Monday, January 29, 2007

Crazy Py . . . Is gone . . .

The Story of Crazy Py

I found a kitty, crying at car doors in the parking lot of the Kinsmen arena. I was done my skating practice, it was past 9pm. What is a sweet, little kitty like this doing in the parking lot, crying at car doors and trying to paw them? It was a cold night. I coaxed kitty to me and proceeded back into the rink to ask "Does anybody know this kitten?" She was a young cat at the time, I believe she was still a kitten. The rink man says "That cat is always crawling around here . . . it's no body's, so if you want it, it's yours." So, there I am with this kitten, and this group of young girls from the skating club that want to take her home, that have a mom that in no way wants this cat. So, I have a cat, Baby(black and white, male)at home already. I have the food, and the litter . . . So I take this cold baby home. (My Baby cat at home is not well, not long for the world sick.) I phone the paper the next day, place a found ad. I put up a notice at the rink that I found this beautiful calico girl.
No Replies!
So, I have 2 cats. I have Baby who is sick, and soon needing to be put down and I have this new kitty. She bonds with me. Spends lots of time in my lap. I take care of her. I have to name her, she from day one was my angel and a devil at the same time. Pyrat, I wanted to reflect that the beautiful sweet kitty there had a little devil in her! She was going to be Pirate, but I rather spell it differently, not so common. Py was anything but common. Anyone who has met PY will agree to that. So, Pyrat and I survive the death(putting down of)Baby together. I had Py to hug when I missed my Baby kitty. She was there for me, I was there for her. I then started dating a man long distance. My being away a lot was hard on my already crazy Py. Mom had a hard time looking after her. PY was a watch cat that did not like strange people from day one. Hated my dad from the time he riled her up the first time(never ever liked him again). She held a grudge. She survived my long distance relationship, by snuggling me while I chatted on the computer to him, by terrorizing my mom when she would come to feed her, bring her a new toy to entertain her, and still could not win that cat over. Poor mom.
I'm sorry mom.
But Py and I, we had a bond. I know she was crazy. I still loved her. She terrorized my auntie, who after a few too many came to my house to crash with me as mom's spare bed was full. Damn cat wouldn't leave auntie sleep all night. Auntie told me "THAT CAT IS NUTS!"
But, I knew my cat was nuts. She was fun though, great fun to play with. A great single person companion .. . If you didn't watch she would steal the meat out of your sandwich(preparation for marriage-LOL). Then, one day the house was broken in to. I believe when I arrived home the thieves were still in the house, and here is my Pyrat hanging out the kitchen window, not knowing if she should abandon the home or stick around and try to protect it. I grabbed my Py kitty and jumped into the car, drove to the nearest pay phone. Poor Py is freaked right out! I calm her down as best I can when I am wound up. We survived the break in. Py was never ever the same again. I believe she defended the home as best she could and from that day on decided never ever to like a stranger again. She would get right bent if someone strange(cable guy, alarm guy, meter reader) would come in the house. I would have to lock her in a room that the visitor would not need to enter. She was fine with the long distance boyfriend, or my sis visiting . .. go figure, but anyone strange was in for it. Then we went through the long distance break up together. She would be there snuggled up to me, while I ate numerous tubs of Rolo ice cream to dull the pain. Needless to say, Rolo Ice cream I think I can look at now. .. . and think its good . .. Then the what seemed like speed dating. She met 3 of the 5 non-keepers, and believe it or not was calm and cool with each one. Go figure. Then she met the keeper, and she was exceptionally cool with him. Good thing .. . Mr. Keeper was a long distance guy too. Now Mr.Keeper is my husband. As it turned out, This long distance was much easier, at least in the same country, even the same province. So Py only had to deal with weekend trips. They didn't last long either. We met in December and by May I moved out to him. I had to move Py, before I could show the house. Could you imagine poor Py kitty with strangers trying to show the house? OH MY! Don't wanna go there she was that nuts about strange people in the house. So, I moved her out to Hubby's house. Now they had some scuffles to decide who was boss. She, thought she was, and He knew he was. Needless to say, my indoor kitty soon learnt what the outside world was about. Now she enjoyed her time outside. A lot. They have had the odd scuffle here and there and well she always forgives him for laying down the law. She sometimes faster than I. She bonded to Hubby. Then, my fixed little girl would get wound up about the old Tom cats around. You know the ones. The strays or the ones from so and so's house. There are a lot of them. Hubby and her had a few go rounds bout them damn Tom cats. But she would calm down and make peace with dad(hubby).

