put down the mat... good thing it isn't any bigger... I wouldn't have anywhere to put it down!!! Gwyn liked hanging around on it... she liked the softness of the cloud she is sitting on here!

I couldn't quiet catch her smiling... maybe next time..... for those of you whom have seen the video.. she cooed and smiled... for those of you who haven't the link is in the title of this post!

Well, I am off and running!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Jane's Contest

Jane at Grammieknits is having a cool contest... you should head on over and check it out!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

We have come a long way baby... and we have only just begun!!!

Can you believe? This was November 26... 3 days after her birth.... This one, was today January 2nd, 2009. Almost a full 6 weeks after birth.....

Growing like a weed!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Frucking New Year!!

Well, first I must say Happy New Year to you!!! I hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and Christmas. My Christmas was wonderful as you have heard and my New years eve was very quiet.

My house is down with a nasty cold. I do believe that James is getting better... I am thinking I might be getting better... would know better if I had any sleep(yes, I know meds are a wonderful thing if you can take them, right now I can not, they will steal the milk from baby girl).... Gwyn, my baby girl has been spared the worst of this and just has a bit of a sniffly nose.. Thanks to the powers that be... mind you she might feel pretty crappy too.. she just can't tell us so... but she is not sweating and red nosed or anything, like her mom. I swear if I find out who gave us this.... there will be a sore spot on their body!!! I have a bet it wandered in aimlessly on someones hands or whatnot.... Nobody would have intentionally brought it home, but we did see a lot of people through the holiday so...

Anyhow.... I have some pics to show you, of Christmas... LOL I call them the Baby Vultures.... Yes, Baby Vultures... the swarm around waiting for you to choose them to hand the baby off to. Constantly checking to make sure your ok with baby and that you don't need a break.. (but I just got her back!!!) LOL

My question is, How do you get a baby unspoiled? I did however get an hour and a half this afternoon to do something.. but when I wanted a nap... she would not cooperate. (yes I know you can not spoil a baby with love.. but I am betting the grandma whom said that did not hold those babies 24-7 either!)
Here is a pic of the 3 of us... we are unpacking Gwyn's stocking here.

So, that's my world for now... catch ya again soon... I did take pics of the blooming Christmas cactus... and I have a pic or two of Gwyn.. but they are still on the camera... and I have yet to get to them.....