Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

Oh, I know, I have been slack about writing in here. Call it the Christmas season? or Call it my Netscape not letting me in! either way I was being challenged and not feeling up to the challenge! I got a nasty cold, just before Christmas! I still have tail ends of it! Nasty Nasty! It was so Nasty I didn't even feel like knitting! Now that is nasty! but, once I got through the worst of it, I got to working on the sweater again. I have the pics posted here! I love it. It turned out very pretty! mind you don't tell the little man I made it for that I said it was pretty! LOL! I like it! Now just to make a really neat little pair of socks to match! I am working on the brown affie for hubby first though! Then the socks will follow!

So, I hope all of you had a great Christmas! and a Healthy one!
I am hoping I will wake up in the new year, happy and healthy! well, I am but you know . .. Cold free! LOL
Catch ya all later!

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