Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here are the socks I have been working on. These have felt like forever and ever and ever to do. I used Bernat Sox yarn for them... they turned out alright.... I should have shrunk the cuff around the ankle a wee bit though. I think they should be good when they get washed..... They are pretty and I knit them 2 at a time, toe up.
Well, now I am knitting on a ear/headband. It's knitting up nice. I am making it with some fuzzy yarn I have. Yeah I know, it isn't that fuzzy! Just a little fuzzy... not fuzzy enough to tickle ears or anything... just fuzzy enough to feel all soft and snugly!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Tuesday after...

Hey all,

Well the Rider's have brought home the cup, and with it, HELL FROZE OVER!!!! Yes, it is mighty chilly around here. Hubby had ordered one of those lovely pole shedy garage tarpy things. It arrived yesterday. The temp -23cel. and falling with windchill. And He wants to set it up. EW, tiz cold for that kinda stuff.... anyways, got the polls together, got it squared and anchored, got the front and back ends on... and called it a night. He wanted it up yesterday because... its getting colder this week... though today is warming up from its bitterness yesterday and is still cold! Yeah I know, I am complaining about the cold... so what.... Snow is pretty, cold is just bitter. and now I am done complaining!


Above is the picture of the fabric from the friend in Wynyard. Now, it is still in front of my dryer as I have not decided where on earth to put it, and haven't gone through it completely. I am going to have to soon as the laundry hamper is getting fuller! The 2 banana boxes are pants, Jeans. Which is great... as I think I will cut them up and make wrench holders out of them.... well.. might take up a couple pairs. As for the rest... well. Might become bags, purses.. and other such wonders. We shall see what my imagination dreams up. I took a little peak in the other boxes... and there are some very pretty pieces in there.. will be fun to play with. Beyond that... we shall see what happens... maybe I will share more pics with you.

Well, I think that's all I have to share... at the moment. :) TTYL

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Craft Sales and such...

Well, I went to the craft show in Wynyard yesterday. It's a neat little show. Lots of traffic. Very crowded though. Lots of jostling and being jostled. There were some intersting things there though. A lady had beautiful polar fleece mittens. One had really neat wooden signs (fun rustic looking signs)! Another had quilted goodies, everything from quilts to coasters. There was a table of fudge..... oh my steer clear..... LOL But it looked soooooooo very very good!!! One had stained glass. My girlfriend was there with her table of crafts(knitting and such), and there were a few other tables of crafts. There were 2 gals that had amazing photos! A guy with deer sausage. The usual Tupperware and Avon tables.

Hubby and I also went out to my girlfriends place. We had a good visit. As usual not long enough for me and her.. but, it was snowing and getting late so, Hubby and I had to head for home.

I have listed 2 of my sis' angels on Etsy. I am going to wait maybe a day er 2 then list 1 more on eBay and see what happens with it. I have put the link to my shop at the side of the page ------------>
I will also be adding a link to my eBay there.... hopefully before your reading this.. but with computers and such you never know... :P

Well... OOHHHHHH I remember what I forgot about yesterday! I got some fabric from a friend! Yes, a few boxes... think I should take pics and share... I have to go through it and see what I can do with what... and so forth! Thank you again!!!! BTW.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More Sewing

Well, are you all sick of my sewing yet? If not here is some more.... If so... well... I am knitting too.... just the socks are very fine yarn and are taking a bit of time..... So, I leave ya with the sewing.....

PJ pants, for Christmas gifts. I love sewing them... And I know a couple boys whom love receiving them! :) Can't tell ya who they are for though... suspense and all....

As for the rest of life? Well, we watched Chuck and Larry the other night, it was pretty good for a chuckle. We watched a few episodes from the second season of Criminal Minds today, love the show. Had to watch the new episode tonight!!! Very good!!!!!! Enjoyed Private Practice too as much as Hubby was dying for it to be over to find out what happened in Criminal minds tonight! LOL All I can tell ya is, Damn good episode.

Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jane's Contest

Jane is having a contest. Be armed and ready with something weird about yourself!
Thank you Dandy for telling me about it, and Thanks Jane for having it!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Sewing, Sewing, Sewing...

