Friday, September 30, 2011

Photo interlude....

The girls enjoyed a quick camp out in the inside tent!! LOL
 The below was posted on my Facebook wall...
I very much agree and like this one!!! So, thought you might too.....
Gotta run!! Things to do.... places to go.. ttfn

Friday, September 23, 2011

Too busy for much knitting.. so...

Gwyn talked her daddy into a John Deere tool belt and hat.

I must admit, she looks darn cute in it.

She has been growing like a weed!!!

Happy playin' play doh while mom did dishes this morning...

Then we made carrot muffins together.

Daddy brought coffee, and she wants to share her muffins with you!
And that's about how it goes...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tee hee.. some pictures....

Grandpa and Gwyn drawing on the sidewalk.

She looks like a little doll...

Cuz R. Holding G's hand to make sure she is safe and staying in the wagon.

Gwyn dressed herself. Completely. (was a little hot for a rain suit that day!!)

Never mind the hat she added.

Hot fall day with some rough and tumble play in the sand pile!

Fought sleep, waiting for daddy. Finally fell asleep, ball in hands.

Made a play dough ice cream. Complete with cherry on top!

My shocking pant experience... only a little short? She has worn these through the summer too!! How do you like her pose?

Makin' faces!
Sorry there isn't more content. It has been a very busy, run every freaking place couple weeks. Things will settle and swim lessons will start... oh my.

Gymnastics start today. I am excited!!! Miss H. from across the way will be joining us this year! Yay!!  (Swim lessons start in Oct. 1.5hr there, 1/2 hr in the pool, 1.5hr home. Once a week for 10 weeks. A little crazy, but I do believe it will be well worth it.)

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Last Chance at 40 sucks!!

6Catsknittingaround is having a 40 sucks contest... this is your last... kick at the cat... chance... for getting in on her givaways!! Go, Go now!!! LOL