Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rain, bin's, socks...... OOOH Pirates!!!!!

Well, Dammit. More rain. Who is doing that rain dance? I SAID "WHO IS DOING THAT RAIN DANCE?" Talk about frustrating. We are down to 3 bins here. You hear that. 3 to build, and well 3 to spin(take off the cone turn it so the man hole is on the other side). We can't get to them damn bins in this lovely rain though.... well tomorrow supposed to rain too.... buggers, well I suppose we can hope we get beautiful weather after that!!! I hope!

Anyways, beyond the bins. I am working on that sock. I am almost done the foot. 6 more Rows to the toe. I need to find a good toe up pattern. I wanna try the magic loop method... see how that goes. Eventually!! LOL I have never made toe up socks but am sure I could do it!

We went on Sunday to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3! It was great!! The effects, the make-up, the story! Beautiful. I could go see it again!! Damn it was good :)

So now to tell the rest of the story. We went to see Pirates with a friend :) and we ended up there very early. So we pre-bought the tickets and the choice was to go to the casino(never seen the Moose Jaw casino b4) or go to Blockbuster and see what was up on the previously viewed wall. So, we went to the casino. We all managed to win some. Not big sums but enough to make ya happy, and head for the door. It was a good stop. Then off to the movie! Good thing we bought our tickets early as it was sold out!! yes sold out. So, we went to the casino saw it and then saw the movie, went to Moose Jaw's 24 Hr Tim Horton's(that by the way doesn't say anywheres on the sign that it is open 24-7), had a coffee :) and then back to the hotel.... It was a good movie... :) and hey, looks to be a few more good ones coming too.....

Ah well, was good time had by all us 3.

Monday, put one bin on a cone, built another, split the sheets and taped for the next. And today, rain, work on my sock. Now when the rain goes away, we are ready for the next bin. til then, back to that sock! Then onto a pair of socks for an uncle of mine :)

Catch ya later, my socks are calling!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Birthday, work and such!

Well, I had a good birthday yesterday. Another year older. *sighs* But I did get to go into the city to spend it with my mom, on the way through Moose Jaw I picked up my sis!! So the 3 of us had a good time. We went to my nephew's concert on Wednesday night! The band is good. Then, Thursday we did some running around . . . had some ice cream cake, well one of them Dairy Queen Log - has more yummy fudgy stuff in the middle, than the cake and we like fudgy stuff in the cakes :) Mom spoiled me, gave me cloths, yarn, embroidery thread.... all the good stuff....

We had a good day to work today too. We got 2 bins up on cones, one ready to build in the morning then we should be building a couple more tomorrow.

So we are on our way to finishing up. Sounds like we will be making a trip home between this job and Outlook. I will take the long way though the city cuz I have some things to pick up from my Sis for a friend. And then I get a little visit with my momma (long as its during the week cuz she be camping all the time now! LOL)

Well, I am off to bed as we are hoping for an early start tomorrow!
Catchya all later!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pictures as promised.....

Bin AlleyMom's Pretty Cascade Fixation Socks
Mom's Candy Kisses Kroy 4 Socks

Circular Needles for trying Magic Loop socks
Current Work in Progressand I think I forgot to tell you all about this little boo boo.... LOL . .. May 10 building roofs, I had a fight with the punch. I was using the punch to line up the holes and well, the punch slipped out of the hole I was using to pull and thwapped me pretty good in the head. In fact, James said "I never seen the punch cut before." LOL Its healed up now, but still feels bruised... only hurts if you push on it.... LOL so, I try not to!! ROTFLMAO One needs to be more careful with them punches!! They can be nasty..... :) So now I make sure I am pushing down and pulling back... much better!!

Well, hope you enjoy the pics! Catchya's again soon!!

Rain, Rain, Go Away......

It is another wet one out there today. Yesterday, Was a lot of moisture. And yes the farmer's here need it. But, we don't. Hard to set up the bins in the rain. And also in the wind that has been around. We have a bin ready for the cone, but need the wind to calm before we can mount it on that cone. We have 9 more bins after that! Here, In windy, wet Tugaske. It has been raining off and on today. I think the farmer's should be happy by now, so it can go away!!! At least I thinks so. This hotel living isn't the most exciting. LOL But, We are in good company anyways.

I can't remember if I told you I finished mom's belated socks? Pretty blue, Cascade Fixation!!! beautiful yarn!!! I will take a pic soon as I run down to the truck for the camera! LOL And yes I have the pics of the Roof Lane on there too(the one James crawled up the bin to take a pic of). Very neat pic from up there! Nice view!! I do also have, part of Father's day done... LOL I can truely say I am half way!! LO and will be over half yet this afternoon!! If I can muster the get up and go to get to it!! LOL

anyhow .. ... I keep promising pictures, and yes they are coming..... soon I thinks....
Talk to you later...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I did manage to get the garden in Yesterday(Tuesday). We planted, carrots, beets, turnips, cucumber, zucchini, Kohl Rabi and some potato hills. Figured this stuff was pretty safe with it being plant it and forget it safe. I would love some Tomato plants and some cabbage yet but... we will see how that goes. Might get some might not.

