Saturday, February 28, 2009

In Outlook

Well, looks like I might get to update you all on what goes on around here after all..... We will see.... We are here safe and sound though!

Off and Running!

Yes, we are off to Outlook! Will catch you all when I can! (2 weeks or more...)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pictures... shopping.. and such...

Well, It seems we can not go to the city without a bit of shopping.... And so be it. We got home safe and sound, Tuesday night. It was a horrible night to travel but we have traveled in worse. Snowing and blowing as it was. But we did make it home safe.

The Doctor's appointment went well. Gwyn is doing well. She is now 23.5inches tall.... and a whopping 10lbs 15oz's. So not too long she will be 2ft, and 11lbs! Wow! No wonder her car seat feels heavy!!!

Anyways, since we are looking at being in Outlook right quick. I did some shopping to see if I could make a few more outfits for our girl(fewer laundry days). Grandma had a couple things to contribute too.
Grandma's stash, 2 sleepers, 2 bibs and a onesie.
More of grandma's stash, 2 onesies. Long sleeved. Nice and warm that way!I picked up some pants. I hope she will fit them and that I can match them up with some of her shirts! As long as they are not too terrible wide I will roll up the legs for length.
This sleeper was too adorable to leave behind.... it's a 24month size, but with how cute it was... we couldn't pass it up.
We don't think that Piglet has ever looked so good!This is the cutest little outfit. It is Eeyore and Pooh... very sweet.
This one is very sweet too.... A cute little Tigger outfit!
Then, we found these sweet little onesies. They are day of the week onesies... did anyone else have the day of the week underwear when they were little? LOL I know I did....
They are very sweet anyways...
Now, I may be part nut. But I am happy that way. I feel guilty taking my sweet little girl out with no shoes on. I mean it. I don't know what it is. Her daddy says "she is under a blanket." But I still don't feel right about it. I like to have booties on her or now... We found these cutest little shoes!!! Very sweet. I found the boys.. and James found them in the pink for our girl! I can put these on her now and not feel guilty. They are soft and warm and all that good stuff!
Here is my girl with her Grandpa(my dad). She is very taken by Snow(Grandma's Miniature American Eskimo dog). Usually Snow is trying to lick her or see her... or getting right bent that she is crying! I do hope they continue with a good relationship... as Snow can be snippy.
She had some good giggles with grandpa...
When we got home... She tried out her new chair again. We tried it out at Grandma and Grandpa's and the first go wasn't great but she was tired and hungry. The second go was good.. she laughed and giggled and enjoyed the seat. Then when we got home... long as she isn't too tired she still enjoys it. I think she likes to be that bit independent of us and yet get the attention. We can talk to her while she sits there and she is happy and content.

So, I have not rambled on and on... but have rambled enough to give you a bit of an update.

I will do a walk down memory lane one day. But, it is a bit of work as we have moved around a bit. The house mom and dad are in now, is not the one we grew up in.

Off and running. Hope to catch you soon! Will let you know when we are off to Outlook.. just so you don't worry if you don't hear from me! :)


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Post 300....

Things don't always go as planned. See this sleeper, see how Gwyn's leg is out of it from the thigh? On the other foot she is out from the knee. Not what was planned for that sleeper. And, I was hoping for something wonderful and fantastic and fun! for my 300th post. But, things are not as planned... just my everyday ramblings, with dreams of other things.

So anyway, about this sleeper. There is one snap, one, yes just one, between the snap at the crotch of it and the bottom of the foot. So, a snap at the crotch, snap at the knee.. and open in between with just the foot at the bottom..... oh my... my girl can kick her feet and legs out of that in seconds! Notice she doesn't look so impressed by her ability! So, buyers be aware, when you buy things for baby... check how many snaps are there... specially if the little one likes to pull their legs up and laugh at you!

I hope to be off to the city tomorrow. Doctors appointment on Tuesday. Home for Wednesday. Then, pack for Outlook... the fun! Part of me looks forward to it. Go get it done, the other part of me dreads it, packing, moving into a light housekeeping suite at the motel.. the fear of a crying baby in the middle of the night keeping all up....the small space.. the amount of stuff to pack and take with. All the things that run through your head.

I got an email.. twice... two different senders of course. It was about a kidlet eating hand sanitizer. What would possess a child to eat hand sanitizer? Were they not told it was dangerous and just like soap? Makes soap at a sink look awful good doesn't it? And I don't mean antibacterial super spiffy soap either... I mean good old fashioned soap. Taste like crap soap. Makes me shutter at the thought of a child eating hand sanitizer... blah!!!

I have 2 jokes for you. One is ruffing Men and the other Women. Now, I am not a fan of the man bashing that women do. I love my man, I am grateful for all he does. I do hope he feels the same toward me for all I do. And I may get frustrated with certain things sometimes... but, still.. am appalled at the bashing some women do of their men(they speak as though he can do nothing right, and if that is the case, wtf are you doing there?). So, that said... here are the jokes:

You need a heart to love him,
A diamond to marry him,
A club to smash his f**king head in,
and a spade to bury the bastard.

Two men are out ice fishing at their favourite fishing hole,just fishing quietly and drinking beer.
Almost silently, so as not to scare the fish, Bob says, 'I think I'm gonna divorce my wife. She hasn't spoken to me in over 2 months.'
Earl continues slowly sipping his beer,then thoughtfully says,'You'd better think it over Bob, women like that are hard to find.'

