Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Happy Halloween!

I've been knitting, it is not much, but it is a start. This is the forever restarting scarf. LOL I am determined to finish it now!!! And not to have to restart it yet again!!!

I may have been knitting a little tight to begin with.. notice the cream zig zag is a little closer together to begin with!
Oh my! But I am not restarting again!!!

 Gwyn has been Daddy's girl today. She was with him all morning... and most of the afternoon until I got her ready to go trick or treating. Hanging with dad in the bedroom watching TV, playing with him, while he played his game.

 When I put her costume on her she ran to show daddy. Also wanted him to take the banana out of her pocket!!! LOL was soooo cute!!

Just about ready to go, still trying to get that banana.

Trick or treating buddies. We made a few miles. They did well!

Enjoying an Orange juice and smarties from her loot!!

After a hard day of play,  and no early nap.. she was out!!

Happy Halloween!!!

OH! It truly is a Happy Halloween!! We are all better!! HOORAY!!!!!!! Just thought I should let you all know.... now.. I don't know about trick or treating.. I would like to put the costume to good use.. and Gwyn has been well 2 days now(yesterday and today). James and I feel like new people to yesterdays remnants of illness. Was really that one night that was the worst. All better, All good! And Hopefully a fantastic Halloween after all!!

Happy Halloween! Be Safe and Have FUN!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Fr*ck'ng Halloween

The flu has hit. I think Gwyn is better today. She was eating up a storm. Eating everything you gave her.  James and I, could hardly stand the look of food, but forced ourselves to eat. The flu hit last night for James and I. It hit Gwyn Wednesday or Thursday night. So, one Halloween costume, found for nothing.... I don't want to pass this nasty flu to anyone. I am even wondering if we should keep the lights out and doors locked... so not to pass to any unsuspecting kiddies... Maybe tomorrow will tell me better.

So, enough about our sick.

Have a Happy Halloween!!! And don't eat too much candy!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My company left today,

Mom and Auntie W. left today. With the very strong instruction that if the road was too bad to come back.  I have been a wee bit worried as I know.. My momma isn't the most confident driver.  The snow has also been falling lightly since ooh 10am this morning. It has picked up since they left.  James and I are both in the same boat.. looking out the window to see if they came back every time we walk by it! Gawd, I miss them already.
More snow....
We made short work of our 3 pies. Dessert last night, breakfast this morning!!

Gwyn is a happy girl when she drinks from Grandma's mug!!

 Was a great visit. It was too short, but that is the usual! We just live too darn far apart. Oh well... such is life... I miss um, and I hope the drive goes well....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finished Pies

And a little story with Daddy :)

Pie and blankets...

Another coolish day out there. It ended nicer than it began... which.. is nice I suppose. Promises of a nicer day tomorrow... Let's hope :)

My girl likes to get under a blanket and play around.. she will roll around and play peeka for quite a while.
Though, last night she was not well. Today may have been a wee bit of aftermath. But she did snuggle up in the blankies for fun.

I got some pears and apples ordered from the fruit truck.. and well, pears tend not to travel well. So, we decided to make some pear pie... well and apple pie too.... Here I am making up the pastry. Two pear, one apple.

Before baking, 3 pies. 4 apple/pear pastry perogies.. LOL

Pictures of fresh baked to follow.. If I get a pic before we eat them!! LOL

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mom and Auntie W. came for a visit....

My little monkey!
 Mom, being wonderful, went and found our girl a Hallowe'en costume. I wasn't going to take her out.. but changed my mind when all her little friends were going. I must say she makes a very cute monkey!

This, is winter. This is what we woke up to this morning.. It has snowed and blown all day!! Horrible cold wind...  Mom and Auntie W. are not going home tomorrow... at least we don't think so!!

 Grandma and Gwyn are opening a book for her little touch leap pad... it's a very cute story!!

 Gwyn loves bubbles! Dish bubbles, bath bubbles, any kind of bubbles. So, when I run a sink of dishes I usually give her a few to play with. Tonight we had a lot of bubbles, so she and Grandma and Auntie had lots of fun!!

Well.. I am a little rude here.. so going to sign off.. will tell you more later.. enjoy the pics!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


I feel a pair of socks coming on.. if naps keep going this well!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Amazed I managed to get a Lasagna in the oven...

