Monday, September 29, 2008

About the car seat...

We looked again this morning at that car seat. We managed to see it as manageable. So, going to keep the seat that both our picky asses like... and deal with the little bit cramped.. but not too bad passenger seat. It'll work.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

OOH the fun!!!

Yes, fun, fun, fun. Hubby can't get his combine going... the batteries aren't charging... leaves one to wonder what's up with that... he is searching for the answer. I feel for him, it's cold and damp in the air and windier than hell! He is still hoping to get it going and get something off the field today...

My fun... well.. I got the idea that I should maybe try the car seat in the car to see how it sits.... or fits for that matter. And my answer..... sh**.... it really doesn't fit all that well. Now one would think.. that the manufacturer of such a car when putting in the L.A.T.C.H. system would have thought about car seats and how they would fit? Family vehicle? It is like a mini, minivan... I don't get why the seat doesn't fit. So now... the challenge of return and exchange!!!! ooh the fun!! at least I didn't register it or throw out the box!!! And hopefully, pick #2 will fit. So, any of you expecting a new bundle.. try your car seat in the car.. before! yes before you go to bring baby home!!!! no last minute surprises that way! (I know mine wasn't last minute surprise... but we had to wait a month for this one to come from Sears catalogue order... not looking forward to another month wait... will have to see what happens there.) And I will admit.. it isn't all the cars fault either... the car seat is rather large in size... so I would say 50/50 blame...

Some days ya just think you should have given up on fuel economy and bought a minivan... but it makes me shudder at the thought.... (no offence intended for all you minivan mom's, I just make a lot of miles as you figure from reading my blog... and shudder at putting the fuel in a minivan)

One Pail down....

I got to one pail of carrots yesterday. Yes, washed, peeled, ended them. Then I petered out. So, when my wonderful DH got home... he chopped and I blanched the carrots.. and we got them all done up... 19 bags I think for the freezer... One more pail to go... though the smell of them carrots blanching was making me ill... will be a day or so before I get to the next pail... I think. My wrists didn't like all that peeling and such... at least that is what I am thinking did it.... That is about all I have for you right now.. so will catch you later!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pictures Galore!

Well, Hubby figures that the farmer who has this... isn't about to be concerned about these pics... So, we will hope. So, shhhhh you didn't see them here!

Here is the original damage pic. Ouch eh?
Here we had 4 sheets out of the bin.... 2 in the bottom ring.. and 2 one ring up. If you look close you can see a bit of sag on the poor bin from having 1/3 of those to rings out... glad it wasn't windier in the yard!
All done up... very little difference in shine.... Looks good.. at least I think so...
And the full pic. Happy bin!
Now.. this is the baby hat I made.. yesterday and this morning...
I would have finished it last night.. had I used my brain a little more and figured out the changes I had to make for knitting in the round before I started the crown decrease! I had to frog it back a bit and restart my decrease... It was not pretty!!!
I do think the finished product of the hat turned out nice anyways.... I think I will make one ribbed now... shorter maybe... this one seems very long... I am pondering what I want to do... :D

And below is the baby wash cloths I did while in Outlook and finished the second here at home.. but for the most part that was what I accomplished while we were away doing bins! LOL Those and the blue boucle sweater I guess....

This is the Car seat I picked up yesterday.... Very nice. Seems nice and light(for the sheer size of it). This should last baby the first full year... 5-30lbs instead of the rest of them that seem to come in at 5-22lbs... It's a good size anyways... I had to pull it out of the box and read the directions... and all that. Should be easy to install in the car.. or truck. (we are planning to stick to one base, as it seems it will be very easy to switch it from one vehicle to the other, and most travels will be in the car anyways!). I do want to put it in the car and see how it sits and everything, I also want to wash the cover..... It says to machine wash and hang dry.. so Mom.. here I come again! LOL I didn't realize it was also.. one of the new ones that is rated somehow for side impact. And it is good until December of 2014. So we have a few years to decide on the next baby :P
Well, that is it for now.. will keep you posted on any other excitement around here... I don't expect too much though!


OH! I didn't tell you... I got the neatest envelope in the mail today! Val over at Life with sheep sent me 2 pattern books for baby things! They have some beautiful patterns in them! Thank you again Val! One is Beehive for Bairns volume 4, and the other Patons Baby book #271. Maybe I will show you pictures later... LOL


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beets are done...

