Saturday, July 29, 2006

Peas, DID YOU SAY PEAS!?! I don't wanna see any more peas tonight!

LOL, well, We went to the farm and picked our peas.

We got 2, 5 gallon pails of peas, which turned into 21 bags of frozen peas for a meals. :) We had a couple carrots out of the garden. MMM they was good. I was thinking bout my grandpa while picking the peas and pulling a couple carrots. I remember when I was little going over and we would steal some peas and carrots and strawberries, Grandpa had a great strawberry patch, when I was little. It was really cool, not like mine which is neglected and full of runners and no strawberries(need more time at home to clip runners and such!).

mmm good memories . . .

*sighs* mind you after we picked all those peas, we shelled um, washed um blanched them, bagged them and then froze them. Hooray! Done.
Ah well, now I did a little work on a couple squares I been working on, my problem to finish them though is that my crochet hooks are in the hotel room in Tug. What a bugger that is! LOL well when I do finish them I will post them.
ah well gonna run,.
Nice warm memories to you all!

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