This morning it was a bit chilly in the house.  Gwyn has learnt from her daddy to take a blanket and crawl under it over the heat register. Then the air blowing up really warms you up! So, I made her a little fort to play in, while enjoying the heat.
Our blanket fort, in the living room :)
 She loved it. Loved playing in the blanket where it was warm!

Loving my blanket fort!!

She went down for a nap in her bed. It was a fairly short one. As her daddy called, which didn't wake her, until a few minutes after I hung up.  Then I almost had her back to sleep.. and the phone rang again.... Dognaggit!!! I do think she got a reasonable sleep though. 

Sleeping in my own bed for a nappy nap.
While Gwyn was napping.. I debated... carrots... or Lasagna??  well, you can't really eat carrots on their own for supper. And I  had the ingredients all bought and ready, just had to use them. So, since carrots are not a meal and lasagna is. Lasagna it was!! I got the garlic and the onion sliced and started to cook before Gwyn was woke. I was amazed I managed to finish the rest while she played about the house.. emptying her drawers and all.. LOL

MM, lasagna :D
Gwyn picked at the lasagna, but she did eat it OK. She might help daddy out when  he gets home and has his.. LOL She has a tendency to do that!

Anyways, that is my excitement for the day.. as exciting as that is... so, I will catch you all later!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not a whole lot of any one thing....

Today, was the day to pick up Mom's Pantry. So, another run off to Wadena!  Gwyn and I went to pick up our order, to find the girls still trying to take the palate of goods in boxes inside!!! Wow. I guess the truck had been late dropping it off, so they didn't have it taken in, or sorted.  So, I offered a hand. What the heck, Gwyn and I were in no rush to go anywhere or do anything. I had a couple stops to do before leaving town.. but some time to help them out wouldn't hurt us one bit!! Gwyn played with a couple other girls while we sorted. All good :) So, picked that up. Off to the bakery to get some buns. Sold out of Whole wheat again!! They sold all the fresh ones.. and all the frozen ones they had.. no whole wheat burger buns today....  :( So, we settled for white ones... they didn't kill us last time. We picked up some sprinkle long johns for Gwyn and daddy and also a couple apple fritters, I went for the six deal and got a couple Boston creme for me... sinful.. but sooooo good!!!  Then, we were off to the Co-Op grocery. Picked up some groceries. And off to the Gas bar for the requested Coffee.... which, I drank.  James had to run to the farm to help dad with some welding.  So, I got to drink his requested coffee...

So, I get home. Gwyn had finally fallen asleep in the van.. just as I was pulling into town.  She was sitting cross legged and sleeping like an angel. I would have taken a picture... but I was worried she would wake before I got back to her with the camera in the cool air outside. Sorry... to me and you.... would have been a super sweet one!!!  Oh well. 

So, unloaded the van. Brought my girl in, she is sleeping in her bed as I write this. I then put away all the groceries.. and sorted the Pantry order into who got what. Wendy, that is a hell of a bag of bay leaves!! And whole rosemary looks like pine needles??? who would have thought???  Auntie N. Pie filling... I was like it's cold...holy flock o ducks what do I do with this???? LOL It can be kept at room temperature... LOL I had to open my eyes and read the label.. for the third time.. after getting MOM on the phone!!! ROTFL too funny. 

Ran my dishwater a while ago.. should probably go do them... not that I want to.. I should also start supper... but I don't know when James will be home.... hmmm... the fun...

Catch you later,

I swear sometimes he reads my mind.. He just called. Woke Gwyn. To tell me supper idea sounded good and that he would be an hour or more, but he could warm up supper!!! LOL  Now I get a snuggle with my Gwyn!! :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Not doing much today...

Didn't do a lot today.  Dishes, couple loads of laundry. Didn't even look at carrots. We did 49 bags of sliced, 7 bags of grated and 5 bags of chunks for in with roasts.  Day one James did the peeling and slicing. Day two, I did the peeling and most the slicing. Today would have been day 3, but we were both tired of carrots and took a day off.  James cleaned up a pile of siding and such from the yard and took it to the dump today. Other than that, it is pretty quiet. Tomorrow, I will be picking up Mom's pantry order for gymnastics in Wadena in the afternoon. Other than that.. maybe some more carrots as I have a pail to deal with yet... I mean a 5 gallon pail.. so, lots of carrots yet!! :)

So, off to bed soon, will catchya later.