The beets are pretty much done. I have beet pickle and beet relish done, in jars! Did that the other day. Yesterday, we did our last bin. It was a repair. I would show you pics.. because I have, but the gentleman that we did the repair for was rather embarrassed about the damage and I don't want to put that here, so, sorry there are no pics. Today.. I did some dishes.... I didn't do the pots... Maybe tonight.

Today we got our car seat! I am very excited about that. It came from Sears catalogue. The girl carried it out to the car for me... so sweet! I was going to leave it for hubby to bring in... but, I wanted to see it. I wanted to know what it looked like, what the liner felt like. How heavy it was. All that good stuff. No pics of it yet.. will do them later. I like it. I hope hubby likes it when he sees it too! Now the only question is... do we get the second base for it? will see what happens when hubby gets home.

I have started a baby hat.. I should finish it sometime tonight.. I think.. if not tomorrow. Then I will have a crafty knit something for you to see!!! Now, isn't that exciting? LOL

I am back to my hat. Catch you all later!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, I remember now.. why my MIL prefers to chop her cabbage before freezing rather than using the food processor... I had cabbage everywhere!!! I think I would have had the same result if I would have been chopping though... And it wasn't so bad to clean up... Cabbage is done now at least... only 4 freezer bags but.. so be it. I have carrots, beets and zucchini to deal with yet... I guess I will get there... I could have started beets today too.. but I got the kitchen somewhat clean and think I might wanna enjoy that this afternoon... I wanted to make my cream of broccoli soup... but realized that I ate the sour cream I needed on my perogies instead of in my soup!!! OOPs! Oh well.. Just can't get some today.. so soup can wait a day er two.. LOL
catch ya later!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I know you believe me... but pictures are more fun!

Ok, so, here is the fruit of my work... Sunday nights Onions, Thursday nights cucumber peeling, and onion, cucumber grinding. Fridays, mixing and heating and sealing.......
16 yummy jars........
of cucumber relish... all done up!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cucumber Relish... Done!!

Well, I got the cucumber relish done.... seems like such a long process.. but I did get 16(500ml) jars! So, very worth the effort! Now as long as it tastes as good as it smelt... or close to as good as MIL's does. Never as good as the original you know... :P

So that is one thing down... beets and carrots to go...

Busy, Busy, Busy, Rest? what rest?

Been a crazy week... sorry to have neglected you all... However many you all are?

Monday I ran for parts(specifically - combine belts). I think our old girl said it was time to redo the whole belt system this year... hard to believe there would be any more different belts that we haven't changed. But apparently there is one or two... Monday, I had to go to the city because I had an appointment Tuesday morning... Well, I ran for parts in the morning... and actually got on the road... around 3 or 4 pm... then stopped at a friends... and it was to be a short quick cup of tea... LOL this friend knows who she is.... and it ended up being 3 hours!!! ROTFLMAO!!!! so much for a short stop, quick cup. :D That's ok though, we hadn't seen each other in person for a long time!!! So, I left at dusk from her place.. and got part way before I was driving in the dark... which is ok. I will say I hate the valley in the dark though... Just because there are a lot of driveways and such where deer like to stand... But anyways... I made it to the city in good time.. was there by 9. Had a rest... a visit with mom... then off to bed. Tuesday, got up went for my appointment. Then went and did the shopping I needed to get done. I got it done.. and it only took until 2pm.. sweet deal. Mom and I got to go home for a rest before supper. Then got a little visit with mom and dad in. Wednesday, I woke up with a picture in my head... will tell you about that in a minute... Anyways... Wednesday.. got up and visited with Mom for most the morning then decided I was getting a calling to check out a second hand kids store.. so we went...(I actually think it was Quiznos calling! YUMM). Mom found a pair of the cutest pink overalls... 12month size I thinks... but they roll up on the bottom so think they will get lots of wear(as long as our tech was right!). She also got a top to go with... I didn't find anything. I told her my pull wasn't for her to buy! LOL but the overalls are adorable... Then we ran to wal-mart. There is a Bernat pattern book I would love.... because there is a cape in it I want to make for my mom once these wrists ease. I really liked the cape and so did she when I showed her the pic. No luck. So, then off to Quiznos for lunch. Damn they make a good sandwich there!!! After lunch I took mom home. Then I headed for home. Stopped at Southey's Flaman dealer to ask a few questions and then headed the rest of the way home...I was to call mom when I got home.. funny thing was, I got in the door and got my bum to the toilet seat and the phone was ringing. Hubby needed a belt... so, off I ran. (forgot to call) Out to the farm with the belt.. out to the field.. stayed to visit a couple while he fixed.. then off I went. When I got home... I called mom...she wasn't panicked so... all was good. Thursday, I went to the farm. Drove them from one field to the other so they could move equipment. Then made lunch for us. Then I went to Wadena to deal with a few things... Samples, belt return, groceries and a quick stop to the bank. Then I got a call he needed a bearing... but ended up he ran for it. I came home from Wadena, had a rest then did up my dishes... peeled a whack of cucumbers.. then ground them in the meat grinder... then ground the onions that had been in my fridge.. since... Monday? or Sunday? can't remember... but long enough! So, I was dead tired... then made supper for Hubby and I, we had a shower and into bed. Long day!!! And today.. dishes are awaiting in the sink.... jars are waiting on the stove to be washed...grindings are awaiting draining...and canning into relish.. all good!

