Sunday, July 09, 2006

Did we have a weekend there?

Hi all, We came home friday night for a quick one, LOL because we are bot h outa here today Sunday. We came home friday night, got the laundry done so we can head out again! Then Yesterday we went to Yorkton. Did some running around we needed to do which sucked up the whole day, LOL as it usually does for some reason. then Today Sunday I am trying to run off early so I can get a visit in with my gramma this afternoon .. . . Could be a challenge. LOL back to work tonight/tommorow. I have been working on some squares for a project and I have started a poncho now that I am done the sockies that maybe today will be delivered to my cousin too, we shall see. . . anyways i have to run, just a quick note to let you know where I am at. LOL
Talk to ya later,

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