Well this is where the burning hot needles come in... other than knitting of course... and completely because it is getting so damn close to Christmas! Tick, Tick, Tick is the clock and the days off the calender.. racing toward the big due date for all your holiday crafting! OI. I have stuff to do!!! LOL But here is some of what I have done! At least what I can share with you.... I can't tell you who whats for because certain people read this..... This vest gave me grief! I mean I bought the zipper too long. So, big deal you shorten it. But then how do you tuck it in to finish the neck? I had to rip some teeth off the thing to get it to work. But, it worked. The vest is done and beautiful. I was going to put pockets on it but decided I didn't like how they looked... so it is without them. I hope the receiver doesn't mind. The vest is what I did yesterday.
I made these pants today.....

So, that's what I have been up to. Besides checking the Ebay listing to see how that's going from time to time... And Hubby found out that Tugaske will get their first 1/2 of the hopper cones tomorrow... so he is already thinking about work.... :P I am not yet ready to go back. I have some crafting to finish... but we shall see what happens...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Hey all! Take a look at these! Aren't they pretty? My sis made them. I listed them on EBay for auction.(link is in the title) What do you think?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Touring, Visiting and all the good stuff.

Well. we made round trip. We went to the city, did the birthday thing with my BIL and my Sis and her boys. Then we went to Tugaske, to visit our friends at the hotel. We talked to the Co-Op about their bin set up for this coming year. We then went along to Outlook and talked to the Co-Op there about their bin set up for this year. It's all good. Lots of bins to build. Above is the book my mum treated me to! I have the first one and love it so... when I saw there was a second there was no question! Lots of neato stuff in it! Below is some of the fabric I found for next year's Christmas sewing... yes I know, it even disgusts me!!!!
Sporty stuff for the nephew... duckies and hearts.... Skulls below for one of the boys on my list.
These skulls are very cool and I bought enough for 2 boys on my list!
These are THE SHEEP! Are they not super cool? Going to make a knitting bag or a purse er something with it!
Below, Rider Pride is strong in Sask. With the rider's doing so well. This bin was along the #15 Hwy not far out of Outlook. We think it is one that we built. And love the way he put the pass through rails to work!!! LOL
These are the sockies I am working on now. I love the colours. Sorry the pic is blurry.

Above is Riverbend Co-Op's yard empty. Does it ever look empty... never seen it this empty b4. Awesome that they sold every last bin!
I did manage to get the mitten's for the nephew done in time.. the pair is above! The set is below... I like it.... nice an bright for a little boy!

And well... that's about it.... Don't forget Dandy's Contest(link below) Will have more fun pics for you later!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dandy's Contest!

This is a fun one! Any renovation stories? Wanna read some renovation stories!! Very fun! Go read and enter! Great stuff!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Been Busy, Can ya tell?

I finished those 2 pair of pants that were WIP for a couple days, sitting there on my table without waist and leg hems. I have posted a pic of the pants and then a close up of the fabric. Thought it would be more fun if you knew what the heck was riding across their butts!
This pair is for my BIL.