Now, so, the last piece in her life puzzle? She got wound right up and chased Hubby tooth and nails . .. hair flying out of her as she jabbed after him. He tried to calm her . .. didn't work. I don't know what set her off, Hubby doesn't know either. So he gloved up and removed her. She spent some time outside to cool off. I went to town to do some banking. I told hubby that I didn't want that crazy animal in my house anymore if she was going to go after him like that. He was ok with that but asked what I wanted to do with her b4 I left. I said to let her in and see if she calmed down. She was would up on a short fuse for a day or two. Then we had some people in to look at our windows(which we are not doing at this time). She was ok the whole time they were here. Soon as Hubby walked into the living room after they left. PY went nuts. So, Hubby left her alone, let her calm. Before you knew it she was in his lap. The next morning she was in my lap. She snuggled up and was sweet as could be. Then, that afternoon. . . the line was crossed. I walked in the room to put a DVD away and she went snake at me. I backed out of the room and cried. I knew I couldn't keep an animal like that.

So, My loved, adored, horribly missed kitty took a long drive today. She will be in heaven, waiting for me(if I make it there). My Crazy Py is in a better place. Crazy Py suffers no more with her insanity.

I miss her terribly, as I sit here and cry. We have been through so much . . . It feels unfair to have to put her down . . .but when you can not find the reason to the madness . . . it is time to let her go.

I will one day, have another baby kitty, maybe a pair so they always have company. But they will never ever be PY!
I interrupted her nap on dad's lap!

Sleeping on her special pillow, maybe we were being too loud!

"And what are you photographing mom?"

Fierce determination to get the bag!

I for one will never forget you beautiful baby Py!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Slippers (frm Hell) are done!!!!!!!

Yes! I have finished the slippers from Hell! I am glad to be done! Although, when you have that kinda journey with a project, it makes a challenge for picking the next pattern. I am kind of reluctant to try another new pattern right now . .. LOL .. . but it is a very quick crochet one I want to do so, I am going to do it anyways! So, Enjoy these ones. I may never make another pair like them. Though I like a good challenge . .. so maybe I will, as now I know about what the cast on should look like and really from there it's child's-play!

And the Dickie's. These are the 2 I made for Hubby. The blue one he has worn and worn and worn, therefore I have washed and washed and washed it. And it still looks good, who would have thought!

The black one, who is not photogenic is new. LOL not that you can see the stitches or anything fun like that but, it is new. Unworn. Awaiting its first trip out! LOL One of these lovely winter days it will get to go out!

Yesterday it snowed, blowed, and now it is snowing again. I don't see the blowing as bad this morning. Ah well, nowhere really to go today anyways .. . so, will stay in where its warm.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One Down!

Here is ONE of those lovely slippers I am working on. The other is being cast on. Will show you a pic when I get a pair!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Crazy Right?

OK. So, I have not had much time for knitting. I put a row on the slippers from hell now and then. We just have not been home. That is where crazy comes in. Well, you know that Saturday was busy.

