Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!!!

Before heading out!

Ready to go!!!

I'm fluttering off!!

At miss H's Grandma's taking pics

Miss G and Miss H together :)
And Miss G, out like a light!!! Before 6pm!!! Swimming tomorrow!!!

Halloween #1

Just a quick photo blurp. Will talk more later,
Chicken dumpling soup I made, last week.

Gwyn looking beautiful, in a tea towel!

Could not wait to put her costume on this mornin'

More pics and fun later!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Quick October photo update!!!

Well, I did not realize that October was slipping away and that it had been soooooo long since I posted! I got an email checking up on me from a net/blog friend :) Nice to know someone cares:) I have just been so busy!! Gwyn started gymnastics, and I put her in swimming lessons in Yorkton!! So, Tuesdays are busy swimming and driving. Weds not so bad kinda slouch days, but then gym in the afternoon!!! and it seems to be so crazy, between laundry and all that good stuff.... So, here on a lazy Monday, is a new post!!! OOH, and well we had harvest in there, and my Mom and dad came up from the city for Thanksgiving weekend! Was awesome visit and a darn good meal!!! So, been just a little nuts round here :P
I made turkey soup with the leftover thanksgiving turkey bones. It turned out not too bad :)

The little sweater I have been working on. Needs buttons and ends tucked in. But, I will post a pic when it is actually done. Maybe even when it is put on whom it's made for.

Gwyn was disappointed here that we couldn't play with Miss H. We got in the wagon and went to go get the mail. Miss H. had to go with grandma to make buns for Thanksgiving.

Daddy took little miss out one day.. she fell asleep just as they hit town. She was tired after working so hard on the farm with Daddy. They moved the combine(she got to honk the horn). and moved some other things around.

Playing Blues Clues

Lookin' so grown up....

Found a new seat.

One day, Daddy was at the farm working. Gwyn was missing Daddy(Daddin as she calls him). So, we were drawing and a picture and I drew us in the picture. Gwyn at the time was only wearing a pink top. She went to get the matching pants to the picture and put them on. She wanted to go to daddy so we could be like the picture. She would pick the picture up and run to the door and point to the picture then to the door!!!