Sunday, September 30, 2007

Magic Loop Sock Progress....

This is the progress of the sockies. See the toes are more like feet now. This is my first short row heel. Looked like toe when I first finished. But looks like a heel after some rows.
Short row heels from a side view.
One done. One to go.
This is two socks with some heels and some leg on them... They look pretty good.
More pics when they are further along.... enjoy!!!

Work, Work, Combine and Work....

These Pics are of the Grain Vault we put up.... (yesterday we combined...Friday we finished....) This was our Thursday, Friday Job. It was an 18'05 Grain Vault(18 foot diameter, 5 rings high). This pic is a shot of the tractor(cutest little thing) and the crane after we pulled it out of the bin. Notice how blue and beautiful the sky is? It was a gorgeous day to be outside, except for the wind!!! (swinging bin... not fun, but we managed to finish) on Friday, If I remember right... Thursday wasn't all that bad either but had a chilly wind. This tractor was beautiful to drive. Nice and easy, and not overly huge! It was really cool it had Hydraulic oil levers so you could turn the hydraulic flow up and down like a John Deere(still not as fast but at least it had the levers to adjust it a bit). So the crane went up and down fairly quick.

Here is that bin all done up. Just needing to pack up the truck , put down the crane down, hook up to the truck and ready to go.

Then yesterday, Saturday, Was absolutely beautiful. It was windy, but the temperature was nice(20 some deg.cel. I think). So, Hubby and his dad were combining. I stayed at the house and visited with mom for a bit... then I went and rode in the truck with Hubby. Some, nice one on one with no knitting, no video games, no computer and no bins(except the trip to dump the truck). Was nice. I got to see what a bit of a challenge driving the grain truck can be.... be it switching from High to low gear in the field or finding your way back to the track you made to get out of the field in the dark. There were 2 other guys out on adjacent quarters, so, until it rained we had those lights as reference where north was. After it started raining... it wasn't too long we had to stop.... WE REALLY DIDN'T NEED ANY RAIN!!!! Dammit. We still have our Oats and Barley to come off! Though last night almost finished dad's oats, which was good, but, had the rain stayed away!!! Dad could have finished.

Today, well we were supposed to start a 22'08 flat bottom Twister yesterday. I don't know if it's on today's agenda or if Hubby has other plans... we shall see...

Off and running... ooh wait!!! I forgot the socks... I have a pretty good foot on them now... just about ready for the heel. I will keep you posted on how the heel goes. Sorry, no pics but figured you could imagine the toe's about 7 inches long. Can't ya?

Now I am off and running! Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cold? Nah, not here!!

LOL, Well September 25th had a frosty start. It did turn out to be a beautiful day, today was a beautiful day too(til it clouded up and got cold)... but the pics of the 25th are a little frosty... er so you can see!!
Today we finished the 19' Twister. Tomorrow is a 18' Grain Vault. WE are slowly getting to the end of bin season... er so we are hoping.

As you can see the toe ups are getting a little longer... I knit in the truck to and from the work site.... so, I get a few rounds a day in... So far so good.

Well, I am pooped and long days building bins make for short nights relaxing at home. So, I am off to find supper and my bed.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Toes up....

Progress.... Here we are with two toes. I worked on them today as we didn't go out to build bins while it was cold and damp out. That's as far as I am. I also remade a vest for my grandma. That was a bit trying as I would rather make fresh than alter.... LOL I have little patience to remodel clothing so I am finding, funny it's like that even when I made the original. But, Grandma should be able to wear it without it looking like a dress now, and once I press it, I will feel very very good about that. I was hoping to start some Christmas sewing today, didn't get to it though, so will have to wait for another day. Which is fine, I am back at my socks now. LOL and my fancy stitch marker came from a friends Etsy shop. And yes the pretty one, not the plastic stuff, the plastic one I got from Walmart. The pretty ones are far more fun, though the plastic one if you need to mark a specific stitch can be clipped and left on that one stitch, which works well when crocheting.... Just in case you were wondering. Thinking I may have to invest in some of her pretty pretty letter stitch markers... they would come in handy, as with my socks, I wanted something different to split the sides than what I started with. So I was forced to use the plastic ones or to double up the pretty one in front and well.. I have dropped the single on the floor enough without dropping a two to try and find!!! LOL

So that's about it for now... Catchyas later.... off to make some apple crisp and .... I dunno for supper.. LOL

Sunday, September 23, 2007

OK, I'm nuts.