Miss Em. If you were my neighbor and we had the housework/kid swap going.. I wouldn't tie you to carrots.. I would send Gwyn over to you!! :D

OOOH and on the cold front... we are getting better!! Worlds better today!! Hopefully even better tomorrow!!!

Catchya later!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Well, Much as I hate missing Gymnastics for Gwyn. She was too sick today to go.  I mean, she could have done it, but I don't want to be the person spreading this... f*cking cold around. I don't want to be the one who's kid gave it to that kid, who gave it to that kid. So, we stayed home. Course, I too am down with the cold so, there was not much energy to be had all round.  WE had a very cranky Gwyn with a very runny nose. I feel like I am getting better... I am worried that James may be catching it. Heaven help us. Miserable thing of a cold.

Anyways, during Gwyn's happy moments this morning.. she snarfed my ice cube tray from the counter.. here she is sorting her Fruit loops, bran buds and cheerios out. It did entertain her for awhile. I don't for the life of me see what an ice cube tray could hurt, so she played.

Yesterday, was carrot digging day. James dug. MIL and I topped and put in pails. MIL did most of it. She also washed the bags of carrots which is equivalent to 3 pails for us. She is a wonderful MIL. Don't know how I got so lucky. Left us 2 pails to wash and deal with. Well.. we were supposed to do that today... lack of ambition and energy.. they are still in the porch... sadly. But may be taken care of later. The bags need to be, scraped or peeled and then chopped, blanched and frozen. I will keep some fresh out. I will also grate some for Carrot Cake/muffins. mmm yes... must have some for cake or muffins.

 Though lacking in energy to do the carrots... I did manage to do the first wave of dishes. I also made this lovely banana bread. I have only been aiming to make this for a week.... and somehow something always gets in the way.... ROTFL go figure? But, made and looking yummy.. smells good too...

Gwyn is down for a nap, yes it is horrible late in the day for her to nap but, nap now.. or be miserable.. and I mean horrid miserable. So, nappy it is. I think it is almost wake up time. Her daddy however, was feeling run down and watched the football game(big disappointment) then laid down for a nap. I think I might go give him a little snuggle......  Will talk to you all later.. and keep you posted on my... carrot adventures!!! ROTFLMAO  I did ask my momma if she was going to come next week, bring my apples and pears and swap for a pail of carrots... will see what happens. With us sick she doesn't want to come stay overnight.. don't blame her. Might have to meet half way... will see what happens....

I am starting to feel a bit better... hopefully I will be done with this cold!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanksgiving and such....

Well, my Regina trip for thanksgiving went well. It was a wonderful visit. A fantastic supper!! We got to see Auntie N and her little Mr.R. Gwyn thinks the world of Mr.R. We saw Auntie Wendy and Uncle Darren. We got a quick shop with Great Auntie. We managed a bit of shopping with Grandma. We did a $7.99 Walmart Portrait deal...... good gawd... now that was a performance. We did an oil change on the van. I got a haircut. I washed the van!! OOH yes.. it was in need!!! We did pictures at a park.. that was.. interesting.. and will be attempted again.... maybe! :) All good fun.  Hmm... now what else to tell you??? We were home Monday afternoon. We were in Yorkton yesterday.

Her daddy thinks her new squeaky shoes are ugly, annoying but have a certain cuteness or charm about them... and Gwyn likes them so it's all ok.  LOL I love them, Grandma loves them and Gwyn loves them.. which really is all that matters as she is the one wearing them.  But they are real leather!!! For kids.. try and find that!!! Too cute that they squeak too!!! Love it!! Her Grandma wanted her to have a pair of shoes to go with her little dresses and jumpers. So we looked for some in Walmart, they had none in her size.. I kid you not... NONE. Oh.. one.. but it was ugly and did not fit her foot right. WE found the squeaky feet in Cozy Cradles. Gwyn was so tired, she did not want to try them on.. was having none of it. Well.. once wrestled into the shoes... she found they squeaked.. then didn't want to take them off!!! So cute! So, wrestle them off to try another size, another size way too big. Take those off.. no wrestling to get these back on. And she wore them out of the she loved them that much!!! Very cool!!

