Thursday, August 10, 2006

Birds and Hopper Cones

I forgot to tell you about our little visitor in Nokomis. One morning we pulled in and started to fix up a bin. We were right near the hopper cones and I could see this black wing and hear this scraping of a bird in a hopper cone, I though it was a dumbass crow flew in and could fly out. WEll we worked on that bin for awhile, then i could hear it again. . . so we were at a point where i knew I wasnt needed so I went to investigate! I went to open the manhole on the bin and Hubby comes over says probly bird with a nest in there! I said yeah but I think its bigger than that. so he helped me get the cover off and here was a bird . . . as the pic above. Stuck in the cone is this bird bout the size of a goose, maybe little thinner but about the same wing span and with webbed feet, musta spent the night in there as his wings spanned too far to fly out and he couldn't run up the slant of the cone because he slid on the painted surface. So Hubby puts on his long sleeve sweatshirt and leather work gloves and hops in the cone to help the bird, who has a very long sharp looking beak. anyways he helps the bird to get up and out and as the bird comes over the edge it gets its neck caught on the next cone and tries to climb into it cuz it doesnt want to fall and cant fly yet, think it was too tired. so Hubby unhooked him from that cone and he went to the groudn kinda got his footing and I tried to take a closer pic but he kept moving away so I snaped a farther away one and then he flew off! apparently just tired from trying not to fall down the hole in the bottom of the cone all night and standing on one foot against the angle iron on the inside of the cone that keeps the air dog house up. Poor birdy, good hubby to set him out! :) that was a fun story! and Hubby in his 10 years of bins has never seen that B4! LOL
well, goodnight all talk to you soon!


Eva said...

Good for the bird that you were there to help him! Thank you for the comments on my blog :)

Kate said...

Have you figured out what kind of bird this was?