Thursday, November 16, 2006

Upcoming pictures and projects . . .

Hey all,
Just stopping in. I finished the stocking I was working on. Should get a picture posted soon. I have started an affie for my hubby. In a medium brown, woulda liked to have dark chocolatey brown but had to settle for a medium brown, should look good with the couch anyways. . . So, I have yarn for my dad's socks to knit for christmas. I also bought some yarn to make a sweater for my nephew for his birthday in January. So that pic is going to take awhile. but will post pictures when I get to them. Doesnt look like your going to get a picture of the first dickie I made for Hubby, so when I make him the navy one that I intend to make even though he says the one he has is fine I find the fight to get it over his head a little disturbing, so am goning to make a bigger one for him. and beyond that . . . socks for dad, sweater for nephew, affie on the hook for hubby, dickie to make, maybe a few other odds and sods of socks . .. cuz I love them . . . :)
Well off and running as I need some sleep. My time in the city wore me out I think . . either that or being home has! (you know how the dishes arent done when you get home from leaving the hubby by himself, they are still in the sink but I'm tired still)

Off to bed anyways,
Talk to you sooon,

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