Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It was Raining Now it's Snowing . . . Is the old man snoring?

Hey all,
Well, yesterday. It freezing rained, til there was a sheet of ice we call the ground. Today It snowed on it. Lovely! Tiz some madness in the weather. I should take some pics and post them later. . . . think I will. cuz its sooo lovely! LOL The temperature is nice, but the lack of sun is nasty... we might wither up round here . . but the sun is suposed to come out tommorow. but not holding my breath! LOL

So, what did I craft yesterday? well I made a turtleneck dickie for my hubby, which i would post a picture of but he is wearing it. even though I made it tooo tight! I dont know how he can stand it tight! I wouldnt couldnt handle that! but he apparently can. so I am making another to fit better . . . *giggles* I hope! LOL

So off and running to read emails and get started on the second dickie. which Maybe I can get a picture of! LOL

Talk to you later!

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