Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Been awhile . . . but not forever!

Heyyas, We are working on the last bin of the season . . . Hooray! Well you never know if another may pop up but, so far it is! LOL

I have finished my Poncho! ooh that happened a couple days ago. Turned out nice. top of the page here. Long and trying .. . LOL I did a dickie for my dad's fishing buddy too! Its pic is there too!
Now I am working on some skull cap toques. Am waiting to see what to make next .. . thinkin I might break out the sewing machine! mmmm that would be some fun . . but we shall see.

Talk to you all sooon!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Hi all, Hubby is Harvesting. Good news for us, cuz we actually get to be home while he does it. Though I dont know if it counts for him as he's working til dark and all that, but I bet he is still sleeping better than hotel beds! LOL! Good to be home!

I am glad to be home. Did some housework today. Well not as much as I wanted but I did enough. LOL I got some done then my energy petered out. I guess thats what being on the road then coming home will do? you thinks?

Then I sat down and started working on that poncho . . . well been working on it now I am on the home stretch! Very happy with it so far, other than knitting with boucle which is very much a challenge of itself. LOL Go figure huh? WEll will show pictures when I finish it anyways. Looking for some little pattern for mini flowers or something, can probly make my own but would like to find something to spice it up as the poncho is rather plain and rather blue! I guess I will see what I can find!

Ta Ta for now! LOL