This morning.. started out as hell. After a nap. New girl! Hooray for that!! Course, mommy napped too! So, new mommy too.. thank gawd. We were both horrid(tired, cranky, sickish). After our nap, much better. Had lunch. Ran papers for daddy out to the farm. Had a visit with Grandma L. out at the farm.
I don't think she believes that it is actually dry in the mud rut. It has been mud all summer and has just dried out this past week. She seemed disappointed or confused or something...
You know.. I really should define grandparents shouldn't I? I call them both mom and dad. My parents are the city grandparents and James are the farm grandparents. I suppose though I should define them otherwise for ease of read? OK, going back to do that now in this post... Ok. so now, City folk will just be grandma and grandpa... farm folk... Grandma L. and grandpa L. Blah.. I hate that, but there it is.

After our visit at the farm we came home and played outside a bit. Then came inside, hung out. Daddy came home. I made supper (mmm wedges). Did dishes.. ahh something caught up. Then time for bed. OOH Wait!! In there, Gwyn ate a whole ice cream cone!!! After supper, before bed!!! OMG!! First time ever. She ate the whole thing, on her own. No help!! Fantastic! Was sooo proud of her. Oh and she ate supper fairly well. Had a couple bites of a Wagon wheel... then ate that whole cone on her own. Amazing that girl!

So, I am caught up in the dishes. Just to catch up in the rest of my world now.. Laundry. Picked up Gwyn's toys tonight with some reluctant help from her but it got done!! Fantastic. So, caught up to Laundry and maybe some groceries. Yeah, like milk, water, eggs... hmmm yogurt! LOL I always feel so far behind when I get home from the city. Like I went away yet, things still got dirty.. even though James was at the farm and dirtied one pot the whole time I was gone. I still felt so far behind when I got back. I don't know if it is just because of the mountain of laundry er what. But dishes being done.. for some reason.. makes that load feel lighter.. weird eh? eh, maybe not so weird. And yes, I left the house with some dishes in the sink. That is just how it is, and how I roll. Live first, dishes later. Just wish they could wait longer so I had more time with my girl.... but, sometimes  you just have to break down and do certain things(and yes the rest of my house is a disaster, I have a toddler, get over it).

On that note, It is quarter to two... oh gawd I's tired. but my  head is wide awake!! Makin' me nuts!!
But I should run,
Catch you all later!!!
Hope you enjoyed my rambling read!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Gwyn and the earrings...

This morning my little Gwyn comes out to the living room with her daddy.. points to my earrings.. points to the push pins in the bulletin board.. then points to her ears!!! OH MY!! Already!!! So, I went and got her some stick on earrings(small stickers). She wore them well :)  In the second picture you will see she added an, up high earring!! Whatta Girl!

 James hit a young buck on the way home last night...   He figures about 2 years old. Knocked the poor little buggers rack off.. mind you not that it matters much once you go over the rainbow.... James is fine. Next week we will find out from SGI how.. OK the truck is.....
James was off to the farm after a few phone calls this morning... and fruck a duck... he got a flat tire on the passenger rear!! He was not impressed.  Before he left he told me to go to the city for thanksgiving without him... which really sucks... but.. sometimes that is just how it is. I love my farmer :) but, miss him when we get going to these things on our own... Oh well... next trip... and Christmas for sure.. right???

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Some days...

Well, some days you wonder what the fruck... would it have been any better if I would have stayed in bed? I thought I was having a pretty damn good day.  James on the other hand... was not. 

I started out, sunshine in the morning... mmm nice.. Gwyn playing nicely. She ate breakfast like a trooper... Played nicely after. So, I did my dishes... I should have taken her outside... because when I finished them darn dishes the sun had disappeared and the wind had come up... nothing like gravel blasting your kiddie in the backyard.. so we stayed in. We picked up Gwyn's toys and vacuumed.  I made lunch. Gwyn ate well again. She struggled to go down for a nap.. she was soooo damn tired... but would fall asleep.. then wouldn't go down in her bed. I so wanted her to go down in her bed so I could fold the laundry.. was not happening. So, I gave up on her going down and decided to hold her. She finally got to sleep.. had about 20min. Then the phone rings. Gotta run.... I run. Which, ended up being a needless trip. I did however get to have tea with MIL and mmm yummy brownie. Gwyn had a visit with her grandma. Both combines were down... James having.. not so much fun pulling his apart. I am not sure what the result of dad's was as he was at the field yet when I left.  Then, I came home to feed my girlie and put her in her jammies and all that good stuff. James was not far behind.  We did alright coming home. James on the other hand did some hunting without a licence with the truck.  At least he is ok. The truck we will leave to SGI to figure out... but you know the new hood, headlights, bumper he got when he hit that quad a few years back... well... they all F'd up now. Gawds.