This pair is for My Nephew.
This, is the second vest I was telling you all about having to get to.... I got to it yesterday... Turned out all right... I thinks.
This is the Birthday package, BIL will receive.
This is the mitten to the set. The one I have done that goes with the neck warmer and the toque. Whatcha think? I think it's fun!
This is the table beside my living room chair in it's current glory! See, the mitten there on the needles? I had to wind a new ball of grey so that I can carry on from that point.... I was hoping one ball would make it... but apparently not! LOL
Cass, had an unfortunate incident with her knitting bag yesterday... well in yesterday's post anyways. And she was asking about Knitting bags. I haven't got a knitting bag. I have a knitting basket. It is in sore need of re-covering and lining but, it was my great grandma's. So, it feels like it should stay how it is... I know that may sound weird er something but, I just have this " I want to cover it, but it was Granny's" feeling. Anyways! I took pics so you all could see.
This is the pic with all the stuff in it. Yes there is a lot of stuff:
-Susan Bates Peg it counter
-Ziplock bag with stitch marker's and knitting abacus(bracelet)
-Boyle plastic box of clippy stitch marker's
-DPN needle holder(rolled up)
-Fiskar's Snips-Plastic Stitch guide/ needle sizer
-Note book (with all my projects recorded in it)
-Stuffed in the note book, a page on how to graft, in case I am having a blank moment when I need to.
-A pen clipped to the side of the basket for writing in above book
-Sticky Notes-Large and small for pattern notes
-Measuring tape
- 3 circular needles for doing a pair of socks at a time, and 1 that is just a little too short for that method
-1 pair of sockie point protectors
-2 crochet hooks (sometimes my whole set)
-one of those set on your needle and twist it to count your rows, row counter
-2 stitch holders
-1 Gauge Wizard (magnifies so you can count your stitches easier)
-2 ugly plastic stitch markers
-the broken end of the cord to my Denise Needle I bust the cable on
-Polident tablets. Yes for my hubby in case we forget to pack them in the suitcase..
OOH and I forgot the 2 Yarn needles that I stick in the top there... see? for tucking in ends.
Above is my lovely little basket in it's usual home. Below is how easy it folds up to travel. Of course I wouldn't take it to the mall or coffee shop, I need a bag for that.. Yes NEED a bag. But it works great for our travels. To mom's house to work in the various hotels.. you know...
So, that's it for now. What's in your knitting bag/basket?

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Past and Pictures of Projects and such....

Here are 2 sock patterns. The one, "Spitfire Service Socks" looks to be the label off the wool. It came from The Regent Knitting Mills, Limited Executive and sales offices: Montreal, QUE. Mills: St. Jerome, QUE. The other, looks to be a pattern like those ones we now can get free in the store... off those pads of patterns for certain yarns. It is from Maitland Spinning Mills, Ltd. Listowel, Ontario. I am showing you these, because mom found them in my Great Grandmother's things a while ago. She gave them to me, as I do believe I may be the only knitter in the family... at least so far. I think that my Granny used them to make socks... my grandma once told me she made socks at one point... so they may even be patterns that she used. They have little notes on them here and there. Mostly in pencil... one in pen. Notes about stitches,or rows. I think they are really neat and, somehow a part of history. So, I hope you enjoy them... I thought you might.

This is the toque I was making for my nephew. It's done, ends tucked in and all!!!
This is the neck warmer I cast on right after. The ends need to be tucked in but I managed to finish it to that point as well!!! I did make the neck warmer bigger around. I know, I know trying to keep the draft out... but this young man doesn't like tight around his neck so, I made it looser.. and hopefully He will like it!
Here are the two together. I hope he likes them. The stripes are fun. A bit wide, but still lots of fun. Now, this is the new closet project. Below is the before picture.
See how the closet is right beside the bed? You know how many times I have kicked that thing in the middle of the night rolling over? I would then have to look an see if I woke up my hubby with the loud boom the doors would make upon contact.
See how there is a dresser on the other side of the room? We had to crawl up the end of the bed to get in. We also had to scootch our butts down the bed to get out. Try not to wake the other when you have to pee in the middle of the night!!! Or when you can't sleep anymore.

There was also his closet right there on the corner of the bed... in the pic above you can see how tight everything was in the room!
Now, see these! See how you can walk around that side of the bed now? Yes, we will probably need to put in new carpet but... am not in the giant hurry for it... I can live with that... specially now we can walk around the bed to get in or make it!!
See the beautiful new closet? See no doors. I know will be bad for dust on our cloths but hubby never had a door on his little closet before. No more giant "BOOM!" in the middle of the night from kicking the doors.
See all the space under it? I have a set of drawers, a laundry basket, space, garbage can and a night stand. Wow. I want to get a hamper and put where the basket is.. but we shall see... we have the basket and it doesn't cost anything because it has paid for itself already in the time I have had it!
And see what happened in the hubby's old closet space? OOH It is soooooo very very nice to walk around the bed to make it, change the sheets, and especially getting in and out of it... So nice!!! I love how the new closet looks... though the shelf needs some work, but, it functions and there is nothing pressing to get done in there! It's great! I love it!

Anyways, should probably go get the mail, have a walk, cast my vote, and all that good stuff! Don't forget to go cast yours.....