Friday, August 31, 2007

I threw it out!

Well, I did it. I tossed out that Dickie I made. Hubby tried it on for me and it was way tight on him. So I figured no problem, I will just frog back the neck and re knit it with little larger needles and maybe pick up a couple stitches in the re knit process. Which would have been fine. BUT! I broke the cord on my Denise circ first... dropped a bunch of stitches, fine(mad at cord but will persevere right?). So I put a new cord on, and went to stitching again, except that the damn cord came undone, fine, put the stitches back on the cord, try again... undoes again... ripped the bloody thing off the needles threw it in the garbage!!! then put the needles away. Now I think he will be getting a pair of socks or 2. So, be it. So a pair of socks is going on the needles next. :D
Talk to ya later.....

Thursday, August 30, 2007

About finishing up.....

It was incredibly windy when we were trying to finish up in the yard. We didn't want any more down time, as we had already taken too long! So, Hubby decided we would tie up the bin. I was not overly enthused about it, though it worked and we got the bin up. Here are some pics of the bin's tethers. Above the bin is tied to the hopper cone... though you can not see the rope all that well it is there if you look hard. Below the bin is tied to the crane.

Above we tied the bin to the tow hook on the back of the car.... Later thoughts suggested we should have moved the truck and tied it to the truck, though the car did work. Below is the bin swinging in the wind to spite the ties to the crane, cone, and car. We tied it in the 4 corners so to speak so that it would not be able to swing too much in any one direction. It was just a wee bit windy at this point as you can see the side of the bin still touch the ground and the bin dancing in the wind.

This is another video though, the bin doesn't dance as much it still is dancing.

So that was finishing up in the yard in Outlook. After finishing that we went to do 2-19 foot Rosco's, which was putting another ring on and putting them on a hopper cone. Then we took Saturday afternoon off and went to the lake. Sunday we started at building 3-15', 5 ring bins with hopper cones and rockets. Sorry no pics of that. We also set a 14' bin on a wood floor then headed for home.... and that was our week.

Above is the Dickie I made(need to tuck in the ends) for my nephew. Below is a close up of the stripe on the Dickie.

This is the jacket I am altering. You see there was a flap on there(top picture) that was in the way of the pocket. So, I took the flap off(second pic). And now I need thread and I can sew it back together. All good!

Now, I used the blogger video upload deal to put these videos on here. Let me know if you like these ones or the other ones(previous post) better. Which works better and why. That way I know which way to put up future video's. Hope you enjoy! Back to the laundry for me!! LOL

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ahhhhhh..... hooooommmeeeee....

ahh feels good to be home. Yes I mean home. In my own bed tonight! Hooray!!!! and I start the task of putting the house back to living order.... hmm that means finding the bathroom under all of summers neglect.... doing laundry... vacuuming.... Dusting... grocery lists... ahh the work of being home.... feels soooo damn good!!!!!!!!

Now on another note... LOL I have to find my sewing/crafting room. I have a jacket to alter and Christmas sewing to get going on.... so big works in the work.. .and still bins to work on around home.... but at least at home!!!

Have to make supper and all that good stuff now.... talk to you later!!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now the good stuff....

These would be the socks I have been working on. Well, since I put the poncho down... LOL which was what... mid July... so not soooooo bad! LOL These ones I think will be a Christmas gift for the nephew. Hopefully he likes them..... being a teen and all. I am going to make him a hat, Dickie and mitten set for his birthday... which is on the needles next... soon as I figure out colours! Well enjoy the pics of the socks....

This one, shows how much my Kitchener stitch has improved... LOL I wonder if I could find that pair of socks that I made first and had nasty Kitchener happening..... I bet you all don't wanna see that anyways...... always nicer to see a nice Kitchener... :)

Home quick for a windy day today and tomorrow... nasty wind... errrrr.. ah well, back at work soon as the wind calms a bit or we tether the bin... we shall see.

Well that's it for now!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Video's I have figured them out!!!

