Sunday, August 20, 2006

Home again Home again Jiggidy Jig . . .

Hey yas,
We came home from a nasty job last night. We finished what we could and now have to wait for parts or do what we can and make the farmer change a couple sheets when the good sheets come in. Well . . . We have other farmers to do bins for so, we are giving parts some time to come in, as the farmer did not order all the correct sheets he needed for his bins. Oh well so I say . . :) I got to stop in at the lake and see my momma and dad, as well as my sis and her hubby! LOL It was a great deal. Though, neither me nor hubby wanted to leave so we left late and ended up comeing home in a nasty rain storm . . . darn it anyways . . . But we had a good time and we made it home safe. Went to an auction sale today, Hubby bought a combine so we should be good for harvest now . . . :) that's always good. I checked my emails and had tonnes to read, in fact I am still reading them! LOL not that I am complaining! I love emails! LOL and snail mails but ya know emails so much faster!

Fall is upon us. Our trip home tells us that, so many fields knocked down ready for combining if they aren't already. Farmer's out trying desperately to get their crops that are knocked down off before the rain. It's good, in some ways and bad in others. It's been such a hot, stormy year that it will be nice to have the fall weather but I think we might have a pretty warm September yet. Never know. . . *shrugs*

Happy to see fall, but sad we worked so much of summer and didn't get to spend much time of it in the lake!

well got to run, that email is waiting, hubby is laying some lyno in the kitchen(temp til we do the whole thing) and I have some other things to tend to. . .

Talk to you all soon!
Off and Running!

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