Monday, November 27, 2006

Crafting and Such

Hey you's,
Here is a sockie, LOL a Christmas stocking. That I made, with Lion suede and glittery fun fur, not that you can see the glitter in the
picture but its a nice looking stocking . .. I also finished the sockies, well the first pair for my dad. I am hoping to have a couple pairs made up for him for Christmas.
They are an oatmeal color, I do really prefer to do his socks in grey or blues but the oatmeal was all I could get hold of, when I went to the wool shoppe to pick it up ( I was out of my Briggs & Little Tuffy at home). So now I am
going to make him a couple thin pairs of socks and that will round out his towel! I know he will like them even though they are thinner (sport weight are the ones to come). I know he will like this pair too, little thicker than the sport weight. ah well, enough about that. In one of the groups I am in, LOL well, in and moderate I guess. . . . we are doing a show your stash area thing, so that we can all see and learn from where others hide their stashes! LOL so I will show you mine in the midst of the holiday hell it is seeing! LOL
Well, Now you see it! LOL not that messy but messy just the same, on top there are some dishcloths I made, some walker pockets I made to sell and never sold, The Christmas sock that is pictured above. then a thing of wool that was given to me to make some mittens, that I haven't gotten around to making, an affie that I am working on(needs some yarn from my mom in the city to get any more done with it). then the tall tower is full of yarns, wool and otherwise, then the wicker basket has the yarn I got from my gramma's estate. then in the wallymart bag is a bunch of yarn for making a sweater for my nephews birthday, I cant wait to start on it. Then in that Christmas bag is that beautiful Floral Cascade Afghan that I made for my sis for Christmas. I am still debating socks in the bag that's why she lives like that, well and I showed it to my mom in law and she thought it was beautiful. Pictures of it are in the previous posting. In the paper bag one set of drawers over is the wool I got for myself and from my birthday from my momma, at Natural Fibres in Regina, Love that store . . . In those drawers are my fabric stash! LOL

So, that's it for now . .. . talk to you soon,

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