Saturday, November 11, 2006

Socks , blenders and the BIG BLUE CHAIR!


I am posting pictures of my new blender. . .Just because I love it! It has a food processor attachment . .. And works wonderful!!! LOVE IT! I know, shouldn't get so excited over a blender but . . . I like milk shakes, not the crappy fat filled/ sugar rush ones you get in the fast food restaurants . . . Real ones. . . And I have my hubby hooked too! LOL Real Banana, Frozen Berries, Milk and Ice cream . . .. And mmmm yummy you got it!

I also posted pictures of Sis' hubby's Christmas socks. Now I did this because I highly doubt he is taking the time to read my blog . .. LOL too busy with other stuff like work and sleep and movies, games and pool nights all the good stuff you see! I hope you enjoy the picture.

Now, I am selling the big blue chair. I know, I haven't posted about the big blue chair before but I am now. I loved that chair. Was my first, my chair, the one I bought myself for my little house when I was on my own. Before the hubby . . . Was my only really good chair for a long time. It was the one I curled up in to watch a movie read a book, sometimes even use the computer from it, though that was a bit of a challenge, but I did it. And as I was a single woman, yes I ate in it too . .. . I know, a blue chair cant be a friend but, its been t through a lot with me. My cat for one, she has scratched the front corners just enough to say she was there . . . LOL and she would snuggle in it with me. It was in the house when I met my long distance relationship(the one that was Canadian with American and just didn't work out), it was their when I self medicated with Rolo Icecream when I broke off with My American Chicagoan. It moved 2.5 hours across the province with me to become our only real piece of furniture, until the glider rocker came home, well then, the glider rocker was mine and the big blue was the PS2 Gaming chair for hubby. Now, I have a couch and chair passed to me that was in my Grandma and Great Gramma's house when they lived together and looks like new. Is comfy and takes up the whole living room with the glider rocker. I know we need a bigger house and would love to keep the chair til then but it can't live in my kitchen! No way! No room! Madness I tell you! So It is currently on the covered deck awaiting the call that somebody wants it. Hopefully someone will want it soon! Take it and love it and have it be there for them . . . The snuggle chair . . ..
*giggles* well, I hope you have enjoyed! talk to you soon,

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