Friday, July 28, 2006

What a Week

Hi all,

Tiz been a long week, I know today is Friday and the week is not technically over but to me it should be. It started out on Sunday, We had left the job site to go and get some lunch, mmm and supper with my sis and her hubby(which was good by the way) we were eating lunch and got a phone call that my grandpa(dad's dad) had passed away the previous Thursday(which of course made me very sad, I loved my grandpa very much), the funeral was on Weds so have to go to the big city that day. So, got that over with went out for supper with my sis and her hubby, I had a horrible craving for some fettuccini Alfredo, so that is what I ordered! MMM and would you believe that it actually had peppers in it, red bell peppers! ( I can't eat bell peppers as they give me a migrane). So we sent it back and I ended up having these not so good dry ribs. Well they were greasy soggy dry ribs which to me isn't dry ribs tiz breaded ribs but not dry, but anyways the company was good so I wont complain.
Tuesday morning, Hubby and I are slow moving. So we get out there and we finish tightening a ring we had built Monday night, as a storm rolled in (Hubby had cut his shoulder(ew nasty kinda deep and worried me)(but bleeding stopped and with bandaides holding together should heal well)). And we went back to the hotel for the night, hubby was going to build roofs all night but with an electrical storm the way it was it didn't happen. So anyways, Tuesday Hubby was going to build roofs and I was to make phone calls to customers to let them know where the heck we are and when we will get to them . . . LOL I no sooner get in the door of the hotel room(I walked the 2 blocks back from the job site), as Hubby is running in the door behind me grabbing scissors and Band Aides with one hand in a work glove . . . I follow him to the washroom down the hall. . . He had cut his thumb, you know in the base in the fleshy part, deep. So he washes it off and thinks might need stitches so when I see it I figures he does need some stitches, so off for the 20 minute drive to the nearest hospital, drive around town for 10 minutes cuz They don't have the H signs posted to show you where the hospital is. 3 Stitches, just to hold it together. "sighs" He can't work for a bit til it heals. Oi, so behind already just put back a bit more, added some more stress. So Tuesday we got the stitches got back to the hotel, packed up to go to the city for the funeral on Weds. Rather than leaving on Weds Am or Tues late eve. Weds, was the funeral. It was good, all went well. My uncle delivered the Eulogy very well, it was well written. So then we, went through all that stuff. My sis and her hubby were traveling with us so on the way back to mom and dads house we stopped for ice cream and went to the bookstore (stress release). Then we hung out there. Thursday I went with momma to take grandma out (mom's mom), Hubby hung out with dad. We kept it pretty quiet on Thursday and then Friday, today we came home, grabbed the mail(as it usually builds up a bit when we are away). We are home for the weekend now, and hopefully the hubby hand will heal up some. . . Tonight we were out to the farm to see the garden and the crop but only saw the garden, we need to go pick peas tomorrow. mmmmm yummy peas! LOL so hopefully will take a walk in the crop too and see how it is doing. So that's my week . . . How's yours? LOL Yes I still have a sense of humour . . . Go figure huh? LOL
Talk to you all soon,

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