Friday, July 21, 2006

Not for Long

Hey all, Quick stop home, so here but not for long! LOL. I got the socks off to my cuz and her man, and there is a pic above. I am waiting to hear if he got his socks and how both pairs fit, though they were wool so not expecting they will wear them anytime soon . . . LOL though fall is just around the corner. I also have posted the pics of a row of bins, can you see the one that moved ahead in the row about 9 feet when it was windy the one night? LOL we were quite surprized it didnt go over, i t just kinda leveled itself out . . . go figure, musta had a horseshoe up our asses that night, as the bin didnt go over, the crane didnt get hit by lightning (Hubby ran to the yard to put it down in the crazy wind we got). The lightning took out the power so where we were staying we had no power or water for 20 hours. LOL we took an afternoon and went to the beach. :) They sure are great in the hotel there . . . awesome wing night(super yummy meaty wings). . . great place to stay . . one of those old small town hotels where teh rooms are above the restaurant and bar and feels like an old farm house up there . . . and the people are so great they a re like family. . . thats who we went to the beach for the afternoon with. Great to get washed off and cooled offf. . . . gotta love that lake!
And well any of you wondering. . . Diefenbaker Lake and Tugaske Hotel.
anyways, gotta run . . . working on a knit poncho in a beautiful baby blue boucle right now, but it is warm and h ard to work on for more than a row or so at at ime with all the work we are doing and the blistering heat outside . ..
well catchya soon,

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