So, well I don't think this is a great 300th post... I hope you enjoyed it anyways...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines to you all! I have posted here some pics of our girl.. and some other goodies...

Daddy was shopping and was sent into the baby section. He was only supposed to check for a high chair, lotion, and some bottles. He did however bring bottles home and they did not have the high chair or lotion we wanted. He did very well picking some cloths out too... the sleeper is adorable.. and I love the onesie and the top(something very pretty about the top! I love it.)

The sleeper she can wear now(3-6mo)... the Shirts are a 9-12mo(maybe 6-12mo?) size. So, grandma... we might have to check her overall stash... LOL and see about what I can put with these little tops!
This little teddy bear is what he got our little one for her very first Valentines! It's a pretty bear.. needs a wash by mommy then she can play with it!
And this is what James got for me for valentines... along with some unmentionables.....
The chocolate is very good! Dark chocolate(the good kind)... mmmm yumm!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mysterious package....

Today, in the mail. We got a package. It came from Outlook. No card. Just the box number. We are suspecting who it came from... so.. will be writing an interesting Thank you card! They sent the sweetest stuffs.....
The little sleeper and onesie are very very sweet!
Are they not the cutest little booties? Which is good because she grew out of her other pair!!
Very sweet bib's as well!
Here is a neat pic of the Cactus' flowers... back in December... LOL I think I forgot to show you!!!! So, here you go.. showing you now!
Gotta run... Got to write that thank you and snuggle my girl!!!
P.S. After closer inspection of the package.. I found the note tucked between the layers of packaging. It was from whom we figured... :) Thank you R&R

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not much Kick'n

Well, Life is pretty quiet around here. Just the daily hum. Bathing baby, cooking, feeding baby... watching Holmes on Homes...
We did watch Don't mess with the Zohan the other night.. was giggle-worthy in places.. although there was way too much crotch crap.. but it is Adam Sandler... and you can expect over the top or not with him.... and well.. too much crotch for us.
Mom and Dad came for their visit. The air mattress managed to hold air until 5am so, they didn't sleep on the floor all night! Just from 5am on. They brought the exersaucer for our girl with them.... She loves it. So, thank you again Grandma and Grandpa!
Other than that.. things are pretty quiet. OOH unless someone knows a very gentle lotion for babies? May try my Curel that was maternity and motherhood stage as it says it is ok for new babies too.. but am hesitant.
Well off and running... Auntie T. and Cousin T. come for a visit tomorrow... think I may just slide through the tub? LOL

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crazy busy? us? Nah...

Well, mom and dad are coming for a visit today. They will stay over. So, yesterday, we got out to get groceries. We blew up the air mattress to see if we could find the leak. All we can figure is that the darn thing wasn't closed at the valve properly when we used it. So, mom and dad will sleep on it. And let us know tomorrow morning if it is still leaking... Baby G was supposed to have her bath yesterday.. but decided she was way too tired all day, even through the grocery store and everything!!! So, this morning got up and bathed her. She is all nice and clean for grandma and grandpa to gush over :) Just the way we like her. It snowed last night so James headed out to push up the yard. He is working very hard at getting ready to be in Outlook to build bins right quick.. right along with helping his dad put the backhoe back together. He is a very busy man...

On the knitting front.. the socks are standing still.. but I started a scarf for my sis... she needs a new one.. I have a few rows on it and sneak a bit in here and there where I can.. Just because I do not need to think too terrible much to work on it.. will have pics of it sometime for you.

Well no rest for the wicked.. so I am off and running to get my baby towels in the dryer... and who knows maybe tidy something up? then again.. maybe not.... I live with it this way.. they are visiting me.. not my house right? LOL


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

As aunti W and Gwyn sleep....

I was eating lunch and catching up on blogs. I got to thinking about Anymommy's post, this one here. I enjoyed reading it and found myself nodding and knowing. I hope she doesn't mind I linked it..... It's a good read though.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Baby Gwyn's room.... Finally stickered up!!!

Well, I think my girl grows overnight! I put her in a sleeper yesterday that I swear she wore only a few short days before and it was tight... the snaps were pulling... into the too small bin with that one! The good thing, she fits auntie T's pants. Just, just and may only get a wearing or two more out of them. They are supper cute though, don't you think?Auntie W and I got busy yesterday. We traded my girl off and on and managed to get the stick ups, up in her room. It sure brightened it up and made it more her space.

Yes, it is very Winnie the Pooh. But she will laugh and giggle when you point out Tigger on her mobile on the crib there.. she also giggles at Pooh.. and mom always seems to be changing her diaper when Eoyore comes around.. so she enjoys him... but not the same giggly reaction as
Tigger. I think the Tigger comes from him being beautiful bright orange.. and Grandma K really loves him too.... I am sure they will have fun playing with Tiggers together...
Her room looks really good... At least we like it.
And that is our excitement for yesterday... today... is a slow day.. not much going on. I did however yesterday manage to get a few more rows on my toddler socks... I can't wait until they are done! Will be neat to see how they turn out.. and you all are probably dieing for some knitting content... LOL
Talk to you later,