Saturday, February 26, 2011

Turtle... turtle...

Now, I am making an afghan for Gwyn's Auntie N. to give as a gift to one of her co-workers.  Yes.. I still have the socks on the go.. but isn't this turtle more fun?  He is soo cute!! Now.. Just need to make a few more... I think 14, 15 total. I am excited about making this afghan with the turtles!! Can you tell? I don't even have the edging yarn yet.. and I am makin' turtles.. LOL

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Warm yummy wooly goodness as promised!!

Yes I got some yarn therapy in the city. My momma gave me a treat and purchased a couple balls for me. I also purchased a couple balls. So, here is what yummy yarn goodness I brought home. My momma also purchased a 2mmx100cm Addi turbo lace circular for me.. and an electronic row counter! I sure got spoiled!! So, Thank you momma!! I can't wait to get knitting on some of this!! :)
This Poems sock yarn is very nice! and a reasonable price!!
The fame trend is a wee bit scratchy to me, but I still like it and will make something wonderful with it! The Debbie Macomber is for a pair of socks for ME!! LOL It is fabulously soft!!
This Briggs and little I see as mitten's.  I have 2 of the pink so might do a full set.. but will see. I might try some colour work with another B&L yarn. Will see......
Anyways, as I promised there it is.  Gwyn had  a little nap today. I got her cloths put away and most of what we brought home from the city! Which, for once.. was not a whole hell of a lot... LOL  Anyways... I have knit not a stitch since getting home... maybe it is time to get out the train to play.. but Gwyn is watching Toopie and Binoo very happily right now.. so might leave sleeping dogs lie for a wee bit! LOL
Catch ya later!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 Days MIA, I'm baack.... City visit...

 Well, here we go.. I went to the city apparently on the 12th.  This pic right below is me trying to get Gwyn ready. She wanted Daddy to come along. She got his boots and wanted him to put them on.. eventually she put his boots on which made for the cutest pic... or at least I think so... LOL
These are the Valentines day flowers my wonderful hunny sent me. These flowers made some miles.... We went out for a short on that Monday... and the flowers were delivered across the street. So I went to collect them and must have checked back 4 times as nobody was home. I then get a phone call after supper to go to the front door.. and Mom and Dad's neighbor beside comes over with the flowers.  She then explains how the neighbor across the way thought they were for her but, she didn't have a valentine... so she looked at the tag closer and found they were for me. They made a detour but they certainly made it to me in beautiful shape.. lovely as can be!

My girl did some puzzles with Grandma on Valentines day. She was all decked out in her heart wear! LOL
We  did manage to get Gwyn's aunti down for a visit.  Gwyn likes to hog her ipod.
I got some Piggy Paint for Gwyn's toes. She actually sat still while I painted them.. and I have seen her admiring them a couple times....
It's here!! It came while I was in the city!! The baby gate I won.. is here!!! It is beautiful! and opens very easily!! Very nice!! Big thanks to Munchkin for it! I so love their products!!! (Sippy cups too!!!)
After a long visit in the city. I am home. Good to be home... miss my family already. Gwyn misses them too.. add Snowdog to that too!! She loves grandma's doggy.  Anyways, I think I should have left the flowers in the city.. they didn't travel home so well... was a long haul and aged them horribly.. but they are still beautiful so.. I guess I will enjoy them a few more days....
Got a little further on these socks.  I have some new.. yummy yarn to share.. but will have to wait for pics until tomorrow.... I am off to bed!
Goodnight all!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Busyish week behind.. busyish week ahead!

Well, we had a trip to Yorkton this past week.. which made for a very long day. I guess it only made it feel like a long week as we weren't really up to much else. I finished a pair of socks and started a new pair....
This coming week we are headed into Regina. Gwyn and I, to get a visit with Grandma and Grandpa.. and who knows maybe that auntie and uncle from Moose Jaw will slip down for a visit :) That's always nice. Trips to Regina always seem to be so hectic. I haven't got a giant list of to do's though so maybe... it won't be so bad... Maybe we can sneak a trip to the pool in. Or even some skating! Would be nice... but who knows!
I asked Gwyn if she wanted to go see Grandma and grandpa and she nodded yes. I asked her if she wanted to go see Snow dog... She got a giant smile on her face and nodded yes. So.. we will see how that goes over when we are leaving Daddy at home. *shrugs* we shall see....


Saturday, February 05, 2011

Repairs.... Check!

Ok. So.. I blew out 2 nursing bras(the cup ripped away from the foundation) and I have been meaning to get out the sewing machine and fix them. Yeah, I know, I could probably wear a normal bra by now.. but the nursing ones are just easier and more comfortable yet.. I do think I will have to buy a new bra when I get done with the breast feeding. ANYWAYS! So, I got the sewing machine out and actually got them fixed up. ahhhh DONE! back to 4 bras in circulation. Nothing like trying to make it between laundry days with 2 bras. I always ended up yanking a blow out, off the repair hanger and wearing it.. boogas that is nasty! Anyway enough bout that. What I wanted to say was DAMN IT FELT SOOO GOOD TO SEW!!! I soooo wish I had a sewing room... I foam at the mouth a little bit with drool when we start looking at trailers/homes to build out on the farm! I know.. I know. might be the last freaking room in the house to ever get finished.. but it would be a room. As for a trailer it would be a corner in a guest room. But, maybe, if Gwyn will go down for her naps still.. I can get some sewing in? maybe there is some birthday/Christmas sewing in the future for me. Aside the knitting.. oh my... anyways... Gwyn is up now... snuggling daddy but up. Glad I got the sewing machine away just in time! Well.. back to knitting my socks I guess...