We designated a 25 x 30 foot space as the garden in the back yard... Going to edge it and then make a smaller one for transplanting maybe... we will see.

So, we went to the farm yesterday, came home, planted garden and then headed here to Tugaske. We have spent way too much time in the car the last few days.... Nice to be here to work. Mind you we were so tired from traveling that we slept in. Then after lunch James didn't feel so hot and the wind was picking up so... didn't get much done today either. I went on my own and put some support tubes on the roofs we built. So now they need tightened and then we can carry on! All good.

Tonight is wing night... sounds kinda busy downstairs, not crazy but busy enough. :) Always good for the Hotel:)

So, off and running sorry no pics again.... Mom, I need a picture of the 2 pair of socks you did get! LOL cuz I have but not finished!! thank ya!

Talk to you all later!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom's day, Mother's day, and the day after?

Ok, so here is one of the socks I gave my mom. I know this pic shows it in progress. I am hoping that in my good sense I took a pic of them done and it's on the camera, which is not here, at home but in Tugaske. I also made one other pair, the pair that I hunted for the second ball for! and did find and finish. I have another pair in progress, that I have to finish and take pics of the flaws and send to the company that made the yarn. . . and then carry on from there. So, Mom on her Birthday, which was also Mother's day, from me, received . ..LOL 2 pairs of finished socks, one pair unfinished(one done but not tucked in and the other still on the needles, and are still on the needles .. . LOL) in an unwrapped box, because when I went to the car to get it, it was raining and I had not yet wrapped it. So, unfinished, unwrapped, card in Tugaske LOL she received her gift, sort of! She still loved them. Only my mom ya know? LOL she is looking forward to the ones I have to finish though. Next time I see her she will get them!! LOL And hopefully her card... LOL

The whole thing was that we were not going to the city. We were going to Tugaske to work. As it turned out we spent more time at home to do laundry than expected. And I managed to Talk James into going to the city, because he had some things to pick up, as did I, and that we could grab those and supper at aunti's and be on our way to Tug. Well. We got there late, so, made one of our stops, unsuccessfully. Then went to Aunti's where everyone was feeling fine, had supper. it rained. Everyone went home, we went to mom and dad's to see the sewing desk(Looks awesome dad). Spent the night cuz it was lateish and it was raining and figured it would be raining in Tug too. Then, we did our running in the morning then came home to do some things that were not planned b4.

So, tomorrow we go to Tug to get back to those damn bins(hope that weather co-operates!!). I hope to upload more pictures for you all.

Catchya all again soon, (hopefully with them pics I keep promising!!) LOL

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Gardening, Knitting and work

Hey all,
We made a quick trip home to do laundry. So here I am. LOL I am now trying to figure out what to put in the garden. It is of course May 12... course you know that... and the garden should go in around the long weekend... Carrots I know. Beets maybe couple smaller rows. Turnips... might just pass this year(last years is still in the freezer). Peas, then hope to hell I make it back in time to pick um... maybe just a little bit of peas... I would love to do chard and spinach, but will definitely not be around enough to pick them on time. No lettuce or radish. I would like to plant some Kohlrabi ... it's a nice treat. Tomatoes would be nice too... cabbage . . . I tried Leeks last year and they grew not bad, but they were full of spots and such so I didn't eat them... never know so better not to. Same as with my Celery. *shrugs* so I think I will pass on both of them. Any ideas and suggestions? Remember I plant and run so, what gets planted has to be hearty. :P

*yawns* I was up to late last night doing the laundry and dishes, so that we could leave early early should that end up being the plan. James is out at the farm now, course he might be on his way home now too who knows.... Dad was having some trouble with the trucks... OI not getting into it. But James wanted to ask him if it made more sense to stay and put the crop in and then go back to build the bins or what... so we shall see. Makes sense in our eyes, because there isn't a trip up to Outlook with the crane and then home without it, it would be finish and go up with the crane. Less miles the better with the price of gas!!

And, I feel like my knitting has gone to shit. Sorry for the language. I started the Austermann sock like 3 times. I just tore it out again last night as my needles were too big and my stitches too loose so my heel turn looked like lace, and that is nasty!! so I ripped it out and gave up on it for now . .. I love the wool so it will call me back with smaller needles. Also, trying out that Cascade Fixation .. . I think my needles are too small because my ribbing isn't ribbing like it should ... so, bigger needles for it... cast on #3 for it. Ah well. . . So be it!! Maybe I should be changing course and knitting something else ... . for a bit... but I am gonna give these socks another go . .. or two .. . LOL I will get a pair of socks out of that yarn one way er another!! LOL

Anyhow, got breakfast to make and eat for me and then dishes to do again from breakfast .. . . so, I guess I should get my ass in gear . ...