It was just a little windy, takes quite a bit of wind to make the cable on the crane bounce with the weight of a bin on it(or at least part of one)... 100_1277.MOV

There may be some graphic language in these ones, but it's the rain and hail we got yesterday!

Bin being backed onto a cone for any who have yet to see it happen......

And Finally here is the bin being laid down in the cradle of the truck for transport.

So hope you enjoy them, Let me know whatcha think....

More Pictures for you!

This was a row of, 6-18' diameter bins with air tube, and 7-15' diameter bins with air tubes. they were hauled out faster than we could finish the row for a good pic... LOL
This one was a row of 5-15' diameter bins(no air), and 4-18' diameter bins no air in 2, rockets in the 2 that are not in the photo, they were delivered already!! Boy the Toyota looks tiny next to the bins!!!
Hey! Reverse crop circles!!! No actually that is where we had the roofs sitting before the bins went up!
Neat looking clouds bringing in the down pour yesterday(Aug 17)
If the trees and town were not there you would see the rain streak coming! It dropped some good rain, and some pea sized hail... for hmmm 20minutes er so in the afternoon. Then in the eve it did it from Midnight til... at least after 2 er 3. Was a good rain with a few Hail dumps... mostly pea size.. some that hit hard but didn't do any damage to what we were up to... Farmer's may have a diff story though!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bin Moving.....n such

Well, The weather has not been co-operating. If it is not hotter than hell, then it's raining cats and dogs or blowing the cows around!!! We didn't get much done today and yesterday... little slow moving in the wind. Just the way it is. (though frustrating for us!)

We did get this bin done today, and yesterday.... fought with the wind most the way! We did have another done, that was hauled out as fast as we finished it... so were to be 4 in the row... 2 to go!!

James going up to take the tree out!
The hanging tree being lowered to put in the next roof. We got it tight and ready to build now!!

I was going to post a video of a bin mover laying down the bin.... but will have to wait til I figure that out. You will have to settle for pictures for now... I hope you like them anyways... Also some pictures of some bins and such too... enjoy!

Also found this little nest of babies under the hopper cone! Them birdies sure like making their nests in the hoppers!

I am still working on the blue wool socks.... With the weather one would think I got further along... but been in and out and such... not much time to work on them.. though I am past the heel turn on the second sock!! Very exciting!!! Pics will follow!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


These are the onions I got off my garden this year(one is yellow onions the other is spanish, not that I can currently tell the diff). I braided them up, so that I could hang them to dry. I wanted to hang them as I will not be around to keep them turned and drying evenly. I am hoping this looks something like what my Great Grandma used to do for drying them..... Hey MOM! am I at least close???? Ah well hoping this works and that I will have nice yummy dry onions when I get home. :) As for Zucchini and Cucumber.. .I hope they stay cool enough that they are happy till I am home... we are taking some but not all :) Anyhow... off and running!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Garden and this and that

Apparently we got horrid hail here yesterday! It did only come through the North side of town. It took out windows and windshields. James and I's home and garden is all good except the onions that were all laid out. I pulled them and braided them up now they are hanging. I will try and post pictures later. We did harvest a lot of zucchini and cucumbers too.. as well as Kohl Rabi. Yum... and we had fresh garden potato's with cucumber for supper.

We made a quick trip home today for mail and laundry. I am not sure whats up from here.

Thank you for the comments on the baby booties. I guess if they are too big at birth then... she can wear them later. I think I will put a ribbon in the booties though... not sure exactly how but will show you when I get to that.

I have a pair of blue wool sockies on the needles right now.. still working on the first one as work is somewhat time consuming.. LOL and it's hard to knit when your shoulders hurt from putting up roof sheets. I put the poncho down.. too hot. I want to make more booties sometime too... wash cloths too.....

I want to take some pictures of the bins in the yard but they are going out just about as fast as we are putting them up so, I have a video of the bin going onto the trailer that I hope to post but we shall see if I can figure out how to put up the video. :)

Anyhow, gotta run!!
Catch ya all later!!!