Monday, August 30, 2010

Gwyn's New Bed

Gwyn has a new bed.
I like it, she likes it, all good!

She even had her nap in it yesterday. She also slept in it last night... from.... hm mm... 8 to10pm, then 10 to 1pm. Progress.. I guess.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Few days again....

We have been busy with peas. Picking, shelling, blanching then bagging and throwing them in the freezer. Will have a nice stash of garden peas for the winter :) Which is always nice. And I suppose saves a few bucks.

Other than that, life has been pretty quiet.  Have been chipping away at Gwyn's room. I have now found it. Have her mattress on the floor in there. We did have it in the crib but it wasn't so good there. So, now on the floor for our climbing girl.  She has been napping on the mattress. Last night she made 5 hours on it!! HOORAY!!! 10pm until 3am. Very nice to have the bed to ourselves! Hopefully it just gets better and better. She is getting to be such a big girl :) 

Catchya Later!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Good day,

Gwyn and I had a great day today.. I was tired as all hell.... yes... 6 hrs of sleep did not cut it for this momma.  But made it through.  We were up at 6. Watched some TV. Ate some breakfast. Outside for a good play until 10am. Back in for a drink, then a lunch, then a nap. Up at 3. Played some. Had some supper. Out to play when it started to cool after 5pm. Played out for a bit. Had a ride on the push bike(mommy had a good long walk). Felt great btw!  Then home, visit with Daddy who was home now.  Made supper for James and I. Then, now I guess just kickin' back until bedtime. Maybe about 9 as Gwyn isn't showing all signs of ready yet... LOL 

Big day tomorrow. Pickin' peas at the farm again.... Sighs.. hopefully early enough it won't be nasty horrid hot. Was pretty darn hot today! Might pack a bag and see about Canora's pool..... They apparently have a separate toddler pool.. not so scary that she gets too deep by accident maybe?  But will see what the day holds.


Friday, August 06, 2010

A dip in the pool.

~I know, it's blurry, but what a smile!~
We had a good day today. At the start I wasn't so sure it would be! When Mr.J says I need to go to Wadena for this.  So, I made the very best of it. I had no dishes to do. I had toys to pick up.. but, what the heck.. toys on the floor are nothing new in a toddlers space! LOL So, I figured.. well it is warm enough to go for a swim. I thought I was crazy.. How are you going to handle that wild girlie in a pool.... And yes... even when we were there in the pool I wondered!! But we went, took care of our business. Had a dip in that lovely pool!! The water was soooo nice!! They have a 0 entry so you can walk right in. They had a little tykes slide there for the little people to slide into the water on.  They had a little spray island, which my girl just loved!!! That is where I wish I would have had a few more hands... Scared she would climb or slip out b4 I got to her on the opposite side. She loved playing in there though. When she was shivering...(I so didn't want to take her away until she was ready or chilly) we dried off and dressed up again. Headed over to the bakery, picked up some of their... mmmm, mmm, hamburger buns, and had a donut treat while we were there!! YUM! Shame on us. But, we need to live a little and enjoy life too! AND it isn't like we are there everyday scarfing them down... LOL Anyways.... then we went off to the Co-Op and got some milk and other such wonders. Then all in the van and off to home...Nice to be home.. G was soooo tired! She had fun, but was tired. She had some supper, called her Auntie W to tell her what fun she had. No answer so had to wait for the call back :) While on the phone with her auntie, she wanted to go to sleep. So off to bed at OMG 6pm er 6:30pm... She may be up horrible early.. but she only had a short nap this morning.. so hoping she will sleep until 6! If I am lucky at all it will be 7am and not 4!! Good grawsh.... it could be a horrid early one!! I just wanted to tell you about out pool trip.

~Tired after all that swimming, but happy!~

Accomplishing something. AGAIN!!!

