Thursday, December 07, 2006

Socks , Did you say socks?

Hey all, Here is the promised picture of Dad's Denim blue wool socks for Christmas . . . yes. I like them much better than the oatmeal ones I made before .. . . but the oatmeal ones are thicker, the denim ones are thinner but they are all wool and I love working with it. Go figure . . when I was little I always thought that wool was scratchy . . . now I am grown up. . . well trying to be LOL, and I like working with it. I guess its not so scratchy on my hands as opposed to my body like a sweater. I do still find if I have a wool sweater better to wear a shirt under it as it is scratchy . . . course I would love to try llama or alpaca . .. but will have to try it after I make myself a prototype out of something more .. . . affordable.

I am working on a pair of socks right now . . . they are working up beautiful as far as color but I find the yarn a little stringy, course maybe thats my fault. It is a baby sport acrylic. I like them and think they will be pretty .. . I hope the reciever likes them too. LOL

After these socks .. . . I don' t know . .. I think I will start that sweater that is calling to me, for that nephew of mine whose birthday is in January! LOL guess i should get busy with it!!

What else can I tell you, I am going to head to the city, hopefully tomorrow, to help my mom put up her Christmas tree. I might fetch my sis and take her shopping. You know that lovely Christmas shopping that requires you go into the stores in December . . . craziness. I have to say. Making Christmas gifts is very rewarding . .. LOL one you get your supplies before the rush . . . then when everyone is in the store going nuts because they cant find what they want you are at home . .. sewing or knitting or crocheting up your gifts! I haven't found anyone in the family yet that hasn't liked my handy work .. . well unless they are holding back .. . hMMM . . . well my one sis, and her boys love their jammie pants cuz they live in them at home
. Then my other sis, always needs cloths. and If I can make it to fit . . . we are flying! Then my brother in law, well he likes his hats that I whip up. The skull caps I make up. Then Dad, loves my socks. So that is always safe for dad. .. . am I boring you yet?'

Hubby has a blade for the front of the truck now. He can push the snow up in the back yard. And . .. . if we need out and the town man has done a wonderful(lol) job of the street we can still get out. I know, I know I shouldn't complain as I haven't been a town man, and I don't know what its like . .. but what the heck . .. the streets need to be cleaned right? OK. I'm done. Anyways, Hubby had lots of fun dealing with our Less than local tire plus store for the blade. But, it is all sorted out now and the blade is installed and he is just hooking up the wiring now. I have now been informed he managed to do it. so should be use able. All cool!

I got my, well our bin building Christmas wishes in the mail tonight. Should go out in the morning mail. Felt good.

Anyhow, I should go . .. those pretty socks are calling. The washer and dryer are calling. Dad's Christmas present that needs wrapped is calling .. . . hmmm. . . busy huh? LOL

Catchya later!

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