Sunday, I had one hell of a day. We started trying to clean house a bit. Well, I was doing something and it pissed me off(think I was emotionally off anyways). Then cleaned out my closet. Things flew outta there . . . well some things. You know how it is. There are the cloths that I am willing to part with and the cloths that we have to keep in case we shrink into them because we love them SO much. Anyways, while cleaning said closet, there were shirts in there that my gramma gave me for my birthday, so my eyes got a little weepy. The shirts still fit and everything. Just the thought of missing my gramma. So, I am cleaning the whole closet out. Even the dress cloths I have kept for 2 years that don't fit and I have no where to wear them anyways(wouldn't people think I flipped my lid building bins in a blouse?). So between the cloths I wear all the time, and the cloths that don't fit hangs . . . the wedding dress. I know most people look at their wedding dresses with fond memories. .. and don't get me wrong so do I. I still love the dress and love the man I married in the dress and Love the day we got married on, and find something to love about everyday. I just yesterday, cried, all out on the bed cried. I miss my gramma. She was with me when I picked out the dress. I remember telling my mom we were just going to look, YEAH RIGHT! We get there and try on a bunch of dresses, Tried on the one, Grandma said "If I was to design a dress for you, that would be it" And the damn thing was on the sale rack. NO more of them. I called to ask my mom if she would be hurt if I bought the dress. . . NO Answer! . .. So I called to see what my sis thought. . (i don't remember if she answered). . . I called my auntie to see what she thought and if she knew where my mom would be. Auntie thought I should buy the dress with grandma because If it truly was the dress and we went home then came back another day for it and it was gone . .. mom would be more upset. So, Grandma and I bought the dress.(Had to have tea down the street to talk myself into buying it without mom!) I am SO very glad I have that memory with gramma. I was very lucky to have her with me. I was lucky to have her as a gramma.

So, cleaned out the closet. We went to Yorkton for groceries. Came home. Today we had to do some stuff in Wadena. We did some cleaning around the house. Some things are looking better. I am still trying to simplify. Amalgamated my emails to one. Instead of 2! Around the house I am trying to reduce clutter but it is a challenge. I will do it though, even if I have to do little bits at a time. . .. Anybody need a toaster? Vertical Grill? hm mm how bout a small crock pot?

Well I am off and running!

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Hello, Yes see, this is what the slipper looks like. Well, It is far from done but you know what I mean. This is the start. This is what the pattern is turning out like. I have a few more rows on the slipper but not many as I have been away from home and all over the place and have not been taking my knitting on the grounds of having to drive part of the way. So, Now you see what the slippers are starting out like. I hope they turn out as I would like to call them Slippers from Hell. I think they are turning out beautiful. I hope they are. I like the colors and how thick they feel. ah well, nuff said bout slippers. I am off to bed.

Time Flies

Wow, Well, I have to say I am pooped right out! LOL. Yes, we went to push snow yesterday for Hubby's brother, ended up hanging out in the tire shop all afternoon! I knew I should have taken my knitting . . . those damn slippers! Anyways, we ended up not pushing snow because there were too many vehicles around to push, So we stayed over night rather than drive the hour home. We had a really great visit. We played Mad Gab, which is great fun if you are not scared of looking like a fool! I had a glass of wine with SIL, Hubby had some black cherry vodka. It smelt good tasted a bit like cough syrup(might have been too strong for me). We played mad gab and chatted til. 3AM yes we had a late night! BIL and Hubby got up and went to the shop early to work, I slept in some and visited with SIL and the Nephews! (more fun than more time waiting around the shop! So, anyways we stayed overnight, didn't get much sleep, and came home later in the day today. I was glad we had such a good visit but am so tired right now! LOL I had to check email . .. you know just in case there was something good. Then Had a shower, threw on some comfy cloths and here I am. I am playing with the settings in my group, checking email and all that good stuff!
So, once again I have a cat in my arms and a mom IM'ing me so Off I go to chat with mom!
Catch you all later . .

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I started a group . ..

Hey all,
I started a group. I started the group SaskCrafters. I posted the link to the home page so click the title of this post it will take you there(or the button along the side). I felt like I needed to add a group for people closer to me that love to craft. Whatever their craft or talent may be. So if you live in Saskatchewan and you craft, come on into the group!

As for what I have been up to . . . well . . those slippers I started are still on the needles in the knitting basket. I tried to take pictures of the Dickie I knit for hubby, but it was black and the thing just looked like a black splotch, so will try again when I have good light!