Wow! Yes, I feel like I am on a roll!! You wouldn't believe it. My legs and hips are telling me so though.... Today, I got all my dishes from yesterday done up. I got all of today's done, only an ice cream scoop and 2 ice tea glasses and spoons remain (glasses are in use).  I bagged up 15 bags of peas and got them in the freezer.. yes I blanched them.. so wash, boil, rinse, cool, bag.  Fed my troops (Mr.J and G). I got some things done in G's room!! So, size 3 cloths are sorted and beyond. Just to go through the old totes and figure them out. Also now I can start on other things in there.. like emptying the crib so we can take it down and put her mattress in there!!! Hooray!!! *sighs* that is a long road though. But I am feeling less discouraged right now.. so.. will stop looking at the forever road and look at my current accomplishments instead!! That feels much better!! LOL 

And tonight, G goes to size 4 diapers.  Good gawd she was in 3's for over a year!!! or was it just a year? Auntie W. do you remember? eh, doesn't matter.. we went through tonnes of size 3. The only reason I am going to a 4 now is because the damn things are too short. They are diggin' into her poor little leg at the hip joint so time for some longer ones!!

What else can I tell you?  Mr.J sprayed the yard today, one step closer to nice grass for my G.

Well, now it's late.. well getting to be early!!! So, off to bed I go because that gorgeous G will be up at an awful early hour!!!

Night all!!

P.S. I am so glad to be back writing this... I sure did miss it.  Wouldn't it be cool if I got that room all done up then I could get some knittin' in? MM socks for Christmas anyone?? LOL


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Accomplishing something.

Well, yesterday. I accomplished something. Felt for the first time in awhile like I got something done.  Of course... Mr.J says "You wasted your whole afternoon. It doesn't look any different to me." With a grin on his face as we crawled into bed last night.  I told him he was an ass as usual. I know I made progress. It looks better and feels better to me.  I have a giant bag of cloths that don't fit, one way or the other to get rid of.  Wondering where I will find a drop box. So after the bedroom adventure. I then wandered into G's room... Oh my.... I just want to say.. no one is to buy a size three anything for her unless it screams very loudly that it is a G item. At least until I get things sorted out and can say she needs something... 3's are stacked up.  2's are a little skimpy.. but thinking with size 3 shirts we should be pretty darn good yet. We will see. I have lots of sorting to do.

And today, I already have my dishes done... and it isn't even 10am yet!! Wow! Gotta be a record no?  Mr.J is at the farm today. I have to do some mile makin'. Recycle bins, van is full.. LOL going to go to Preeceville. I have some bottles and cans as well as some business for Mr.J. Maybe throw that bag of cloths in.. just in case.... I see a drop box! LOL

So, off and running... well.. not yet but soon I thinks... have to put some pants on my G and take her out to play for a bit.

Monday, August 02, 2010

The Treadmill of life....

Here, today, I thought I did pretty damn good. Had the dishes all done up at lunch. Had lunches dishes in the sink.... then suppers.. now it looks like a huge pile again. Been doing laundry all day....You know the drill.. put a load in.. take a load out...round and round and round.  I thought I was accomplishing something... then at the end of the day.. I am tired and feel like I accomplished nothing.  Run, run, run and get nowhere. Life's treadmill.

Trying to keep my sunny outlook... but it's sometimes.... a challenge.

Picking Peas

I know, that may not be all that exciting to most of you. But, To my 20 month old... it was very exciting! She ate peas, onions and more peas.  Until I told her no more... scared she will poo green through the eye of a needle tomorrow, or get one hell of an upset tummy.  Anyways, she had fun running up and down the rows.

Walking around with Grandma. Playing outside. Enjoying the fresh air.  While Grandma or I chased her about.  We did manage to get the 2 rows of peas picked. But only 2 - 5 gallon pails came off them.  Still a lot of skinny peas there. So, picking will happen again in a couple days :) Hopefully all of us will have recovered from today's ventures and be ready to go again! Thank you Grandma for the wonderful day!!