So, some days, you wonder if the Gods are laughing at you, or just holding things together by a tiny little string for you.... things could have been a lot worse!!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pictoral Update....

24 bags of Cabbage rolls, 16 bags of shredded cabbage(plus 3 from last year yet)

Just too cute with her little feet crossed!!

Happy girlie :)
Done cabbage rolls, all packed up too. I have dishes to do yet... picking away at laundry still... 4 more loads? or there abouts.... :)

Busy? Me? Nah.....

Ok, So I think all told I ended up with 7 large pans of cabbage rolls, and oh.... about 4 small pans(being at 8x8 cake pan). So, I think I am done with cabbage rolls.. at least til this time next year!! LOL Short of someone, requesting a... hand.  James and I have a friend  who... had to remind me.. he also loves cabbage rolls. When I told James this he said I should tell him "My cabbage rolls, are like my women, I don't share!" LOL So I guess.. if he reads this, he will know who he is... and can take that with a laugh... I might just sneak away a small package for him.. though... I don't know when he will be in Regina again so I can meet up with him for coffee and deliver the squirreled away cabbage rolls. LOL And honey.. if your reading... I am thinking the mini ones I made last.... :)

So, this morning.. I have accomplished.. quite a bit... surprisingly.  Gwyn was grumpy, but only because I got her up and did not let her hang out on the boob from 7 til.... 9! Yes, got her up, fed her, had my shower. James off to the farm to work. Sorted the laundry. Bathed Gwyn and dressed her for the day. Offered her a snack. Didn't want what was offered but wanted tomato's instead, so that is what she had.. then lunch! and my last pan of cabbage rolls is in the oven!! almost done! The leftover ground beef, the just in case pack, is divided and in the freezer for later... the cabbage rolls I cooked last night before bed still need to be packaged. The ones in the oven will need to be packaged. The dishes need done.. and I hear my dryer has stopped... brb.....


I know.. you didn't have to pause there.. I could have just kept on going... LOL

AND something amazing that is totally making me a  happy momma!!! GWYN IS NAPPING IN HER BED!!! Now, this hasn't happened in ...... oh....... 3 weeks? as she has had a nasty run of a cold, and teething at the same freaking time!! Molars!! So, she has been very sucky and not in her bed at all!!! and now.. she is in her bed.. and I... have a few minutes to me.... what to do what to do... work work work??? Nope, writing this, for yous! LOL

So, your wondering why I am still doing cabbage rolls today, and I will tell you. Wednesday, went to Wadena to get ground beef. Got it. Had a Gwyn nap on me all afternoon... Thursday... run for parts to Wynyard, rush rush.. sorry no time for coffee.. dammit... come back through Wadena, stop at the bank, hop in the van run to the terminal test sample... run to the farm with Wynyard part.  Run home, hungry tired girl in the van.. and her mommy too!!  Thursday night husband asked if I would come get a sample and take it in to the terminal in Wadena Friday. *sighs* apparently I am a good wife as I did. Then since I was there, not picking up parts, no need to rush home... I took Gwyn to the park.  She played and played and played!!! Was great!! She had so much fun, climbing what was supposed to be climbed!! Then came home. Tired Gwyn wanted a nap.. So, not wanting to let her but not able to fight her any  more, gave in at... 5:30... slept for a bit. Got up, had supper. Saw daddy, didn't want to go to bed until... 11:30pm which has been normal since James has been combining... but James and I are both tired from it.. so this morning.. got her up early to see if this would help.... I did last night get those pans of rolls, rolled. And baked one, after baking Deliessio pizza for supper.... And that is my story.. not that you necessarily wanted to hear all that.. but there it is.

Gwyn at the park video 1, 2, 3.

Talk to you later,