And what I mean about having light is maybe actually being home? hm there is a concept. I came home from the city Tues. We went to Yorkton/Melville on Weds. Today we went to Melfort for tin for the roof of what Dad's doing and the walls of the addition here. All were all day trips!

Any who, I have some chatting going on and a kitty (Pyrat) laying on my arms, wanting to be snuggled so better give in!

Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I am home . ..

Came home this afternoon. Made it safe and sound. Was a good day for a drive, with the sun so warm and heading away from it was good! (no sun in the eyes!)
So, short and sweet.
Catchya later

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Take the"> Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

Notice there are no imports . . . . I was wondering if I was a Toyota, only sportier than the one I drive!

Take the test .. . Let me know what you are!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Have I left the city yet?

NO, I am still here.

I enjoy my time with my mom. I know, I am all grown up but there is something about getting to spend some time with mummy! LOL Mom and I have always got along great. I trimmed her beautiful long hair today, then braided it and headed out shopping. Yes shopping, we get into lots of trouble together. LOL yes I said trouble. I told my hubby I wasn't bringing home any more yarn till I used up some of my stash, He is going to roll on the floor laughing. He laughed when I told him that! So now he will really laugh! I got some yarn for my mom for a poncho, I am making it for either her birthday or Christmas next year. We will see how the time pans out . .. So I got a giant ball of the red heart comfort in denim blue, then got a fun fuzzy blue mix to trim with. When I finish it, You know you will see it . .. . after the date of course . .. don't want mom peeking and seeing what she shouldn't you know! I also bought 2 balls of bernat handicrafter cotton(the big ones) that were baby colors and had baby booties and bib patterns on them. They were at Wal-Mart. So there I was bad! LOL I do want to make some baby stuff though so, not so bad. Today we went to the book store, I found a knitting book in the bargain book that had a few nice sweaters in it. Drooled on the One Skein Wonders book. It looks like a great book! Anybody out there have it? Do you enjoy it? Anyways, from there off to the fabric store! OOOH bad! LOL got some fabrics on sale ... That's a good way to buy it because it seems if you buy it regular price you are not saving anything sewing it yourself, other than having to repair a seem later. So I got some flannel I liked and some T-shirt fabric for my nephew's shirt he asked for (special to match his Jammie pants). I got a bit of fleece too. And that was about it. Off to Costco. Well that was groceries right . . . groceries are always a nasty stop. The bill is always higher than you think and what you carry out is not as much as one thinks you should get for what you paid . .. but ya gotta eat! so . . that be that. I still didn't get everything I wanted so . . . more grocery shopping! OI.

So, I head home tomorrow. Supposed to be damn cold . . .yukko, nice in the city but snowy and cold at home . .. almost wanna stay but . . can't have to go home sometime. I miss my hubby.

So, Catch you all later!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Please Leave Comments . . .

Hey all,
I was laying in bed this morning thinking about comments .. .I think it is the only way for us to know who was here. So, if your here, leave a comment, tell me where you are .. .. I mean in blog/web page terms. Do you have one? Did you stop by because your family? Because you found me(re: a friend of the blogger or a comment I left) on someone's blog? I am curious, who are you? how did you find me? Was I interesting to read(I am not sure I wanna know if I was boring as hell so . ..LOL)? Can I come visit you?

Anyways, just a thought.

The Dickie is coming along, just a little slow .. . so many other running around and do things out there .. . LOL . .

Catch ya Later!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hey all,
I made it to the city safe and sound. Hooray! Yes with the windchill being up so high I really debated whether I wanted to travel or not. But the roads all said good winter driving so. . packed up and here I am in the city.