But this picture, I had a picture of the cutest little girl, hair in pigtails, dressed in overalls, dirty like she had been helping Daddy and holding a wrench that was almost as long as she was tall..... funniest part is I can completely see it happening..... She would have been Late 2's to 3 years old. Too cute!

And that's it... might let ya know how the relish goes later!! LOL

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What the hell to do first...

Well, Harvest is underway.. sort of. I guess one could say full swing when your running for parts, and the guys are fixing. I don't mind though.. I love my car.. most the time! LOL Sometimes I wish it were a Rav4, which looks like the same thing only a 4x4 with more clearance... But I love it for the car it is. (it needs a bath!!!)

So, what to do. I peeled my onions last night for relish.. I need to run them and the cucumbers through the grinder. Have yet to decide when exactly I want to do that.. If I do it today.. then I am making relish tomorrow. If parts are needed tomorrow..then relish wont get done and it will sit far longer than overnight.... as I have to be in the city for Tuesday A.M. Crazy life I know. I have beets, carrots and cabbage to deal with too... But do I tackle something there or do I clean out the baby room a bit more... so I have the stuff ready to go to the city with?

Don't know.. do know I need some breakfast... catch you all later!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

From the Garden.....

Lots of lovely tomatoes.. that have yet to ripen(better to pick and have turn in the house than have them freeze). One nice size pail of beets. Going to make beet pickle and relish I think. 3 Pails of Carrots... I am certain we will be sharing some with family :)

Cabbage.. I was going to shred it today and I lost my get up and go after the chard.... Beautiful red potatoes.... ooh they are nice! And the tomatoes there behind are for My sis... my MIL sent them for me to take to the city for My sis.

Onions... oooh I forgot to put them out when the sun came around today.. dammit.. I meant for them to dry some... I guess we can hope for tomorrow!! And Pickling cucumbers... that will be relish within the next couple days!

My stack of collapsible crates! They are the best thing going!!! Specially if you don't have a lot of room but need to pack things around regularly. This year they helped with the garden and are great stacker's!!! (I normally would have 2 or 3 in the car for getting groceries.. rather than bagging). Chard... Had lots of leaves but didn't get much out of them when I finished processing them.. they cook down a lot.. can you believe 6 small freezer bags from this crate? Need to be home and pic it more often...

Eating Cucumbers and Zucchini. Not too many monster Zuchs this year.. but they are still a really good size!!! Need to bake some cake!!!

Last but not least... Spaghetti Squash. Yummy... We didn't manage any acorn squash but I think we planted it too late in the season... next year they are getting planted earlier! And the corn... was too long and spindly. It did not produce a good ear. The ear looked good and the corn on it nice but it did not ripen.. again planted too late in the season I think.. and too much time for the corn in the green house.
But, overall can not complain.. the garden will feed us well... oh wait.. is feeding us well!!!

Grandma's shopping..... too cute........ (sorry no pics - but, pasted as gramma wrote it)


Well, I thought I should do an inventory and see just what exactly I have for your darling baby.

So here it is so that you know too!

