Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

We carry our addictions in brown paper bags....

Ok, so, Maybe we all don't but I know, The Golden Willow Natural Fibre gives you your purchase in a paper bag. So, therefore, I carry yarn... and Addi knitting needles in a paper bag. I know there are others who carry other addictions in paper bags... but I prefer the yarn kind. Here are some pictures of the latest...
This yarn, Mom and Sharon picked out for a shawl for me. Mom delivered it when she and Dad came to visit. It also contained the correct size Addi turbo for the shawl I was working on!!!

This was my own purchase... Yummy blue wool!! 
This was also my own purchase. Soft squishy cotton... dreamy!!

This is wonderful cotton blend, 2 pair of Addi's, stitch holders... and some neat looking Yarn needles... (not a hole for the eye but a loop.. looked like they would be awesome to thread).

Japanese Garden Shawl pre-blocking.

Japanese Garden Shawl while blocking. Notice my helper.... LOL

Another blogger was photographing her Rhubarb. Thought I would toss this in. 
 The rhubarb is coming up nicely. Though I am a little concerned as James said that we are supposed to get a low of -6cel. yet this week... Can we not just get spring?? Oh, well.. if it's only one night, I hope the little plants about will survive it. Mind you.. any of them nasty biting bugs could get hit hard!!
Gwyn moving water about the yard.

Moving from the puddle to the rut. LOL

I was away for a week and a half in the city.  While in the city I did that yarn shopping. Other necessity shopping.  We took Gwyn to a few different parks to play. She drew with sidewalk chalk all over grandma and grandpa's pavement. We took her swimming at the Sandra Schmirler Leisure Center. There is a fabulous toddler park there outside. Gwyn did a face plant the day we took her to the park outside. She was excited about the park and tripped on a landscape tie that was just sticking out of the ground enough to trip her. She landed flat on her face and her feet went way up... I could have swore that she was gonna be scraped and bloody from the fall... but they have this amazing recycled tired floor and she didn't have a scratch!! Awesome park for kiddles!!!! There is a library. And the pool we loved. So geared for kids. Though, Gwyn so wanted to go down the big slide.. just a little too big and scary yet. But she went down the toddler slide and the little kid slide and also did a tonne of jumping in the off the float/side of the pool. Wonderful fun. 

Anyways I shall run, supper is on the go... and all that!

Sunday, April 17, 2011


 It's terrible. Every time I want to type gymnastics.. my brain spits out gwynastics.. LOL It's crazy. Today, Gwyn was the only one who showed for her gymnastics class. So, she got some one on one. I think she had lots of fun. No waiting her turn.. Just go go go... which is what she does best!! LOL
Gwyn did not nap today, and did not go to bed until.. 9pm. Crazy little gal. She will either sleep in tomorrow.. or be tired. I be hoping for the sleep in a little bit....

Here is what is on my needles. It's a Japanese Garden Shawl. I love the way it is working up!!

I also love the colours... I think it's very pretty, though not as bright as the picture makes it out to be, it is still very pretty!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching up!

Ok, so, On the 8th I wandered over to Wynyard to see a good friend. Gwyn got to meet some sheep and Llama. She got to feed a lamb. We saw a chicken and a rooster. We saw a couple geese. A few doggies. Gwyn had a big day and was wonderful. Busy, as usual, but good. We had a good visit :)

 Then Saturday we did some playing around home.. Gwyn loves piddling around in the puddles! She tromps about in the water, picks stones.. has fun!

 I even got the bubbles out for her to blow some! She love loved blowing bubbles. I finally had to take them away as it was pretty chilly out and I thought we should head in... she wasn't happy about that.. But she certainly had fun while it lasted!!!  The funniest part being she leans down when she is blowing a bubble.. the bigger the bubble the closer to the ground she leans.. LOL very cute!

 On Sunday we had her Gymnastics Season Finale! End of the winter session. Gwyn enjoyed! I have registered her for spring, just because it is a wonderful activity and she gets to spend some time with other kids! She got a certificate for her class.. showed us all the things she learned in her classes.... Was nice.

Grandma and Grandpa came out for the finale! I think they enjoyed seeing Gwyn do her stuff!!! And we had them here for 2 whole days! Which was fabulous.. but as always the visit is never near long enough!!! But, Dad had to get back to work...
 Gwyn and Daddy had a play with the camera! Are they not the most beautiful pair? Love them both!
 I have been working on a crochet turtle blanket. Gwyn has been loving it up! So it is stuffed right full of love!! I hope the little man that receives it loves it half as much as Gwyn did!!! LOL
 This, is what we woke up to this morning!!! White, with great big snowflakes falling like rain!! It snowed until at least 2pm. Crazy!!! But it is melting off now.. and slushy mucky out there.. thank goodness!! I hope it doesn't add to the flooding issues they are having down south... not fun!!!

 This is the finished turtle blanket. I am very happy with the finished product! It is bright and fun! And yes, I folded it up before Gwyn got to see it done!! LOL


Ahh well, catch ya later!!!

Anonymous Postings

Well, I have some stories to tell.. but, first off  I want to say sorry to those anonymous commenter's. Those of you who are legit, I'm sorry. I was getting far too much crap traffic and had to change the settings.  Now see, if people were decent and didn't put that crap there I would have left it. The bad eggs ruin it for the all. Anyways, I think the most of you should still be able to post a comment. Will talk to you all later, as it is breakfast time in the house now... and I am thinking my girl is hungry!!!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

For all you knitting friends....

Insert big sigh of relief ---->here,      here<--- and     --->here......
 For fack sake!! I have no luck with my Denise needles... well.. I must have a little.. as I did not have to rip back my whole shawl!!! Ok... Here is what I am talking about....

I am knitting along on my Japanese Garden Shawl... minding my business... watching my pattern... knit knit knit... next thing I know there are stitches and stitch markers everywhere!!! My needle came undone!!! My gosh I thought the damn thing broke.... It didn't so I was able to finish the row...  I was also able to salvage my stitches... I hate trying to find stitches.. but my saving grace was that row 12 was a non pattern row.. HOOORAAAY!! for small mercies! Got it all fixed up and straightened out...  But I so hate those facking needles......

And yes, I realize, row 13 is like baby shawl... but it is lacy and the shawl is knit from the inside out... so 13 very long rows!!!

So, anyone want to buy a set of Denise that are missing one of the smaller cables.. but I bought  1 or 2 of the longer cables.... Maybe.. you would have better luck!!!

insert another sigh of relief... here..

Good night!!

Swimming, sheep.. and other sht....

Really, Really.....

wants to go....

Swim, swim....

 Gwyn put on 3 swimsuits... she never lets me dress her that many times!!! She wants to go swimming very badly!!! She has gotten her swimsuits out a couple times now... and is just wanting to go!!! Going to have to take her me thinks.....
Gwyn's picture, she got my camera.... and how do those fingerprints get on the lens? LOL
Yesterday, we went to see my good friend (By the Hills), yesterday. Gwyn got to meet lambs and sheep and llama. We saw a rooster and chicken, a couple geese. Gwyn had great fun!!!

It was a gorgeous day and a great visit! :)