Hey, I decided I needed to try toe up socks. Of course I wanted to try the Magic loop method which is a circular needle, on needle. Very nice 2 points stickin' out to get you when traveling rather than 8, and yes I know, I know... point protectors.. but I really really wanted to try this method. And I am almost done the toe.... not on one sock but on the pair! Yes, see I am nuts.. trying for the first time and going all out.... never do anything the easy way! LOL So I have 2 toes on my needle, and I think it would be easier if the needle was a little longer(mom note the wish list addition! rotfl). But anyways that is what I am up to! Pictures will follow... ah hell.. here they are!

My needle is a little twisty.. .and yes I know by putting them in warm water, or on the defrost in the car I can untwist them... but I find it not too bad to deal with them the way they are.

This here, is yesterday's mess. I was processing Cabbage... (it's the worst at throwing itself around the counter) and I did my Zucchini too. I did the cabbage up first though.All them nasty little bits of cabbage... all over the counter... AND THE FLOOR!!! Need to wash my mats but not for another day... waiting for our water to turn back to the right colour.

This here is the bags of processed cabbage I got from my troubles of the mess. Should make lots of lazy cabbage rolls!!

Now, as I had said about the water. I have to wait to wash my floor mats as the water has been just lovely. I didn't think it was that bad until I put my beautiful white printed flannel(supposed to make jammie pants for someone as a gift, now will be mine and ugly) in the wash and it came out like I had tea dyed it. Looks crappy, i'm not happy. but, life goes on and the fabric will make me some jammie's now.. I think.

Anyways, off and running, Talk to ya's later!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The set is done!

Ok, here is the pic as promised! Hope you enjoy! I hope he enjoys it when he gets it :) Now I am on to some sewing and some "C word" knitting! LOL Talk to ya's later!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Finished the Neck warmer

Hey, Finished that neck warmer today. I have no pictures as I am in the city and don't have the camera handy. It turned out nice. Will show you pics when I get home! I got to see my cousin!!! I love that gal! And I gave her the recipe box I have had sitting around for over a year, and she loved it!!! I am glad she liked it .... she was very excited about it! Glad she liked it! Got to see her mom too... my auntie, was good to see her and give her hugs too. I miss them... Auntie and I used to walk all the time when I lived in the city... I miss that(so does my ass! LOL) Mom and I did a lot of running around. I got my hair cut! Feels like heaven since it hasn't been cut since... beginning of July er end of June!!! Yes it was a little unruly!! LOL Feel better anyways. And that is about all the excitement except spending good time with my momma!! Which I love...
So, off and running will post again when I get home!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Done the four.

Hey, We finished the 4 twister's today. Sorry no pics, as it wasn't today we finished it was tonight. While it rained on us we were putting on the laminate stiffeners to the cone... what a headache!! But they are done and off to the next job. Feels good to know we are done those ones!

As far as knitting... well I put a few rounds on the neck warmer today, did not get very far with that... but tiz how it goes sometimes. I did do a little this eve while Hubby was putting those stiffeners on, because he told me there wasn't anything I could really do... but, after watching for a bit... (before the misting) I got out and handed him up the stiffener laminate rather than having him have to carry it up the ladder... I hope I was helpful...

And other than that? Not much. Weather sucks though. We got what 2 nice days? and now rain again tonight? Cold like snow though... and that is a four letter word I don't wanna talk about yet!!! Let alone deal with.....

Well, I am wiped right out.. tired... very very tired and sore... so.. good night.. will talk to you all later... maybe... If I can bring myself to get up in the morning(if its white out I might just stay in bed!!!)

Gnight all!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nephew's Set - almost complete

Hubby Modeling the Hat I made for the nephew. Mittens and hat just about ready to be wrapped up... need to add a neckwarmer that is now on the needles!
That's it for now!

