Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Christmas,

Mom and Dad's tree, decorated
Stocking row
Gwyn's big Santa surprise

Notice the coffee pot at her feet.

Feeding everyone.

Glad to be home to her "Meow"
Gwyn dressin' up Mommy and Daddin
Our happy little princess!!!
Happy New Year!!!
Have a fun and safe one!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun, food...

 Gwyn got a Christmas card from her Grandma. It had stickers in it!! I wish her grandma could have seen her face light up when she got  mail! Soon  as the stickers came out, she went right to work! She made that beautiful pic above!
 This is my girl on her second pancake this morning. YES,her SECOND! So she ate a good 1.5 pancakes. Amazing! This gal is on an eating streak!! Last night she ate all the pickled carrots out of grandma's pickle dish...LOL guess they were good. She had also eaten a meatball or 2, a small piece of sausage, some cucumber out of the macaroni salad.... and.... an apple and a half before we left the house! I dunno where this eating streak has come from but, darn it's good.
 Today Gwyn and I did some crafties. I tried to make her magic wands. They turned out OK. She loved the hand and foot sticks! And the Christmas trees below, we  made from cut out hand shapes... and sticks. We remembered on the second tree that we had perfect star stickers... LOL but the first one is neat too...  (Gwyn had fun with the glue)
 ahhh this is the scarf to replace the frogged shawl. Pre-blocking (soak and shape)

Gwyn was happy to model for me... but would not sit still!!!

Post blocking.
I love the scarf. I think it turned out beautiful!!!!! May have to use that pattern again!! I enjoyed it.

Well, that is it for now. Haircut tomorrow. Gotta do a stack of dishes, finish laundry and pack. Then off to Christmas in the city. Should be good :) And if I don't post before.....

Merry Christmas!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Santa visit :) n my chittttt

Well.. I have had a hell of a last couple days.. I shall tell you more about that in a bit. We did however just have a very quick, visit from the man from the North Pole a few minutes ago. Miss Gwyn was very unsure of him, but wanted to show him all her favorite toys!!! so, had he stayed a little longer and not been so busy with the season.. she would have warmed right up! I didn't even get a picture.. shame on me!! Ah well, she loves the colouring book and crayons...

Now, onto my hell... LOL you sure you wanna hear it? Good grief...

This was the shawl in progress that I was rushing to finish for Christmas. I had only been working on it since... ooh July? Yes, toddler and lace.. not a good combo so.. the fussiest stuff was knit while said toddler slept... hence the time frame. So, I had posted this pic of how far I was getting as I was doing sooooo good!!! Then... I hit a critical error. I missed a section of decreases. A section I knew should have been there....  so I tried to fix it. no.. no no.. way!! It was crap. So.... frogged was the shawl. for you non-knitters that means rippit rippit rippit out into the ball form again. That is not where it stayed.. I tried to knit a different shawl type pattern with it... Hated it!!. Move on, tried this, tried that, dug around for this, dug around for that.. spent a day going in circles and not happy with a damn thing. Found something I was happy with.... had a couple hours of rows on it.. Someone removed the needles from the lace row..... not mentioning any toddlers. Can't get mad at the 3 year old. She only wanted to knit a scarf for herself. So cute I melted and knit her a scarf. a short cute pretty scarf.
Fun, pretty. quick knit to make my girl happy.
The next morning.. I did more digging and found another yarn.. it was perfect!!! Just to find the right pattern for it. and I did. I think...
It has gotten lots bigger since then.... almost done.7 more rows. Fringe... and a quick blocking wash..  :) Should happen tomorrow... which would make me very happy! I love how it knits up. Beautiful!
Hopefully more pics when done.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the midst of knitting like a crazy woman to finsh for Christmas....

 James putting in new taps in the kitchen... we no longer have to turn the tap just right to keep it from dripping!! But he had help... from Gwyn, and Meowmeow.

Gwyn taking pics of her bunny on Webkins Jr
Sitting pretty Meowmeow

Whatcha doing momma?

Christmas knitting....

ahhh the finished Christmas knitting.
Too bad I still have a scarf and a shawl to whip off the needles.. oh my..... back to it...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Last Parent & Tot swim lesson...

So, we had our last Parent N Tot swim lesson. Gwyn has officially moved up to Preschool A. Which she does by herself. Exciting and sad all in one. I really enjoyed being in the pool with her. But, she is growing up. Though I myself, and a few others that know us, Can NOT picture Gwyn with 4 other kids and one instructor. Life jacketed or not. Maybe it's just me? LOL I don't know.

 The instructor, let the kids have a toy for the last class. I don't know if she regretted her decision by the time we were done or not... Gwyn got a squirty. She must have squirted everyone at least once... and our lovely instructor the most.(she is the one in front of us in the pic below)
 Gwyn loves the pool! She loves the water. Honestly, she gets it honestly!! From my side.

So, that was our Tuesday. Weds, was gymnastics and we have one last class before we break for Christmas.

I can not believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away.... where the heck does the time go? So, FYI all my Cards are late!!! and on top of it... I did not get any photo books done up.... sorry all.. they if they happen... shall be late as well. I have a 3 cut out that I want to take some pics of Gwyn with... but haven't got to. Life is crazy. But now, should at least be more manageable. Although....I am already wondering when I can get Miss G in swim lessons again!!!

Monday, December 05, 2011

Gwyn Let me do her hair. It lasted... most the day :)

Our little tree with just lights.

Still just lights, oh, wait it has 5 little sesame street decorations on it.

Gwyn adjusting decorations... well.. putting on one of the last ones...

Proud of her tree

All done.

Tonight, I made double chocolate cookies...

Gwyn enjoyed them, but not the photo of evidence that she ate them... LOL

This was a quick and easy chicken... Italian dressing and a sprinkle of feta cheese... and was surprisingly nummy!!