Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Survived Sunday

Well, Sunday we survived.Was a busy, lazy Sunday if that makes any sense at all. I went at noon to clean the gymnastics gym with the other parents whose turn it was.  We made short work of it. Then after that we loaded ourselves into the van and took off to Yorkton to do some shopping. We arrived in Yorkton late. But did still manage to do all we went for. Less any extra wanderings.. but that is getting to be the norm.  We also picked up a snowsuit for Gwyn that I had spoken for on a used for sale group. It looks pretty darn close to new.  And is the one she is wearing in the pic on her boggan below.  The snowsuit fits much better and gives her better movement than the 3 so far. But I do think she preferred the style of hood on the size 3. This one comes right up under the chin when you zipper and the hood is permanent on the jacket(verses the zip off kind). I think the neck may be a little tight on her.. so we leave the zipper down a wee bit... when we can.. sometimes it is just too damn cold.

Not sure if I like it cropped or not.. but she is just so damn cute!!!

Modeling her new shirt she got for her birthday and some hand me down boots she just absolutely had to put on!! No Questions asked.. so on they went!!! LOL

Toboggan ride up for the mail, Daddy came and was pulling... She liked that!

Wearing a Barret. Better luck with it than ponytail or piggy tails...
 And well.. Monday was a pretty quiet day... Today was a quiet one too.. OOH but we did try Playdoh today!!! She enjoyed it.  She didn't want to stop playing with it... Was fun to watch her explore it. 

On the knitting front.. I am planning out some mittens for my girl.... wondering if I should use wool or acrylic.. still thinking I need to do a wool test... (which is tie a piece inside her shirt somewhere to make sure it doesn't make her crazy). 

Today I made 2 - double batches of rice krispie cake. One with M&M's and one without. As Gwyn just pics out the M&M's so now she is going to get the plain stuff.

Well I will be off then.. will catch you all later... good eve....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gwyn's Party!

 We had a nice little gathering for Gwyn's birthday here at home.  She had a couple friends come and play for a couple hours. We have a very yummy ice cream cake!! And I still have plenty left over.. I do think I will be taking some for her Grandma and Grandpa to the farm... maybe a couple pieces over to her friend that was sick.. and most definitely a few pieces to her cousins that we are going to see next weekend.  Preeceville is doing a skate with Santa, and I think as long as we find Gwyn the proper attire we will take her. It sounds like great fun.  Speaking of great fun. The weather has been beautiful!!! Absolutely fantastic!! So, I had Gwyn outside day before yesterday. It was -2cel. and gorgeous. So she had a swing... a play in the snow.. and a toboggan ride!! Was great.  I didn't have time yesterday to get her outside.. though she very much enjoyed playing with her friends.  I think we both look forward to when they can come play again.  It was good for her to have to share her toys with someone else(other than family).  She did amazingly well. The only thing she had trouble sharing was the last thing I thought she would.  I got the stroller out for her little friend to play with because her momma had stepped out for a moment and I thought it would distract her as she shows to be more maternal that Gwyn.  WELL, Gwyn never plays with the little stroller and doll but they were having it out over it. They did however settle and take turns. Which was good. So they had a great play, ate cake and all the good stuff. 
Today, is promising to be a busy one.  I am off to Wadena to clean equipment for Gymnastics.  And after that, rather than make 2 trips to Wadena in one day we are off to Yorkton.  The weather is fair and should be a good time to make the trip. No sun.. but the clouds keep it warmer so I won't complain.

Well I should be off... things to do... Catch you all later....

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pictoral Update.

Gwyn's nappy, as she would not go down!

Woo whoo!!! on the toboggan on the way back from the post office!

Just thought it was pretty with all the fresh snow... and the sun sitting just right..

That's it?

Crawling around in the snow...

Happy girl.. though the lens is fogged due to the cold outside and the warm in...

Been busy...Town, City, Birthday... Oh My!

Well, lets see... after I last posted I went to Wadena with a sample and did that running. I also stopped at a friends house for tea. Gwyn was comfortable there. She reminded this friend how busy toddlers of 2 are! LOL I enjoyed the tea and look forward to doing it again soon!