Before I left, we grabbed the mail! and low and behold there are my two books! that shouldn't have got here till next week . .. with the blizzard I thought it would take longer.. I am guessing they got put on Canada Posts Race Horse, not the slow donkey everything else gets tacked on! LOL Canada post does a good job though . .. So the books I was awaiting, were the Season 4 of the sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yeah I know its a young story but I love it! And, Men in Knits : Sweaters to Knit That He Will Wear by Tara Jon Manning. Love it. I have no idea who I will knit a sweater for out of it. It is a beautiful book though! There are a couple sweaters I would love to make .. . Dad says he just wants more socks. .. OI! So, More socks it is .. . I wish he would like a sweater but . . . If he doesn't want one . .. I will hunt down someone else to make one for. . . Maybe hubby . .. though . . . we shall see . .. He doesn't seem much for sweaters either . . . sweatshirts yes, sweaters no. So we will see . .. BIL? Maybe, but would be a challenge . . . not so bad though. Well, I guess we will see .. . LOL

So, that's my excitement! I wanna go finish my Dickie for hubby, then I have some socks to make. but tonight I think I will grab a book and read a little then turn out the light . .. now . . which do I read . . . LOL I think I will start the traveling pants! (what a great Christmas present from my hubby!) He also ordered the sweater book when I was drooling over it online . .. He is a sweetheart . . . And I loves him sooo much.

Ah well on that great note I am off to bed and will talk to you all later!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It Was C O L D Today!

Hey guys, It was a whole, -30 Celsius today! and with the windchill -40 Celsius. Just a bit damn cold to be out there digging everything out! Yeah, Hubby did some snow pushing around town today. I stayed in this morning where I thought, yes thought, it was nice and warm. I was chatting with friends/family when, the power goes out! Yes. The power went out. I thought yesterday in the blizzard it would go, just because we get the occasional flicker around here, so thought we would loose it yesterday, no, today, when it was cold. BRRRRR cold! So, It was a little cool in here. Hubby came back from pushing snow, and we thought we would make a trip to Wadena. So we did, but b4 we left the power popped back on .. so when we got home everything was all warmed up again . . mm mm very nice!

I am working on a Dickie for hubby, I finished the back of it this morning (was up kinda early (7:30 am OK its early for me)). I cast on the front tonight. I have a terrible headache though and think I am off to bed. Kinda chilled a little too, probably doesn't help. Anyways . .. off to bed.

Talk to you all again soon,

I am off to the city tomorrow . . . (which buggers because I was going to stop to see a friend on the way through and she won't be home, but the road is probably all snowed in anyways so better to catch her on the way home :), so it is all good).

Well, goodnight, catch ya soon . ..

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

They Are Done!

Yes, I mean the socks! LOL The beautiful blue wool socks with the nice long leg are done!
And here is the pic . ..

So, that pair of socks is done . .(the color doesn't show as nice in the picture as in real life. They are a darker blue but have a powdery blue to them even though they are nice and dark for men's socks.) I have a few more pair I would like to make, but first, I am going to make Hubby another Dickie, a better one . .. a black one . .. yes, you knitters out there! I said black! LOL It's next. Will be figured out tomorrow and put on the needles, and if he is lucky he will get a matching hat . . . Maybe.

Sounds like the blizzard it winding down out there . .. but then . .. you can wait 5 minutes and it sounds like its just getting wound up again. Will be interesting to see how the province wakes up tomorrow! Glad our Plows and such are back on the road, with the properly qualified operators in them! So, Hooray ! Saskatchewan might actually get moving again!

Anyways, I slept horrible last night, and it's 10:15pm so I think I might just go crawl into bed. MM mm I bet that bed will feel good!

So good night all! Sleep tight!
Talk to you soon!

It's a freaking Blizzard out there!

Hi, Yes, We do have a blizzard. I have a picture to prove it. See where you can normally see the road and the houses over the road, all you see is snow! It's blowing like mad. I am glad I am at home where its warm! We were supposed to make a trip to Melville for hubby to go to the dentist, but we couldn't see accross the street so, no highway trips for us!

