Friday, November 03, 2006

Baking Bread, socks and Grandma

Yes as per the title, I got up the nerve to try making/baking bread. I made raisin bread. It turned out well except its a little over cooked. I shoulda pulled them out of the oven earlier, they are still good but little browner and crustier than intended. So good for me! I tried something new and it worked! Gonna try again soon . .. .

Now I have been trying all day to put some socks on my needles and havent been able to hold my attention to them. I keep feeling like I dont really wanna do them.. NOw this is really odd for me as I LOVE TO KNIT SOCKS!! so, I am thinking it must be that I myself am not ready to use the first yarn I set out to use(I had bought it with my late gramma in mind) so I switched yarns and well my heart still wasnt there. Now isnt that kinda odd? but maybe it was that I just don't feel like socks at this momment. Just missin gramma alot I guess. Maybe gonna try some dishcloths . . . maybe . .. . LOL . . .

Well guess I should run here, talk to you all later,

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