Thursday, October 19, 2006

Affie and Sockies?

Hi all,

I have been busy crocheting an afghan for my sis . . . I have a picture of one of the panels attached here *smiles* I know I promised it and I will post another once I get more done on it.

YOu know! I am dying to make a pair of sockies. I always tell myself one thing at a time though. so must finish the affie first. but itchin for time to make socks! I have a lot of christmas sewing to do too. so sockies may be awhile . . .

I also included pictures of our early christmas snow . . . I say this because it feels like we are skipping right over halloween and going straight to christmas this year. No fall for us, just straight to winter. That snow fell on October 16th I took the pictures yesterday October 18 and It is still trying to melt or something out there because it looks the same! well there is a bit more of our truck peaking out from the snow in the back yard but that is about it!

I had just got my carrots out of the ground while it was snowing on sunday. Yesterday I washed and blanched a box of them. Two to go so gonna be a busy girlie . . . off and running . . .

WEll back to the affie, carrots or something.
Talk to you all later,

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