These are my Crazy Py. She has fallen in love with the paper bag. She loves playin in there and just crawling in and hanging out. Go figure. Its a cat thing, I know that. She also likes the crinkle of the bag! LOL

So, I have one sock complete like I told you, and I have the leg and heel turned for the second sock, just need to pick up the stitches and decrease for the foot! HOOORaY! I listed some kitchen stuff for sale in my for sale groups. I am going to put a list of my groups up here. And one of my authors/books I love. Maybe today with it being so lovely outside.
Anyways, Off to other things. . .
Catchya later! Keep Warm!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

One Sock Be Done!

Hey! I got that sock done! LOL Yes, I have the first sock done and the leg rib almost half done for the next sock . .. so I will have a pair! LOL Then I guess I have to make feet for my table and chairs so they can go in the addition. . . so . . I will whip them up after I am done this pair of socks . ..

This is the extention. Well it was supposed to be a deck, but someone wanted walls and a roof on it so he could barbque in the rain. Well, now it has gone full blown into a room. So, The floor right now has 2 doors, stained and drying on it. and under those doors is beautiful Laminate flooring. So it is going to be a dining room I think, hense the feet for the table and chairs. And the funniest part of all this is that he still must barbque in the rain . .. LOL go figure.

So, thats all I have to say, I am off to work on those socks. I wanna get them done! LOL

Talk to you all later!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Christmas Sewing . ..

I remember somewhere along the line, I think I told you I would post some Christmas crafting photos . .. but after, so those who were receiving wouldn't see them? Well, here they are. . . Just in case I did promise.

Nephew's PJ Pants, Younger Nephew's Pants, Sis' nightie/pants/slippers. Sis' Slippers up close, Mom's Nightie N Poncho
BroInLaws Socks, Dad's socks

Bro in Law's Pants, Gramma's Vest and Scarf, Nephew's Pants.
I did make dad a pair of Oatmeal colored socks. I pictured them earlier as I don't believe dad does a lot of blog reading! LOL. And I made him a big towel, well I stitched the ends of a big piece of terri for him so he has a giant towel. Also for my sis, the boys mom, I made the floral Cascade afghan.
So there you have it, the Christmas crafting .. .
catch ya later!


Yesterday, Well, I was hoping to finish that first sock. I believe I am at the toe decrease,or just a couple(2-4) rows from it! But, I didn't get up early enough. LOL or I spent too much time checking email yesterday morning. Either way, I hope I can finish it today.

We went to the farm yesterday. I have some pics of the deer.(just below). I had to be quick and I was aways away so they aren't that great of pics but, you can see the deer anyways.

While we were at the farm, I asked Dad about his spinning wheel he picked up at an auction. I have a girlfriend who is wanting to teach me to use it. (which is cool) So, He said I could take it and learn to spin .. . as it was only collecting dust at the farm. Mom isn't interested in learning to spin. So here are pics of the wheel. I just need to take it to my friend now and see what we can do with it. See if I like spinning. . ..
So, anyways, that is what I had to tell you. Ooh wait. We made it to Preeceville to see the nephew's too. We had a visit, came home .. . Our one nephew asked if I would make him a shirt for with his Jammie pants I made. I told him I would see what I could do. :) So will check out some fabric and what not and see what I can come up with.
Anyways. That is my excitement for now. :P
Talk to you all later!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sock in Progress & Crafty room N such . .

