Sunday, April 29, 2012

Gym Finale!

I started with this one, knit out of Briggs & Little Heritage

Then this one and...the one below were requested! Quick and fun little knit headbands!
Gym finale practice!
Between practice and the actual deal!
Jump. jump, jump!
Fantastic reward!!.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Seriously behind in posting... here is a catch up!

Car knitting. I used the blue and white one for miss Gwyn. The other gets tucked away for one of those last minute gifties.
Lace socks.
These were made from a pattern in the "Knitting Circles around socks, by Antje Gillingham"
Fixation on Lace is the pattern. I did use Cascade Fixation to knit them(cotton blend)
These were a bit of a headache to knit the leg(YO at the end of a row). But I am happy with the end result.
We wandered up to the park early April with our friends. Are they not cute?

I really have no idea why, Miss G has such a look on her face.. after she lined us all up on there.
Easter remnants. I missed the before pic... LOL
Miss G had an egg hunt. Some held socks, and some held little animals.
She was delighted either way!
Mmm Chocolate eggs!
Art and Craft.. Miss G loves gluing... and cutting!

Plain ole fun!
Yeow, likes Miss G's car seat! LOL
Cold coming on soup. From the Pursuit of Garlic.
 This soup is darn good. I have held my own with this cold. (James and Gwyn are down with a nasty) I have suffered only a slight stuffy nose and it could be allergy type as the rest of the cold has not attached to me.
Cold coming on soup served up!
Gwyn drew a fishy. I put the tail on as she requested!

We coloured and decorated eggs after the Easter madness calmed down.
Thank you Grandma for the fantastically fun kit!
The eggs were even kinda funky on the inside...(we did not eat the bugs we made.. just the leftovers)
Gwyn ready to take a stroll outside! Rubber boots and a dress! My sweetie!
Snuggles with Yeow!
Little princess! LOL
Tea party! She invited Dad and Mom.. so we had a great little tea! LOL
She used her picture taking skills! LOL she's good isn't she?
Numma, Numma. Cucumbers!

Night before lasts supper. Chinese Stir fry, from Company's Coming cookbook. Even James said it was picture worthy! But not until he had tasted it!
Our plants progression. The flowers are growing well!
The Parsley is happy!
The mint is just coming.
I tossed the dill. It will be better planted outside in a scattered manner... it did not do well confined to the small pot. The mint has been taking it's time coming up.. but I do think it was the packet that said 14 days to germination... so.. it is coming.. just slowly! The chives are doing well as well but will be happy to be outdoors too I think.. soon as it warms up!!! This week is supposed to be nice. So we shall see what we get!!

Off and running! Catch you all later!

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Well it has now been learned... do not turn back on 3 year old when you have your knitting out. Even if she knows better the temptation is irresistible! I left the room to clean up the mess she made in the kitchen with her paper this morning.. and well I came back to find... yarn wound around the rocker on the gliding rocking chair.. ahhhh... these socks have not been a super easy knit because they are not knit the way that most socks are... so I just about died.. but.. unwound the yarn from the chair.. to find she had dug the circular needles through the socks a few times to tie them in knots.. How in the heck does a 3 year old do that so quickly??? ah, but oh well.. saved them in the end anyways. hopefully will finish the gawsh darned things soon!!

Then I came to write a post and to see who updated on their blogs.. and my blog list I follow is empty!!! The page did not load proper so it did not load all the blogs I follow.. I just about peed.. but.. reloaded the page and there were all my wonderful blogs... YaY!

I swear I am seriously scared to leave the room now....