Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Overambitious?.... maybe....

So, maybe I am that ambitious. My giant bowl of cabbage roll filling. 12lbs of ground beef(I had done up 4lbs previously)!! I have made 2 big pans out of it and 2 little ones. I still have some left. So, will work on that later. James is out at the farm today. Hopefully doing some harvesting... I hope it is dry enough!!!

So I have made 4 big pans and 3 little ones all told. I still have filling and cabbage left so will see what happens.
Gotta run! Catch you all later...

Monday, September 27, 2010

The first pans...

MMM, they are good.. notice the very first pan out of the oven is almost empty... LOL This is the fruit of yesterdays work. James is eating the leftover of the first pan for breakfast.. LOL So. I guess I better get the big pan packaged and frozen before he gets hungry again!! LOL They did turn out good though! so I guess I did something right!  I wonder how many more I should make.....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

We went....

So, we wondered off to the gym to drop off the Mom's pantry. We ended up staying. Gwyn didn't want to leave.. and we were told it was ok to stay, so we did. After a great time at gymnastics, we had some outside play time at home. Gwyn loves being outside.  Then we came in and she had a drink of juice and another bran cookie.. and uhmmm.. I didn't make them.. I bought them.. they are Peakfreens. YUM! I like them too.  So... I have cabbage rolls to make up....

These won't all be rolls of course.. some of it will be shredded up for lazy cabbage rolls....
I have a toddler... I am not that ambitious!!! ROTFL

The things we do.....

Yes, this is a picture of me with an ice cream pail on my head. Why? Well.. it made my little Gwyn laugh.  LOL she has been under the weather with a cold now for 2 weeks. She is also teething at the same time.... Heaven help me. So, Here is me. With a bucket on my head to make my Gwyn laugh.

Gwyn has been active at home through her cold. Walking her dog. LOL Yes, inside.. it has only been the last day or so that has been... lets say half decent and maybe worth going outside.
 Our new window. It's fabulous! I can see outside again(previously covered with a piece of plywood). This pic was taken at night.. during the day it is far more... breathtaking.. LOL Thank you again for the window honey!!! I am sooo excited that it actually opens!!!!
 And here our girlie is just loungin' out eatin' a cookie... a bran cookie... They are good.. but they sure as sh*t are not all bran!! Though, my sweet pea does like to eat all bran buds! LOL She is awesome!

So, that's life. I am off to Wadena to drop off some Mom's Pantry orders for the fundraising. I am also attempting cabbage rolls.. on my own... Momma help me.. I sure hope they taste like something... LOL
Catchya later, gotta run!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sick, ahhh hell sick....

Well, My Gwyn has been off key for about a week and a half. The rest of us held off until this week to catch it!! Yes this house is down with a cold. It has some.. flu like edges, but is a cold.  We have been wrestling Gwyn to wipe her nose.. I will be SO very very glad when the cold is over!!! And we can get back to living life. I would have loved to get to Wal-Mart for some $5.00 Tide, but not with a sick Gwyn!!!

One good thing, she did sleep in her bed, Monday night from midnight until 5am!!! Holy smack!! Couldn't believe it! No repeat last night mind you.. but I think she had a tougher day with the cold!  She was in bed with us by 2. Oh well baby steps...

So, that is all that is going on round here.... think I should go get the mail... get a Little outside time? hm mm. Probably do us good :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gwyn with the bunnies!!

Gwyn took my bunnies down the slide again, then decided they might like a rest.  She wanted me to sit with her and the bunnies!! What a girl!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Gwyn started gymnastics today. I think she will enjoy it more and more every time.  I know if things get better... ooh wait.. don't say if.. say when, I think I will enjoy them more too. She is a very busy toddler to say the least and has had no structure... yes, I said NO STRUCTURE what so ever. At home we run loose, at grandma's we run loose. When she is hungry, we feed her, when she is tired, she naps. With reason of course.. It's usually, get up ungawdly early, have breakfast, snack at 10ish, nap shortly after, lunch at noonish, snack in the afternoon, super around 5 or 6ish, then bed again. That is a far cry however to any structure. So we will say, today's class was an experience. She isn't one to sit still.. so sitting still for directions was difficult, waiting her turn was also difficult. But she did love it as she cried when it was time to go.  She must have had fun.

Though I will admit I left feeling less than perfect. I don't know if it is just the funk I have fallen in lately or what.. but, I felt like Gwyn was the only one acting up and that somehow it was all my fault. That I had failed to give her some skill she needed to function in the setting.  Though, after calming and being reassured by many, she was just reacting to structure and a new environment.  That after a few times she will get  used to it and all will be better. And she was not the only one.. being a toddler! LOL But tunnel vision blurs the edges around what you see right?

Anyways, I am soooo very much looking forward to next week. To see how much fun We will have! To see how much better it gets :)

BTW, she is sleeping in her bed as we speak.. though it has been this way.. sleep in her bed until.. oh 2am then back to bed with us. *sighs* some day right??

Friday, September 10, 2010

I don't really know.

My beautiful girl :)
Grandma found our girl some pretty bedding. Now just to get her room in shape... we are part way there but still have a long way to go. She did however snuggle right into that bedding and had a great sleep first time in it.  We are still working on the, Gwyn's bed versus our bed. Ask her where her bed is and she will still go to ours... may just take some time. Just need to be patient....
We had a giant pile of gravel in mom and dad's site out camping. The kids loved playing in it. It is there because they are putting electric in all the sites.  Seems rediculous to have the camp ground pulled up in such a mess over the long weekend.... but I suppose. Those poor buggers camping on the beach probably would have rather had a site, but, the beach or bust. Luckily mom and dad have the seasonal site. Mind you after the rain we had Sunday night to Monday.. I don't know how lucky it was... but everyone was good and everyone got out. I went to the city because, I had to wash the sleeping bag.... and uhmm dry the tent!! It worked great to hang it in Dad's garage... thank goodness I did that because it was too wet here at home to have hung and dried it.... Rain rain and more freaking rain!!!

So, we are home safe. Had a great Labour day weekend. Had a good visit in the city. Now to break in to the norm again....
OOHHHH!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED!!!! for Gwyn.....
 She starts GYMNASTICS!!!
 on Sunday!!!
 OOH how fun!!!
 I can't wait for her.. she has no idea...
 Should be great!!!

Anywho.. I am off to bed.. Midnight again dawgnaggit~!