OK, so, any of you that I have been talking to . .. have heard of the sock in progress. Well this is my progress. 3 Days in, well partial days in! LOL and this is my sock so far. Yes the first sock. I have been occupied in other ways too. Like today, I ran to Wadena to fetch my love some orajel, for the nasty sore tooth he has. While I was there of course, I had to take a wander through the Bargain shop, pick up some coffee at the co-op gas bar (french vanilla cap.)(very bad, but ooh so yummy). While at the gas bar I also picked up a few (4), scratch tickets. I doubled my money, so not bad. Spend for win 8, I am all for it! LOL anyways so then the drive home again, the medication of the hubby with the Orajel. Then while I was in the bargain shop . . . I found a game . .. card game, called Boom-O and it is made by Mattel an was a whole $3.00 so I couldn't pass it up as Hubby and I like Uno and Skip-Bo but find they both can take a lot of time to play, Boom-O said it was quick play! Great! Cheap! and Let me tell ya! It is Quick rounds and Lots of fun! We played about . . . hm mm . .. 10 rounds and then he went back out to the garage to work. We had fun though. Then I picked up the camera and took some pics of the house . . . I am debating if I should show you my current mess or not! LOL But he went out to work and I picked up my sock so, in between IM's with my auntie I could work on the sock. LOL. I should be staining a door or two, but, I had a headache earlier today and am scared it will come back . .. mind you I should go do it. . .. soon .. LOL and I will.


Yesterday I got up, earlier than I have been. I stained the doors (first coat second side). I went for a walk to the mail, the long way. I came home, did some dishes. Found a few things to keep my from the sock you know . . . so didn't get much done on it. Then last night, hubby ushers me into the bedroom and we watched Criminal Minds, our favorite series that I bought Hubby for Christmas. I love the series and so does Hubby. Even the episodes we have seen we watch again, unless it is one we just saw last week! LOL so, we watched the first 3 DVDs last night of the set. Now talk about a marathon! Loved it though, good quiet snuggle time too.

So that is life . . . still debating showing the pictures. . .. hm mm . . . maybe will show you a couple.

This is my craft room .. . LOL in it's current UPROAR! Yes, its a mess. It has a lot of things I need to get to. See the shelves are all OK. The bag of fabric on the floor is next year's Christmas sewing. My collection of Shipping boxes and gift boxes are next to that. My wrapping paper, which is supposed to live in the basement is under the boxes, and the basket of yarn. Which is what occurred when I tried to sort my stash out. My stash of yarn is in the first set of drawer's the one with the clear drawer on top, notice also the taller set? LOL on top of the yarn stash drawers, is more yarn stash in 2 boxes, one being, Bernat Denimstyle and the other being some wool I have that .. . I want to make some special mittens with. Then, the next set of drawers has my fabric stash. On top of them is a few baskets I have that I am not willing to part with and just need to find a space in my space and use for them, and my stack of affiegans. I have two that were Hubby's B4 I met him, and one that was my Gramma's affie (very special) and then the baby affie that my granny started and my grandma finished(super special) for their grandbabies. That thought makes me sad. . . . so . . then I have the two bookshelves. Yes, I loooove books! The one has patterns and magazines, the other holds fiction books, that I have to read or have read and don't want to part with because . . . Well like I said I love books, and they touched a cord in me that was good. I might one day start a list on here of my favorite books . . . there is a good idea. . . hmmmm .. . one day. NOT Today! LOL
So .. . I have a couple things I should get to. Like shrinking some pics that I want to share with my Auntie. LOL not with you guys sorry . . I am far to messy right now to share um .. LOL.
So will talk to you all later!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Good Morning?

Good morning all,
It is 9:25 here. The sun is not showing itself or has decided to sleep in today. Hubby is sleeping in. Has me wondering why I am up? Other than the fact that my 30 year old body told me to get up! LOL. So here I sit, doing something quiet, as to not wake the hubby. I have Laundry to do but when it is on the main floor, 15 feet from the bedroom .. . it wakes a sleeping spouse! LOL. OK, now I am aimlessly chattering. Which, if you want to listen, is good.

OK, I am stuck thinking about blocks. I know it is my own fault. I brought them up to a good friend. Now I am thinking it would be great fun to make them. Get some foam(I think I have a dad with some kicking around that might be willing to part with it), make some squares, stitch them together around a foam block and voila! there you have your block. I am fighting with the idea of putting #s on them or something. You know a set of 10 with 0 to 9 on them or something. I just don't know when I will do it. But I have now recorded the idea, and when I get through my umpteen number of socks to make .. . LOL maybe I will attack that idea . . . or the dozen other things running around up there . .. hm mm .. who knows . ..