1 large fuzzy blanket
1 small fuzzy blanket
2 flannel receiving blankets
5 knitted receiving blankets

0-3 month:
8 sleepers
5 onesies - snaps down the front
1 pink & white osh kosh overall
1 gap hoodie
1 pink knit (fleece) overall set

3-6 month:
3 onesies - snaps down front
1 onesie - no snaps down front
1 sleeper
4 denim overalls

6-9 month:
3 denim overalls
1 onesie - no snaps down front

12 month:
1 denim dress
2 denim overalls
2 onesies - no snaps down front
3 piece tigger jogging set

18 month:
1 onesie with snaps down front
1 short sleeve t-shirt
1 red fleece tigger overall

24 month:
1 red/navy fleece tigger overall
5 short sleeve onesies - no snaps down front
1 denim overall

Please Note: Above numbers are subject to change at any time! lol

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Baby Stuff.... you didn't ask for it but your getting it... Just in case you wanna see...

Well, here is what I have bought for baby... for any of you out there whom are wondering. Those of you who don't care... carry on.. nothing good here! LOL This is the soft and snug, keep baby warm outside goodie we found. It's a size 3-6month and I think it may be a wee bit too big for new born baby to come home in... so may need something a wee bit smaller for that but this is super cute and super soft. The colour above is out a little but the colour in the below pic is better... it's a very pretty blue, with Neonish green and Tigger of course!!! We love it.. think grandma might too!

Diaper bag, Loved it, thought it was very cute, very gender neutral.. (so Daddy can carry it too if need be).
Hooded towel and diaper change pad(nice soft one) and wash cloths to match..
Part of Daddy's first baby buy.... the socks are too cute.
T-shirt knit receiving blankets. I am going to make some flannel ones yet too but these will be so nice for wrapping baby up snug.
The one with the hat is the one I purchased just in case we were having a girl... and the second one is the second part of Daddy's first purchase. Too cute to pass up.
Diaper shirts.. think I should have gotten ones with the snaps down the front too but... will have a few of each. (Grandma's been shopping too)
Little nightie sleepers... good for kicking and changing diapers... Think I might like these.. but will see what happens...
And my cute, neutral outfit. Hat, bib, sleeper, footed pants and diaper shirt... very cute...
And that is about it... Grandma has shopped a bit more.... Lots of overalls and diaper shirts and a couple blankets and that.... LOL
As far as big stuff, A good friend gave us a playpen, Mom & Dad bought the stroller and we are going to borrow a crib (so far). We have the car seat picked just not ordered. So, we are getting there...

The 100 things I want to do....

Well, this morning I got up and checked email... while checking email I thought about all the things I want to get done.. and here they are.....

-laundry(started and just need to put some away and carry one changing loads)
-Dishes(water is run, just need to finish breakfast)
-Sort out yarn/fabric to rubbermaid's
-Sort out Christmas sewing
-Clean up the above mentioned room for baby
-Clean out my closet
-Restore order to my drop and run home
-Sort the baby stuff I have made
-Knit, crochet or sew some baby things....

There are a few more but that is about all I can think of at the moment....

Oh, Sorry you didn't get any finished pictures of the bins... I would have loved to have a pic of all the bins we did... but.... LOL.. they were disappearing as fast as we could put them up! Which is all good..but the yard did look some how empty by the time we left... all that work and nothing to show... LOL! Except the farmers had their bins and would be happier!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pictures of work.. as promissed...

Ready for baby crap pics and garden pics.. and baby room progress????

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Home sweet Home...

Oh... Has been a very long haul.... But, we are finally home. It felt soooo good to sleep in my own bed last night(baby belly and all). I hate to have to go to the city tonight for a doctors appointment tomorrow morning.... but after that... Home til the next appointment. Ooh so nice. So, we got all the bins done.. finally. We do have 2 here around home just to pick up and toss on cones... they are small ones and if they are in good shape should take no time at all to toss up there... Then I think we are done, Done! At least until we get the itch to build next year... we will see how things go.

Anyways, good to be home and I will be trying to get things ready for baby... so, if any of you are interested might be some pics come through of this or that. I haven't been knitting or crocheting much.. my wrists are temperamental(one day I wake they aren't so bad, next day I need my hubby to do up and undo my bra!). So, I have a whole washcloth and a half knit to show for my whole summer.

How did the rest of you do for crafting through the summer? Now that it feels more fallish... at least around here... How was your summer? Did you spent it at the lake? Doing home reno's? Crafting quietly in a favorite spot? Gardening? How did your garden turn out?

I have yet to get into my garden.... sounds like out of my 12 cabbage I am getting 2 giant ones...onions need to be pulled.. I haven't looked but I think my acorn squash was too late into the ground... my corn fell over because the stocks were week... and I guess we shall see what the rest has done once we get out there.

Talk to you all later!