We went to the city on Tuesday rather than Wednesday as the weather was more favorable.  So, Monday was a very busy day.. and Tuesday even more so.. I so hate the packing and unpacking of big trips. I don't know so much that it is the packing or the worrying that you forgot something.. something important. Though you would think by now.. I should be over that. How many times have I packed up to go who knows where?  More times than enough.. and I must say though that with Gwyn getting older it is getting somewhat easier. Though... shame on me.. I did forget James toothbrushes... Something I thought I would leave to him and he thought I would just automatically pack... oops.

Learning how to use Grandma's Camera!
We had a good trip to the city. Big shopping trip to Costco. I like shopping there. Though it makes packing up to come home more interesting.  We also did some side trips for shopping. Grandma came with and we went to Old Navy, love their kiddie cloths. Grandma bought her a couple outfits there and some leggings. She looks very sweet in the tops Grandma bought her. 

Playing with Potsi from Auntie and Uncle D.

On the 18th, we had her birthday party for the city family.  Her great auntie N and great uncle W came  over earlier in the day so we could have a good visit.  Then in the afternoon we had a doctors appointment. Then in the evening we had her cake, after supper.  We had great grandma K, Auntie N, cousin R, Auntie W, Grandma and pa K, and her daddy and I. Was a nice visit and great fun. Gwyn loved opening her presents and playing with her cousin.

The doctor trip turned out funny. The doc and the nurse said 1st year? LOL no, 2nd... they couldn't believe she is 2 either!!! She is 34.5 inches tall, and she is 22.5lbs. I couldn't believe she is so tall! But she is. Wow.

So after all that we came home on Sunday.

Tuesday we had a present to open as it was Gwyn's for real birthday. I think it made her wonder where the rest of her party was... I don't think she realized that the rest is coming on Saturday. She wouldn't nap until late. I also made my holiday rice krispie squares for the bake sale in Kelvington this weekend. I made extra for James and for Gwyn's party on Saturday. 

City Cake - They are almost identical
LOL we had ice cream cake in Regina, and we brought an ice cream cake home with us from the city for Saturday. MMM mmm  Gwyn likes her ice cream cake.

All the makin's of a Granny my girl.. Likes to feed everyone!!!

And she will even help you clean up after a botched attempt!
Outfit from Great Auntie and Uncle.
 And I have been picking away at cleaning up this and that. Anyone coming to the party this weekend.. Please excuse my mess.... 7 years of drop and run, 1 year of that, at home with a busy toddler.. does not equal a house recovered. It still looks like a drop and run house..  But, we live here, and its dusty, but my girl is mostly happy and so are we... so I guess.. that is what matters.  What's that saying? "A house is not a home unless you can write I love you in the dust." I also like the one that a friend told me, "Don't clean before they come, clean when they leave."  So, again... come visit us.. but turn a blind eye on the state of the house... I try but sometimes it gets me nowhere....
Playing with her Little People From Grandma
Loving some time with daddy.
So far the best I can do with the train set from Great auntie, the set from Mommy and Daddy, and the fill in from Grandma and grandpa. I think I may need more short corners...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, Monday.....

Well, Yesterday was quite a day! We got up and hung out... Had mushroom soup for lunch which Gwyn shoveled in... Then down for a nap.. I had a shower.. got ready... woke Gwyn up after just over an hour, then off to Gymnastics! Which was fantastic! Gwyn did well :) Then home to watch the end of the nail biting Rider game... good gawd... double overtime! I guess both teams wanted to go on, which is really how it is supposed to be right?  Quick and easy supper. Hung out for a bit again.. then Gwyn off to bed at 9, out by 9:30 no fight. Mind you still in our bed but... time.. in time... So, got my dishes done. Got shhhh a pair of socks cast on!!!! Don't tell a soul!! They are a Christmas present.. long as I get them done!! LOL and I can only work on them when Gwyn is sleeping.. she gets so excited about the yarn. She then gets right upset about the knitting basket being a NO. So, knitting is done while she sleeps...which is all good :)

Today, we are up and fed. Gwyn needs a bath. WE have to go to Wadena with a grain sample... and a couple other little stops. Would go this morning but.... I don't know.... I have some laundry to do, some packing to do(might as well start getting stuff ready for the city trip weds.). Gwyn will be 2 on the 23rd! So we are having her birthday in the city on Thurs, and she has her 2 year check up too!! So we get to see how she is doing in the doctors eyes, As I know she is doing very well.. growing like a weed! Understands everything you tell her. Lets out words when she forgets she is holding out.. LOL All in good time...