Anyways, I had a nice chat with my mom yesterday. She said she wouldn't mind socks for her birthday either. Which is easy enough . .. but we will see what else I can dream up . .. you know how it is. Then there is the sis. I am awaiting a slipper pattern, course, I guess if I went to see her, I would see it faster . . . Next week maybe I will see her (2.5 - 3hrs plus 30 - 40 min to get to her, via mom). I have a trip planned to go see mom . .. so, I can always hope. :) Maybe will clear up what to do for sis!?! Maybe? LOL I have the fabric for next Christmas' craft for her, but, I really do want to use it for Christmas, so, That as they say is that.

I think, I will, go and work on that sock. I know, it can be lots of fun to be here . . . but! I need to get some socks made. And I haven't figured out how to get this computer to make them, so I guess I better get, and be gone to go make those socks! LOL

Catch you all Later!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year Surprize Exchange

Hi all,

In one of the groups I am in . .. well that I moderate . .. we had a New Year Surprize Exchange! I feel spoiled because my partner sent such a lovely surprise . .. I have to show you as it's wool from her own sheep! and then there is sock yarn and some magazines! but the wool is most exciting! I just have to decide what to make with the actual wool!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to my partner! And, here's the pic!

Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sweater and Socks Accomplished!

They do make a beautiful set don't they? LOL

So the socks and sweater are done . . now to fish out the next ball of yarn to see what I am going to make . . . we shall see I suppose. If we are off to work right away (evening knitting). Then I need to plan for the spring birthdays . . . Ah yes, Dad, who is really easy as . . . I can make him socks! LOL Just because he digs in his drawer to find the ones I made . . . yeah, roots around making a mess until he finds them . . so that's easy. It's the other two. MOM, yes mom. what to make her . . . and that sister of mine . . . hm mm . .. will have to dig around and see what I can come up with. Though, I can't tell you guys or show you til after their birthdays . . . because I know they both read this . . . mom for the pictures and well sis too. ah well, I always manage something!

So have to go do some rooting around in the magic room(I call it that because it is organized yet a total mess right now!).

Catch ya all later!!

It made it to Edmonton in one piece!

Isn't she cute? My sister made her, at my request for a special friend of mine in Edmonton! I have been sitting on the edge of my seat wondering if the little bear made it in one piece or if(due to my poor packing) poor bear was smashed in shipping!
~She did make it in 1 piece!~
I am very happy and very relieved! I guess my packing skills are not all that bad after all! And the receiver of course! Loves the little bear! What knitter wouldn't? My sis has great talents . . . I am hoping one day she will make me a neato ornament that is doing something like this . .. but we shall see . . . I have her crafting another neat one . . . when the clay moves her for another friend! I will share those pics when It's done and received and all that . .. mind you the creative process takes time . . so you all be patient huh? LOL

I started those sockies for my nephew . . . to match that sweater. I am taking a break from tucking in ends on the first sockie right now . .. I know I should finish it now and get going on the second one, but sometimes I have to take a mental break . . . well, I also thought of a couple patterns I needed to print and all that too . . . so . . . you know where the break really comes in! LOL

That's it for now . .. more later I'm guessing . . .

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Affieghan Done!

See the back of the couch? or where the big floral print like the seat used to be? That is the giant affie that I made for my hubby! It's huge! Its snugglie! and ITS DONE!
(there is a better pic of it on Nov. 22 posting)

Now I can start into those cute little sockies for my nephew . . . yes. more socks. Love them.

Catchya later!

Monday, January 01, 2007

First day of a New Year!

Hey all,
Well, I didn't wake up completely better, but I did wake up feeling much better. So, I am glad to be on the way to healthy!
Today I have been working on the brown affie for hubby. It's getting large, but will have lots of snuggle room! Which is always good.
Hubby did some work on cleaning up the tools around the house. So more room to move around without stubbing toes one levels and such! Very nice!
Getting better everyday! LOL
Well, going to run! Talk to yous later!