Feeling under the weather

Hey all,
ick, I had A&W last night... well yesterday, then bologna wrap for supper.... and I feel really icky today. I don't know if it's the food? or the weather though? LOL It's been cold and cloudy and rained all day yesterday! WE did go to work, yes we drove up to Fosston, sat in the truck for 1.5 hours waiting for the rain to stop. It did. We got out. Took the tree(support) out of the roof we were working on, got in the roof. And it started drizzling, we put up a sheet, drizzle heavier, By the time we had 4 sheets up it was raining. It was a nice rain, if it was a better time of year for it. The Farmers don't want it, we bin builders don't want it!!! BRRRRRR and then it's a feels like -2c till 11am today, and then was only -1c at noon... not much warm up!!! So, between not feeling well and the cold we decided work will wait for us until tomorrow. I think this ick is probably a combo of the 2... mind you the food is a big part of it!!!

So, working on my hat in my nice little warm cozy home. LOL Hoping I have enough wool wound and don't have to go to the extension(chilly in there) to get another skein. Although I am betting I will have to make that trip... :P So be it!!!

So, nice an quiet today... knitting away... talk to you all later...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Work and Mitten's

Hey, these are the mitten's that I made for my nephew. This is the beginning of the Hat/Toque I am making. I will be making a neck warmer yet too. Though the neck warmer will be ribbed all the way and striped more like the mittens. I will also put strips on the top of the hat!
This is the first Twister bin we have done. We have 4 to do. The diameter is 22 feet. See my itty bitty little car in the back of that one? The green step ladder you see is a 6 footer. LOL Finished this one Monday. Did a roof and a half today!
These are the parts and rockets for the next 3.
This is the big beautiful, yummy John Deere Tractor we get to use to put those 4 big bad boys up!! That is a big Bad Boy of a Tractor. Drives like a dream and has wonderful fast hydraulics(perfect for the crane)
This part of the pile of stiffeners that was on the pallet... 6 holes to fill at the top, 8 holes in the middle to join 2 tiers, then 2 holes to fill ahead of time for the next tier. Lotta holes to fill!
LOL these ones were an oops and didn't have any holes!! LOL Was a good thing we had some in the garage to replace them (from previous builds of these bins).
Other than all that I'm doing good. We apparently have a mole in the garden so don't know what we are going to get for veggies... could be interesting. Now off and running... see if I can get some more of that hat done!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Grandma's Coat is done!!!

Hooray!!!! I finished it. I found the room and got the sewing machine out and finished the Jacket. For those of you whom don't remember, I took that backward flap off the pockets so she can now use the pockets, a lot easier... Now, long as I get to the city, grandma won't be cold!!
So, today it rained. Not what the farmers want, but what we got. So no combining, no bins today. So, did up my dishes(they sat a couple days as it was work late, eat, go to bed, get up, work late... you get it). Then I headed to Wadena. I then went to the Bargain shop, looking for suitable totes for my wool. They had some nice fabric, under the bed things that would have worked had I not found what I exactly wanted at the Co-op. I bought 4 large Rubbermaid containers and came home to put my wool away so I could find the table to put the sewing machine on, or something else should I have the need... LOL So, I proceeded to fill them... all 4 full and lots left over... well what did I have in that tote? Blankets.. well I guess they can come out go in a plastic bag for now and the wool will go in... then one that was about half the size, and two of those white kitchen size garbage bags. So in the porch I have, 5 large totes, 1 smaller tote and 2 white garbage bags, of that wool I bought this summer. Then there was the regular stash... LOL I will take pics of the totes later. Too tired now.. after doing that coat. Glad to be done it. Glad to have found my sewing table... :) Now just to squeeze in the "C" Sewing. around the knitting and other wonders that need to occur before December!
Ah well, that's it for now. I am off and running!

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Ok, now that I have recovered from my throw out. LOL Yes, It was very satisfying to throw it out at the time, but, at the same time very disappointing. But, now I have recovered and put a pair of mittens on the needles. I should be all good soon... I am on the row to put the thumb stitches on a holder and away I go... On the knitting road again.

I was in the fabric store on Saturday, they were having a big sale. I was disappointed they didn't have any pajama fleece. But I was bad and bought $50.00 worth of flannel for Jammie pant gifts and of course the 2 spools of thread I went in for. LOL yes I went in for 2 spools of thread, but bought 3 because the little snippet of colour I took to match up was kinda small and I couldn't tell if the lighter or the darker was better and since it was buy one get one I bought both and thought I would check it when I got home. And If i have an extra spool of thread.. so be it. So, when I feel like tackling the Jacket. I am ready!!

So that's it for now, Catch you's later!