OOOH!!! I forgot to tell you, the other day, I fixed James zipper pulls. I ordered them from Century textile in Saskatoon and we put them on his bunny hugs so now he has working pulls. His old pulls had broken the tab and loop right off so you couldn't even stick something through the hole. But I am glad that wee bit of repair is done too..

If this keeps up.. who knows what I can get done!! LOL

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Groceries.. and sleep...

Well. Last night was good.. but short. Night before last I decided it was time to try to sleep through the night. No more midnight feeds. Gwyn had lots of supper and snack and could make it through to morning. Well, I felt terrible as Gwyn sobbed for an hour and a half. She then went off to sleep! Slept through until 8:30am. NICE.

We then had a good morning just hangin' about. James had not slept well. Gwyn and I did Canora groceries on our own. I will tell you now, I will not be doing any grocery shopping in Canora. For what I got, I could have gotten in Wadena, with exceptional service. Not left feeling like I should have just driven to Superstore in Yorkton as the service was about the same, if not worse. Ok, ok. I will tell you the story. I went, got a good cart load of groceries. Now, I do believe that their carts must be small or something... as I didn't put much in and it was full. Gwyn being tired, was a handful. So I got most my groceries pushing the cart with one hand and holding Gwyn and entertaining her with the other. So, cart loaded full. Off to the til. Well, not so bad you have to put your groceries on the belt. That is normal. That didn't get me. No, got my groceries on there. Got rung though. The teller just tossing the bags to the end of her counter. I figured ok.. cuz Gwyn is in the cart she is just waiting til I get the cart to the end of the counter... Gwyn still not sitting in the cart at this point my purse is in the seat. So, she finishes ringing me through, gives me my receipt and starts ringing in the next old gent. Ok.. So, I start putting groceries in the cart. Struggling with Gwyn. The old gent is rung through his 3 bags and off he goes. I am throwing the last of my groceries on top of the cart just to get the frak out of there! The next lady in line, asks "are you going to manage?" I smile. "yeah, think I will" the teller says "She's a mom, she can manage." WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH do some people think just because your a mom, you must be SUPERWOMAN? Really. She actually said that!!! So, now I will not be shopping in Canora for groceries. If I can't get it here in Margo, Wadena or rip to Yorkton or Regina I guess I can live without it! I did manage. But a little more help, sure would have been nice! Yes, Mom's usually can handle it.. but they certainly appreciate a hand once in awhile. A large load of groceries at a store where most other of the same name would pack them in your cart and help you out to your car, even load them into your car. I was very very disappointed in that Co-op. So, lesson learned. I am done ranting about that now.

So, last night I get Gwyn to sleep about... oh 10 to 10:30pm. Put her in her bed. She sleeps there about an hour.. or so. Then up into my arms, then I take her to the big bed at about 11:30pm. I don't want to change too much all at once.. "they" say it isn't good. So, off to sleep, just fine. I come back to my knitting until.. ooh midnight. Crawl into bed. Gwyn sleeps right through, until 5:30 am. We have been up ever since.... OH my... yes. I am fine.. but that was an early one!! I am a little tired.. but I will make it.. I have been much more tired than this, on more interrupted sleep. So I think I will take it.. A little wee bit later than 5:30am sure would be nice.. will see how we make out tonight!!!
Catch you all later!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

One more pair done.... another started...

This is the picture of what's next. I am debating a cuff on these like on the last.... I will have to see how they look when I get them knit up some. I was very uncrazy about the way this yarn cast on for a toe up sock... it was stringy and nasty for a Turkish cast on.. but now that I have knit with it some, it is not so bad as I thought it might be. The fabric of them is very nice and soft too! This is the finished product, of my lacy, girlie and fun socks.

And that's about all I have for ya.
I have a miserable headache. I thought I had it beat, but now it's back. It's cold outside but sunny which when you don't have to go anywhere is nice. It is supposed to warm up to -10cel tomorrow.. then up to around 0 cel. for Thursday/Friday. It then is supposed to cool off again. Our thermometer read -20cel. at one point today but the wind chill is supposed to be bitter.. and out thermometer is always a degree or 2 warmer. I have a thought it might be too close to the furnace pipe.... or the crappy window?? either might affect it.. or BOTH!!!
I cut Gwyn's bangs today.. I didn't do a stellar job. But, they are out of her eyes! Which was the biggest thing.
That's my excitement unless you count the steak I am going to broil for supper... but that is not all that exciting.