Here is hoping the wind goes away for a few days so we can finish them Bins!!


Monday, May 07, 2007

Was off to Moose Jaw today.

Well, Managed a trip into Moose Jaw today. I had to pick up a ball of yarn at Karen's Button's and Bows! I of course ran out of yarn 10 rows and a toe from finished!!! A friend had sent me the ball and I was certain I could squeeze a small pair of socks out of it! LOL Well, Almost! Now baby socks would have been fine! So, they had the colour I needed, which nobody else had as it is discontinued! So, now I have the ball of yarn!! I can finish the socks! Hooray!!! I think I might do that tonight .. . get them done!! I love the gal in the store today too, she is sooo fun!! So, Sis was with me, and piped up and asked about circulars for the magic loop socks!! Hooray she remembered!!! so Now I have a 2.75mm by 60cm and a 3mm by 60cm to try that method with. Might be handier for traveling as it' s on one circular needle rather than the 4 double points!! 2 Jabbing sharp ends rather than the 8 that come the other way. So, we shall see how I like it! *thinking I can switch the socks I started over!!

*sighs* So, we hunted around for a few other things... needed some drill bits and a drill for work... so picked them up. James needed a new CD player for the truck... his was skipping all nasty!! so picked one of them up. Took my sis for lunch, well I drove, she bought! Thanks again!! and we did some wandering around .. . had something to hunt for and wasn't having much luck.. found it though! so we are all good! *smiles*

Well James is building roofs by himself, I really should head over and help him finish up ... soon as I find my socks and take a trip down the hall :P

Catch you all later!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

In the City.

Yeah that horrible windy day I took off to the city. James sat and waited for the wind to stop so he could build the roofs but, It blew and blew. The next day it rained and was still windy. So, James has had some down time while I been in the city. Good thing he packed his game . . .

So I am in the city. I ran out of yarn for mom's socks. I need just a tease more yarn to finish the foot and toe(10R on the foot then the toe decrease). Nasty. I will show you pictures later.

We have been doing the shopping thing while I have been here. We looked in all the Walmart's at the sales rack(Sis likes to haunt them, cuz you get damn good deals on good cloths). We went for lunch(Montana's one day and Joey's the next). Mom said Montana's was our birthday lunch so, Joey's was hers! LOL Damn it was good both days!!

Now, I went to the pet store with Sis, as she wanted to see about rabbit hutches for the indoors, or I suppose they are cages when they are inside. So, here we are in a pet store. They have baby kitties. ... oooh how I would love one .. .. makes a house feel more like a home when you always have someone to come home to, and it's different than a spouse you are coming home with. James even noticed it was really odd to come home without Py telling us about everything that happened while we were away. Anyways, I am there looking at the kittens, beautiful babies .... would have loved to take one home . . but, anyways, I look down the row and there is one of the cages/kennel thing windows that sticks out, and there are these green eyes starring at me. Py like eyes. This calico kitty, in the big cage was starring down the row at me. She was beautiful. Made me miss my Py. So, the lady that I am guessing looks after the kitties, starts talking about this "Mia" calico cat. I nodded politely and told her I had, had a calico. And then I carried on with Sis round the store. :) Nice shop. Seemed to have high prices but, brands and all that play in, so figure I am out of the pet loop right now.

So today I am hoping for a stop at the yarn shop, or 2 .. . gonna dream, dream big eh? LOL

Off and running, Catch you later,

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blowing Like ....

I want to say blowing like hell but, hell burns, not sure if it blows! LOL Seems around here, 30 to 70km winds are the norm. We get more wind here than anything else. Makes putting them bins up . .. . lets say sporadic. As you don't want a 18 foot diameter bin swinging too much. A little bit of the bin waltz is OK . .. but a lot gets to be dangerous. Might take off to the city today. James was asking when I was leaving. Need some things for the weekend . . . and well James builds roofs pretty well on his own, I am not a big fan of building roofs but do them when I need to. . .. Course I really don't mind the 15 foot roofs. Just the 18's I have a hard time reaching. .. my girls . .. if you know what I mean, get in the way of putting in some of them, there bolts. *sighs* so might skip wing night and head into the city . . . still debating. .. think I will call mom. See what she says! LOL Driving in this wind isn't terrible.. . My little car doesn't seem to catch the wind the way a lot of other vehicles do ... go figure. Short and small cars are good for something . .. and gas mileage! With the way gas keeps going up . . . damn good little car of mine . .. ah well, long as she survives these lovely highways huh?
Well off and running,
Catchya laters!