Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WIP- Work in Progress

Hey all, I been working on this affiegan, I bought the yarn in the city. OOPS I didnt buy enough for my alteration of width to the pattern so, My wonderful Mummy, yes my mummy, went back to the wallymart where we bought the first balls and bought me 2 more, now I jsut need to get my butt back to the city to be able to pick them up and add the length I need to my affie so we can snuggle up under it. (which would be nice as it is blowing like mad outside today!! and I do mean madd!!) So that is the WIP that I cant finish yet! LOL, now for my other WIP . .. So there be the sockies, well they are not sockies yet. They are just the start of a sock. I know I need to get busy on them . ... but I was hopeing to finish the affiegan, that didnt have enough yarn, that still doesn't til I go see my mummy, who is in the city two and a half hours of driving away. So needless to say til momma tells me when we are putting up the the Christmas tree, yes I figure she is gonna need a hand again. I have an affie to tuck away in my room til I can finish it! I love how its looking though! dont you?
LOL and as far as them socks for dad go, well I will be on them soon as I finish my dishes. And be glad there is no pictuer of them cuz the stack would scare ya!
LOL, I hate washing dishes and when you are busy running here and there and your hubby is putting on a deck that turned into a porch, very nice, thinking of makin it a dining room but dunno bout it yet. YOur house is upside down and your lucky if you can find the damn sink never mind do the dishes! LOL, I Might show you pictures of the tamed down version later! LOL as we have been tidying up a bit as we go . . . though not 100 % LOL!
Well I should run! Catchya's all later!

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