Anyhow.. Gwyn is telling me she is hungry for her fruit now.. so I better run!! Catch ya later!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

OMG - The neverending scarf!!! HAS ENDED!!! LOL

And here it is. Like it? Well really only matters if one person likes it. And I will find out come next week when I am in the city.

 I personally think it turned out well... Can't wait to cast into my next project!! *smiles* mmm Socks... I have so missed socks.....
 Gwyn is reading a book.... and having a snack.. thought you might enjoy!! :D

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The day after the snowy day....

Today we started with some indoor sports... Just hanging around. Playing.. taking some pics... will work better at night, or when the clouds and outside are much darker.

 I tried to put her down for a nappy.. she went to sleep.. but the minute I put her down.. she cried.. so today.. she was clinging... She was missing daddy something terrible I think. So, after her nap, the temp wasn't too bad so, I took her outside to play in the snow. The temp was hovering around -1 to -2 cel. With the windchill it was more like -5 to -7cel. Still not bad for a trip out to play :)
Gwyn did a lot of laying in the snow... she was having trouble walking in it.

James had wondered over to the center of that neighboring yard to measure how deep the snow was.. It was 10 inches.

Lots snow on top of the BBQ

My angel and the snow angel we made.

Walking in the truck tracks.

Wanting a slide....
Giving up on walking in the snow...

I so wanna swing momma!!
  Gwyn wanted to go for a swing.. I didn't think I could get the ice out of the bottom of the swing and didn't want to make out that she might get a swing.... so, I left it at the swing was full of snow!! She did go for a slide.. and let me tell you that was the fastest slide she ever had!!! It was iced and she went flying down! Good thing for the snow!! LOL

I'll shovel momma! If I could just get a good grip on it!!
  She wanted to shovel... but we had a bit of trouble grabbing it. She was having trouble all over. The snow in places was so deep she had trouble walking. Her snow pants are shortish and rode up over her boots even with the elastic cuffs. Her jacket was short in the body and rode up at one point to let snow into her snow pants. Her sleeves were a wee bit short and her mittens kept coming untucked so her little wrists were hanging out. So her sleeves were working up and her mittens falling off.. Mind you she did do some pulling off of mitten's when she was frustrated she couldn't hold something or she wanted to touch the snow.. She did a bit of snow touching :)  When she was tired of trying to wander around and cold she wanted to get in the van. I told her no we were not going anywhere and she got upset. I told her daddy would be home soon though she still wanted to go and did not want to come in the house.. mind you, that handy dandy bag of cheesies from  her Halloween candy worked wonders to ease her pain..  :)

All in all we had a good day. Gwyn had some fun outside. WE got some fresh air! All good :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Picture Update... Been a couple days... so here you go...

Hangin' out under the computer desk

Doing puzzle

Enjoying my blanket fort, both under and over!

Colouring, I love to colour!!

Gwyn wants a car that runs on bubbles!

Peek a BOO!!!

Mom's attempting to Home portrait. Love this one! Though needs some adjustments to how...

Overnight winter.
 It snowed last night, we woke up to winter. It snowed all day!!!!!! I mean all day!! Pics of that tomorrow. James needed to get the tractor and disk back to the farm... so we went out in that... I followed the tractor to the farm... And James drove home.. The roads were thick.. but passable.

My new cookie sheets
I am right pissed off with the Teflon coated crap they sell. My cabbage roll pans are in the garbage.. and most of my Teflon cookie sheets. I hate cooking to remove the food and find Teflon attached to the food! You work that hard to prepare food and then it's ruined. So, my amazing, wonderful husband, went to Amazon and ordered me these fantastic sheets!! They are expensive.. but I tried them out today.. would say long as they last they are worth every penny. I do have to register them.. for the lifetime warranty!!! Which is fantastic. They are heavy though.. but love them so far...

Getting ready to try out my new sheets!

Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

CCC cookies after they are cooked.
 I used a wee bit o cooking spray and they slid off there like nothing!! They are fantastic!!

Rider prided herself up. Coloured herself green for you non-rider folks. With Crayola wax crayons.. I don't know how she did it.. but it all washed off in the bath!!

And well.. more pics of the snow tomorrow.. that is all I can promise.. off and running, TTYL